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The sky shone a beautiful sapphire, as the radiant sun glazed upon the rich green meadow. Birds chirped in unison of nature's song, and a gentle breeze uplifted the earth.

...but that's not where this story begins.

As thunder and lighting crashed in the most dramatic way possible, a figure wearing a tacky black robe cackled wildly, studying its creation.

"Finally! It's complete!" the dark garbed person giggled, holding her creation high above her head. "I will make history..! History? HISTORY!" Her normally ice blue eyes turned into a pale sapphire, as if in some sort of trance.

The woman cackled even more, much like the mad scientist that she was.

Her creation did not seem to be any more than a syrupy-like substance, locked within a simple glass bottle. The fluid was transparent, comparable to water, but a light violet glow surrounded the liquid.

After another few minutes of maniacal laughter, the female scientist choked on her own saliva. "Th-that was so cliché!" She wheezed heavily, clutching her throat.

Lloyd Irving smiled widely at his freshly made oatmeal. He loved how the thick paste would warm his throat as he ate it; and this batch he had made himself, so it was extra hot, not lukewarm like when Dirk prepared it. The brunette slowly raised the utensil to his lips; he could already feel the steam of his breakfast…


The twin swordsman cursed loudly as the spoon of his precious oatmeal fell from his grasp, only to be replaced by a pink and black gloved hand.

"Hey, how're ya doing, Bud?" a deep voice the brunette knew all too well spoke into his ear, tickling his cheek.

"Get off me, Zelos!" the nineteen-year-old growled, already annoyed that his breakfast was interrupted. With one big shove, Lloyd managed to get the large familiar weight off of his shoulders.

"Wah! My Bud doesn't like me anymore!" Zelos Wilder mock pouted, flicking his lengthy scarlet hair out of his crystal blue eyes. The swordsman, like Lloyd, still looked the same, with his ridiculous pink and black outfit.

Considering all the "compliments" the brunette had received in the past, his same red outfit looked just as outrageous, though.

Lloyd turned to glare at his 'bud'. "I was eating!"

"Ooo, SCAry!" The red head whimpered slightly, still grinning like a madman. "Bud, guess what?"

The brunette slumped in his chair in defeat. There was no talking sense into the 'Great' Zelos Wilder. "What?" He asked tiredly, knowing it was easier to humor the ex-chosen.

"Look what Professor Raine gave me to try!"

A small glass bottle was shoved into Lloyd's face.

It didn't look like anything to make such a big deal over, so it slightly sparked the twin swordsman's curiosity. "What is it?" The brunette asked, flipping the small vile between his fingers.

"Shampoo!" Zelos announced happily as he bounced around the kitchen in his eagerness.

Lloyd blinked.

"Isn't it great?"

The brunette rolled his eyes. "Just when I thought it was something cool..."

"It's not just ordinary shampoo, it's special!" The red head sighed patiently. "Professor Raine and Yuan made it! Even that old man Kratos helped make it!"


"Ack!" A certain cerulean haired half elf ducked behind a large pile of books, sending dust that had collected over the years scattering all around the waxed wooden floor. Derris-Kharlan's one of many libraries made an excellent hiding place…the cobalt hoped.

"Yuan, when I find you…!" A tall auburn haired man donned in a purple outfit stomped into the seemingly abandoned library, his burgundy eyes narrowing in the dim lighting of candlelight. Kratos Aurion noticed the recently disrupted dust surrounding a stack of manuscripts and grinned evilly, light blue feathers swirling around him. "Sacred powers, cast your pur-"

"Okay! Okay!" Yuan stepped out from his hiding place, holding up what had started the whole game of 'Cat and Mouse'…a quite large tress of reddish-brown hair. "You win! I'll just put this back…"

"How can you…?" Kratos growled almost silently, clenching his hand over the sword he had strapped to his waist. "YOU SNIPPED IF OFF MY HEAD!" Surely enough, if one looked close; there was a slight unevenness about the seraph's spiky hair, where the hair was obviously sliced with a sharp object.

"For the sake of Science!" The half elf argued futilely, waving the lock of hair as if a flag. "I needed a human hair sample for my research!"

"For the love of…! Stop treating me like something to study off of!" The swordsman felt his left eye twitch. Raine and her "Ruin Mode" was nothing compared to the cobalt when he felt the need to investigate an unknown matter. "Besides, what's the difference between human and half elf hair?"

Yuan went still for a moment. Slowly, the cobalt inched around the steaming auburn haired man, towards the open door. "Nothing really," he drawled expertly, distracting Kratos from his escape. "My hair is just too beautiful to chop off." With that, the half elf dashed out the door, his black cape fluttering behind.

The swordsman gaped at the empty doorway.

And gaped.

And gaped some more, just for good measure.


"Really?" Lloyd felt a smile tugging on his lips. "I couldn't imagine Dad offering his support for something like revolutionary shampoo…"

"Me nether…" Zelos nodded in agreement. "But he did! Anyways, let's try it!"

"Eh? Why me?" the brunette frowned slightly in suspicion. "Didn't the Professor want you to try it?"

"Yeah, well there's enough for both of us. To the shower!" Zelos dragged a kicking and screaming brunette out of the kitchen.

The oatmeal sat on the table, cold and somewhat forgotten.