I reread the first chapter…It kinda sounds like it would be a ZelosXLloyd pairing…

well, it's not.

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"Wah, Z-zelos don't!" Lloyd would've protested longer, had not his head was dunked into the freezing running water of the shower by said Zelos.

"Such a baby! Tsk." The chosen clicked his tongue irritably as he continued scrubbing the thick tresses of brown hair to get it damp. Zelos couldn't care less that both he and Lloyd were getting their outfits ruined by the spraying water; the red head was too excited to try out the mystery hair product on the brunette first.

Course, Zelos was not so stupid to not be suspicious why Raine would want him to try out the new shampoo. The only logical choice would be to try the experiment on someone else, just to check if it was safe. Lloyd was the perfect sacrifice.

The brunette flailed his arms to no avail; his was the guinea pig whether he liked it or not.

The red head carefully held the vile and poured the small amount of liquid onto the twin swordsman's scalp; how he accomplished that feat single handedly with a panicked nineteen year old, no one will ever understand.

With expert movements the older swordsman not only lathered and rinsed Lloyd's hair free of the foreign soap, but he did so with minimum wetness from the water on his part. An enormous achievement if the ex chosen did say so himself.

Finally freed from the red head, Lloyd attempted his best glare with half of his messy brown hair sticking to his face. "I don't like you at this moment. Leave now or prepare to be skewered painfully." Both of his sword arms twitched violently, proving that his threat was perfectly valid; especially if his Material Blade was one flight of stairs away.

"Hey!" Zelos smiled brightly, "You look just like your dad when-" The red head visibly paled; an agonizing memory of pain flashed through his mind. "W-when…uh, byeseeyalater!" Zelos ran for the life he held so dear out of the bathroom and out of the small forest house, praying that the brunette didn't follow him.

Lloyd broke his glower with a wide grin. "Gotta thank Dad for that someday."

Kratos smirked for no apparent reason whatsoever. He even felt like breaking into a chuckle, which was even slightly scaring the seraph. The swordsman turned the fit of laughter into coughs, but it still unsettled him greatly.

"What's wrong, Kratos?" Yuan chanced sticking out his head from behind the wardrobe he was hiding to see what had the auburn haired man so alarmed.

"…I do not know." The swordsman scowled at the dust covered tile floor. "For some reason, I feel the inclination to utterly slaughter the Chosen and praise my son."

"You want to kill Colette?"

"No, the other chosen."

"Oh. Well, doesn't everyone?"

"So it seems." Kratos nodded to himself in a somewhat understandingly manner. "Perhaps it is because of the last encounter I had with the Chosen."

(Begin FlashBack)

"Hey old man, look how I fixed your outfit!"

"…You put…pink lace on my favorite armor…"

"What's with the frown? Pink looks great with purple; and besides, you're fruity enough as it is!"


(End FlashBack)

"Wow. That's sad." The half elf shook his head, pitying the misfortune of his former companion-in-arms. "And you know what else?"

"Hm?" Kratos tilted his head inquisitively, with his arms folded calmly on his chest.

"I agree with him." Yuan's smile was daring the auburn haired man to attempt something. If the cobalt got some sort of twisted pleasure from teasing the Battle God himself, Yuan never told a soul about it.

"You are dead."

"…should I start running?" The half elf was already in a sprinting position, even to the point of adjusting his cape for better movement. Strangely enough, the lock of reddish brown hair from earlier was still clutched in his gloved hand.

Kratos stared blankly at his friend for only a moment before sighing in defeat and got into a pursuit stance himself. "…Yes."

Lloyd felt his head for any large bumps or mutations of any sort. He then ran his fingers through his hair many times for any abnormality. Nothing seemed wrong or out-of-place, yet the twin swordsman was anxious to identify what was in the formulated shampoo.

There was no scent or any residue left to investigate either.

The brunette whimpered softly while clasping his head, Lloyd's childish instincts getting the better of him. What if his head exploded? Or he somehow bursts into flames? OR TURNED STUPID!?

"This is all Zelos's fault…" The twin swordsman growled quietly to himself, peeking out his bathroom window for any sign of the ex chosen.

Predictably, Zelos was nowhere to be seen.

"Okay…time to visit the Professor." Lloyd chuckled softly, "It's always an adventure for me…"

-(Somewhere else in Iselia Forest…)-

Zelos Wilder glanced around himself in a paranoid state, still reminiscing from the memory of a certain purple donned seraph; which must've been horrifying to leave the carefree red head such a trauma.

Finally convinced that no one was chasing him with Death in mind, the swordsman sat down on a log to momentarily rest.

Birds chirped in peacefulness and the sun was shinning beautifully through the green trees of the not-so-dense forest. A soft breeze gently passed and everything was calm with the late morning.

Amongst all the magnificence of nature, the ex chosen laughed nervously as he tugged on his scarlet hair.

"I think I'm lost."