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"…And Zelos poured it on you instead?"


"I see…"

Lloyd had somehow convinced Professor Raine to let him into her house, and now the two were discussing what had happened earlier that day over a cup of tea.

"Bleah!" The brunette sputtered the rest of the hot liquid in its bitterness. How does she manage to down this stuff? Lloyd tried to think of an answer, but as always when he attempted to answer anything…

…he got distracted.

"What's this?" The twin swordsman poked the pot that contained the sickly jade substance Raine was experimenting with earlier. With the brunette's probing, of course the pot tipped over, spilling all of her research on the floor.

"AH!" the half elf professor stared in horror of all her wasted effort.

…and was reminded why she had fought to keep her former student outside of her house.

"So…" Lloyd winced at the glare that was sent his way. "Sorry about that. Can you tell me what was in that shampoo by the way?"

Professor Sage narrowed her sapphire eyes. Her research…ruined! Then, a twisted grin appeared on the normally calm countenance. "Oh, it's nothing to worry about…" She began in a syrupy sweet voice, "It's only that you will erupt into flames. In one hour."

"W-what…?!" Lloyd visibly paled.

The silver haired half elf enjoyed the awkward silence that had enveloped them. Lloyd seemed to be on the verge of fainting in complete shock and dismay, and Rain merely smirked at the eternal swordsman.

After a few more uncomfortable seconds, the former teacher rolled her sapphire eyes in annoyance. "I'm being dishonest."

The brunette gained his color back on his face. "Oh…" He breathed in relief.

If Lloyd received 500 gald for all the ill at ease silences that he had experienced, he would be as wealthy as Zelos himself. …And that's a lot considering the brunette's arithmetic capabilities!

"It's actually quite a wonderful substance," the Professor droned, transforming into lecture mode, "Not only does it leave your hair silky smooth…" she patted the bouncy spikes of the brunette. "But…" she blinked, realization spreading over her features. "Name a food."

"Huh?" Lloyd raised an eyebrow. Now he was really confused.

"Come on, just say something."

"Uh…chocolate…?" The twin swordsman looked on as his former teacher dashed into her kitchen, coming back with an unwrapped piece of the sweet he replied with.

Before Lloyd could question anything, Raine placed the chocolate on top of his head.

A tingly sensation encased his scalp, and the eternal swordsman yelped in surprise. Soon, the feeling was gone, and in its place was the wonderful aroma of…

"Chocolate?" Lloyd drew down one of his locks of hair, sniffing it. The scent of the sugary matter was within his hair.

"The shampoo itself doesn't have a scent, but the chemicals react to the acids found in many things, especially food. After it takes a fragrance, the scent doesn't go away until the next shampooing." The half elf grinned widely, a strange glint in her eyes. "I see now that it works. Isn't it fantastic?!"

The professor was so busy talking; she didn't notice that her ex student was munching on his tresses.


Kratos studied a bottle that had an exact replica of the shampoo that a certain brunette received, but how would the seraph know?

"So, it changes into the scent of whatever it touches, correct?" The auburn haired man considered throwing the bottle to break it and be evil, but decided better against it. Yuan would throw a tantrum.

The mentioned cobalt nodded eagerly, overjoyed that someone besides Raine was interested in the development. "And it's a conditioner too!"

If Yuan received 500 gald for all the ill at ease silences that he had experienced, he would be as wealthy as…Lloyd with his experiences!

"Anyways, why don't you try it?" the half elf smiled childishly, almost hopping up and down in excitement.

Kratos studied the concoction for a moment longer. His burgundy orbs scrutinized the liquid cautiously, and he gently tapped the small vile. The purple clad man narrowed his eyes. "Alright then."

"Great! Now this wasn't a complete waste!" Naturally, Yuan chose the moment to wave the portion of Kratos's hair that he still had. Unfortunately, the cobalt didn't keep a great grip on it, and the light colored hair flew from his gloved hand…

into the original owner's face.

Now, being slapped with your own hair would be a shock to anyone, so it wasn't a surprise that the purple clad man stood rigidly for a half of a minute, gawking at his friend.

Yuan winced at his mistake, mentally counting off the seconds until the other seraph would give chase. Three…two…one…!

The half elf broke into a desperate scurry, carefully keeping his distance from any dead ends in the many hallways of what they call their home. Kratos gave pursuit immediately, subconsciously stuffing the small vile into the folds of his outfit.

And the many hallways echoed with Kratos's treats and Yuan's screeching for forgiveness.

-Somewhere on the outskirts of Iselia forest-

The half elf Kate was enjoying a nice stroll through the woodland. She loved to meander through the trees; it helped her to relax. Her glasses sparkled in the early evening light that the forest somehow provided.

Just as she saw the clearing for the exit of the area, she heard an unnatural groan. The half elf tensed, as she perked her long ears for anymore sounds.

The green haired woman heard the noise again, and she began to look throughout the bushes for the source. Maybe an unlucky animal found itself in a hunter's trap?

"AHHH!" Kate screamed and ran out of the forest.

…For what she witnessed was the sight of a pink donned young man with long crimson hair, sprawled on the grass with foam frothing out of his mouth. His right leg twitched, but evidently Kate didn't see that.

Does everyone remember Kate…? Good.

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