Zephyr Zucchini has gone to my head, and I find my self writing XGENT! I had never thought about the pairing before, but suddenly I'm hopping the bandwagon. A very, um, weird 150-word oneshot. We're doing a poetry until at school right now, blame that.

Red on Red

He was charcoal and obsidian and filth. Watch him; pale scars tracing over swarthy skin. Kiss him; like sucking hard on a joint. Taste him; a sour flavor like blood. Touch him; he stung her skin. His eyes scared her.

She'd wanted this, she had to remind herself. He was Sid to her Nancy. Patchouli and Sex Pistols and punk.

It was easy to think that he was just fooling around. It was just for tonight. Stuff like this was common place. Tomorrow they were going to kill each other, with red on red. He would go into hiding, and she would be bared to the world. She would make him bleed.

Then she'd look again at his scary, blank eyes. Something would spark, something bright, something different, something…not him.

She tried to tell herself it was wishful thinking.

But people didn't look at each other like that.

Lovers did.