After they drove up to their tall 'home' Misa helped L out of the car. He could at least walk now, but his eyes burned too much to open them yet. So Misa led him by the arm into the building.

"Left, now right. "

THUD! "Ugg…"

L did a face-plant into the wall, "You said take a right, Misa-chan…" Misa put her arms on her hips in a huff, "Misamisa meant her right. Duh!" She closed her eyes and turned her nose up, "And everyone says you're a genius." L rubbed his hurt nose, "Your right is my right…! He sounded slightly... no very angry now, but Misa was oblivious.

Raito shoved Misa aside, "Come on, Ryuuzaki. I'll get you to the couch…" He grabbed him by the arm and pulled him along. At least with Raito he didn't get banged into any walls.

"But…" L wondered, "Why didn't Raito-kun stop her from directing me right into a wall a minute ago?" If L had his eyes open he would have saw Raito smirk slightly after Misa told him to go right… Just a little payback for ruining the last couple days; but he felt kinda bad for L afterwards. Or maybe pitied is a better word; he was pretty much helpless. There's no challenge in beating up a helpless person…

L plopped down on the couch in the main room. Every couple second he rubbed his closed eyes again; which wasn't really helping them feel better.

"Hey," The brunette waved Misa closer, "Go upstairs and get a wet washcloth for him." He paused for a second and glanced down, "And some pants too…" Misa frowned before crossing her arms in a pout, "Does Misamisa really have too?" Raito sighed, "Yes, Ryuuzaki needs to wash that mace out of his eyes before he goes blind. And because I'm handcuffed here and don't want to drag him all the way upstairs." Misa cocked her head slightly before replying, "I was talking about the pants part." She began grinning. Raito simply glared back until she got the message. "Alright, alright, Misamisa is going…"

The teen sat down on the couch next to the curled up detective; he let out a sigh before closing his eyes.

"If I do go blind," L's voice startled Raito out of his half-asleep state, "I expect an eye donation from you and Misa-chan." The detective turned his head to where he supposed Raito was sitting. With his eyes still closed he frowned, "And just so you know," He lowered his eyebrows, "I'm glaring at you now."

Raito couldn't help but let out a small laugh. As serious as his voice sounded; he didn't look anywhere near as threatening as he was trying to be. Looking at L with his eyes closed like that only reminded Raito of him asleep in their room, sucking his thumb. The brunette covered his mouth with his hand, trying to stifle his laugh.

Misa returned, skipping as she walked. She stood behind the couch as she dropped the damp washcloth on L's head.

"Raito-kunnn!" Misa said in a sing-songy voice that made the boy wish that wasn't his name. "I got your pants!" Raito groaned before standing up and walking around the couch.

A blinding light flashed in his eyes for a millisecond. Upon removing his hand from his eyes he saw Misa standing there with a small camera, "Just a quick picture before you cover up those red shorts of yours." She grinned mischievously. The pants-less brunette was not amused.

"If you ever want me to take you anywhere again, you will delete that picture right now!" He stated with gritted teeth as he grabbed the pair of pants from her arm. A pout formed on her lips, "Fine…" She played with the buttons on the camera for a couple seconds before putting it back into her pocket.

"Misa…" Raito stared at the pants with his mouth open slightly, "These aren't my pants…" The girl sat down on the armrest of the couch and began swinging her legs, "I know," She smiled innocently, "But you didn't have any clean ones."

L opened one of his eyes to see if the water was helping. Everything was very blurry at first; but then it slowly came into focus.

"Those are my pants…" He mumbled. Ratio's frown deepened, "I'm aware of that, Ryuuzaki." He crossed his arms after throwing the baggy jeans at Misa, "There has got to be something else of mine I can wear."

"Nope," Misa grinned bigger, "All your other pants are in the wash. It's either Ryuuzaki's jeans, or…" She paused to glance below his waist, "no pants."

Raito twitched slightly before giving up, "Fine."

Misa and L watched as he pulled them on, "Bunch of perverts…" The boy mumbled angrily. To be honest, they fit him better than they fit the thinner boy; although they were still quite baggy.

Just then Matsuda walked into the room; carrying a large cake for the injured detective. "Hey, I hope you're hung..." He stopped talking as he looked up. "Why are you in... I mean, wearing Ryuuzaki's pants, Raito-kun?"

Misa busted out laughing; Raito clenched his fist. But L just stared at the cake, he had been dreaming of strawberries ever since they began driving home.

"Mine are in the wash." The brunette sent the young man a death glare, "That's all."

The rest of the week passed by quickly; soon it was time to get back to work. Raito rented L about thirty different movies to keep him busy so he could study. So for the most part it was quiet and relaxing.

"It just doesn't make sense." L stated sternly as they walked down the hall toward the main investigation room. "Give it a rest, Ryuuzaki." Raito replied with a frown.

The only thing that hadn't been quiet the past week was L complaining about the movie plots...

"People don't fly back ten feet when they get shot, that's a myth."

"Why would she fall for that guy instead of her high school friend? He's a jerk."

"Do those guys always need to rip their shirt off when they go super-saiyan? Think of the clothing bills."

Ok… L had been watching a few animes in between movies as well…

"No, don't get back with Tommy! He cheated on you with your evil twin sister, don't be stupid!"

And soap operas…

They arrived in the investigation room; their week-long vacation was finally up and it was time to get back to business.

L sat down in his normal chair pulled up to the computer monitors as a car drove into view of the security cameras placed outside. "Ah," L smiled gently, "That must be Watari getting back now."

After a minute the older white-haired man walked in, "Good to see you." He smiled at L; who looked much more rested then he had been when Watari left. "I trust you all enjoyed yourselves this past week."

L stared at him for a second. He didn't remember the elder gentleman looking quite this tan a week ago… He also noticed a colorful Hawaiian shirt tucked under his suit collar.

"Of course," The detective replied, "I assume you had a nice vacation as well." Watari nodded before he turned to look at Raito with a slightly curious expression, "I did hear a strange bit of news while I was away though. Something about a prisoner escaping a county jail about 20 miles from here; leaving behind only a pair of pants…"

Raito looked down, trying not to meet his eyes. But Watari wasn't about to accuse him of anything. He spun around to face L again, "Oh, I enjoyed those vacation photos you sent me. I wish I had taken some while I was away as well."

The brunette didn't quite understand what the older man meant. Until he pulled out a cell phone and turned it on. He fumbled with the buttons for a second before handing the phone to L. The boy grinned as he held the phone; Raito looked over his shoulder to see what the big deal was.

It was a small picture of Raito himself; standing in front of the couch wearing only a shirt and red boxers.

"Damn. Damn. Freakin' damn you, Ryuuzaki and Misa…"Raito gritted his teeth.

Watari continued, "Although I'm not quite sure what to make of that photo… or the one after it." L waved his hand in the air, "It's nothing; Misa-chan took that one… I just forgot to take it off the camera before I uploaded all the pictures from Space Land."

The brunette snatched the phone from his hand. He scanned through the pictures quickly before deleting them all.

"Damn it! Misa took a picture of me on that kid ride, getting sick, pants-less, and wearing Ryuuzaki's pants!"

The grumpy boy tried to hide his anger, "Oh, Misa's just been taking too many pictures recently." He stated calmly as he handed the phone back to Watari. The elderly man put away the phone before sitting down.

Time to get back to business, boring old business…

As they started getting into boxes of files, documents, and old news articles related to the Kira case; Raito found himself almost wishing the vacation hadn't ended so soon… almost.


Author's Note: Yep, last chapter for this fic.

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