The light coming in through the windows was much brighter now, if one had to guess from the light he would probably say it was very early morning. The sound of birds chirping a fair distance away could also be heard, the atmosphere was quite peaceful.

But something was off... or maybe someone.

"I've never seen him with his eyes closed before..." The first voice whispered.

"Is he... sucking his thumb?" Chimed in the second voice.

"Yeah... he is... it's kinda cute!" The first voice added with a giggle.

By now Raito was awake and sat on the edge of his bed while watching Misa and Matsuda hover over Ryuuzaki's bed.

"You two really have nothing better to do than watch Ryuuzaki sleep?" Raito said somewhat loudly and annoyed. He had hoped he would wake Ryuuzaki up with that, so he could finally get some breakfast. (They are still handcuffed together, so he can't leave the bedroom until L wakes up.)

"Errr... we didn't come in here to watch Ryuuzaki sleep... Misamisa wanted to come see you, since you haven't left your room in so long she thought something might be wrong. So I tagged along." Matsuda added with a childish grin, "But... it is weird to see him sleeping..."

"He looks so cute while sleeping!" Misa added while she hovered above his bed almost ready to poke L on the forehead.

"Ryuuzaki... cute..." Raito formed a look of disgust on his face before rolling his eyes. "Why did you think something was wrong Misa?" He thought it was probably just a made-up excuse so she could sneak in his room with Matsuda to watch cute little Ryuuzaki sleep. Again, a look of nausea formed on his face from that thought.

"After Misamisa heard what happened with Watari she thought Ryuuzaki might have gone insane and hurt Raito-kun!" Misa said with all seriousness and concern on her face.

Her reply did surprise Raito, but he didn't show it, "That's stupid Misa... besides, Ryuuzaki couldn't beat me if he tried." He added while closing his eyes with a prideful smirk.


Raito was on the floor holding his head with his hands.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Raito yelled in anger and shock.

"Oh, sorry Raito-kun. I guess I jerked my arm quite hard when I was woke-up... and because of the handcuffs..." L mumbled while rubbing his eye in innocence.

"Right..." Raito replied while glaring at him in all his Kira-evilness. As Matsuda helped Raito to his feet, L got out of bed and studied the window. "It shouldn't be this light out..." He mumbled with a small look of confusion on his pale face.

"It's 7 in the morning, you slept all yesterday and last night." Matsuda answered after Raito shoved him off with a I-can-do-it-myself frown.

L turned back toward them, "I had no idea I slept that long..." His large eyes looked down at the floor, "But I do feel very hungry." He grinned slightly.

"Me too." Raito slightly chuckled, "Let's stop standing around talking and go get breakfast." "Misamisa would love to eat breakfast with you Raito-kun!" She yelled before leaping toward him.


Raito was down again... "Misa, get the hell off me..."

Minutes later they were all walking down the hall just outside their bedroom.

"So... just why were you and Matsuda standing over me whispering when I woke-up, Misa-chan?" L raised an eyebrow as he walked next to Misa.

"No reason, Ryuuzaki..." Raito replied quickly before Misa had a chance to open her mouth, one could say he almost looked jealous...

Upon reaching the kitchen of the hotel-like tower they were living in, L spotted a large covered platter on the table. Slowly he lifted the cover off, his eyes widening in anticipation... it was the biggest strawberry cake he had seen! "Chance of Watari being Kira: now down to 50 percent." L mumbled as he stuffed the cake into his mouth.

After they had all eaten a well balanced breakfast (or in L's case a whole 5-pound cake...) Misa as well as her 'manager' Matsuda left because of some photo shoot she had scheduled. So L and Raito were the only ones left in the large building, and they had nothing of importance to do.

Ok... L had nothing at all, to do, at least Raito had his school-work to focus on. Back in their bedroom L just sat in a chair, staring out the window blankly. Without the Kira case he pretty much had no life.





"Ryuuzaki... do you mind?" Raito asked in an annoyed voice as he looked up from his text-book. L stopped tapping his fingers against the chair armrest, "Sorry, Raito-kun..." After letting out a small groan Raito looked back to his book.

"The quantum theory is partially explained by the... warm... breath...?" Raito was torn from his reading as he felt someone looking over his shoulder. Looking up his suspicions were confirmed... "L, why are you reading over my shoulder?"

"No reason."

"Don't you have anything better to do?"

"Not really, Raito-kun."

Raito tried to go back to reading, despite the fact that L was now hunched over the back of his chair breathing down his neck in a most unpleasant fashion.

"Ryuuzaki... I'm not done yet, why are you turning the page?"

"I suppose it is because Raito-kun is a slower reader than me." L replied very matter-of fact.

"Well maybe I wouldn't read so slow, if I didn't have some guy practically climbing in my chair..." Raito practically yelled through his gritted teeth. There were a few people who could make the great genius Raito mad, but L was the only one who could actually make him want to commit murder with his bare hands. L was well aware of this...



"You sound stressed out." He stated very calmly as he poked the back of Raito's head, who (by now) was ready to shove L off his chair with his fist.

The angry boy slammed his book shut, "No, I'm feeling fine." he replied with a scowl on his face.

"I heard that reading is suppose to help people with anger management problems." L said as he formed a triumphant grin, as if he really gave Raito a piece of advice he could use.

Raito didn't find his advice very helpful though... "Are you just doing this to me because you think I'll let something incriminating slip?" he asked as he shoved L off his chair (not with his fist, but it was still somewhat satisfying.)

"No, of course not, Raito-kun! " L looked hurt that he would even think that of him, but he continued, "But the chance of you being Kira did go up 2 percent since this conversation started..." He stated as he looked toward the ceiling and put his thumb to the corner of his mouth.

"I can't believe him... Arrgg! Even after Watari made him take a break from the investigation he still keeps playing mind games with me!" Raito thought for another moment, "But maybe I can use this..." An evil grin formed on his face.

"Ryuuzaki... I wonder what Watari would do if he knew you were still pursuing the Kira case on your vacation?" Raito grin grew wider. He didn't hear the entire conversation between the two of them, but the look on L's pale face after Watari whispered something to him must have meant some form of blackmail. It was something bad too, otherwise, Raito thought, Ryuuzaki would never have agreed to this 'vacation'.

L only stared back with a determined expression, almost like he was saying 'You wouldn't dare.'

In response to this, Raito intensified his stare as well, as if to say 'Oh, yes I would!'

The two boys stood only a couple feet apart, locked in their staring contest. At the very beginning L concluded that Kira was very childish and hated to lose, he said the same of himself as well. Oh, how very true that was!

A full minute passed, it was clear to them both that neither of them would admit defeat and blink, so they took the next best course of action possible...


Raito made a punch to L's face; L kicked Raito in the chest!

Neither of them groaned or let on to being in pain (although it did look quite painful), they were too stubborn for that. Instead, they both... began smiling; L started it with a goofy half-grin, which in turn made Raito smirk.

Their fight continued regardless of their seemingly-happy expressions though. Raito ducked and ran toward L; L countered by turning into a spin-kick. They collided much like the first time, at a standstill; both of them made painful contact but they didn't show it.

From there it turned into a flurry of punches, kicks, ducking, and the occasional head-butt... After several minutes of that they paused once again; Raito had L in a headlock from behind, and L had his legs intertwined with Raito's about to trip him to the floor.

They just stood there, neither of them moving; that is until L began to laugh. Raito had never heard him laugh before, or even chuckle slightly for that matter. At first he wasn't sure what to make of it, he thought L finally went insane like Misa said. But then L began to speak, "Raito-kun is very skilled," he stopped to laugh some more before getting a hold of himself and continuing, "This is..." he seemed to think as he searched for the right word, "This is... fun!"

At that Raito dropped him from the headlock he had been in, "You're insane, Ryuuzaki." He said with a smirk on his face as he slowly shook his head. "Isn't that what people normally do on a vacation, Raito-kun, have fun?" L replied with a childish grin, which was a nice change from his normal seriousness when he was working on the Kira case. "Yeah, most of the time." Raito said as he sat down, exhausted from their 'battle'.

"You know, Misa-chan has been whining about this amusement park she wanted you to take her to..." L was interrupted mid-sentence by Raito who looked annoyed, "Don't even think about it, I'm not going to take you and Misa to any amusement park."

"Who said anything about taking you, Raito-kun." L sat down beside Raito on the small couch and put his feet up on the table, "Maybe Misa and I were planning to go by ourselves." He added with what Raito thought was a 'pout' on his face.

"So..." Ratio started as he lifted up the chain on his wrist, "You are planning to go without me?"

"Yes, indeed Raito-kun." He replied as he cocked his head to the side with a look that seemed to be sarcasm.

Raito turned his head away from L and looking straight ahead before he calmly asked, "You won't leave me alone until I agree to go with you to this tourist-trap filled with screaming whiny kids, will you?" L looked up and placed his thumb to his lips, as though deep in thought, "No, I suppose not, Raito-kun." He grinned.

"Then I guess we're going." Raito replied with a sigh. But L suspected he gave in a little too easy for someone who truly didn't want to go.

After standing up, L dug through his pocket pulling out a small phone, "Then I guess I'll call Misa-chan..." No, Raito interjected, "I'll call my girlfri..." He caught himself, "Misa, I'll call Misa myself." L wasn't sure that Raito had looked jealous in the hall before, but he was sure of it now... A goofy grin formed on his face before handing Raito the phone.