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Summary: Yuan wasn't half as cold on the inside as he would have wanted others to believe.

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"You summoned me, Lord Yuan?"

"There has been something that's been concerning me… There seems to be something on your mind and it's been distracting you from your work… If there's something I could do to help." Yuan said hesitantly.

"I assure you, it's nothing, my Lord," Botta replied not meeting Yuan's eyes.

"But with you occupied, I have all this paperwork to do on my own!" Yuan said pouting.

How can anyone think this man is cold? Botta's heart ached. "It's that…" Botta started hesitantly, "How should I word this… you see…" Yuan gave Botta an expectant look.

"Go on."

"…It's nothing," Botta said looking at the floor.

"Botta, the world is at stake here, everyone has to do their part."

Here he goes with his 'Bring Yggdrasil to Justice' speech.

"…And the point is, you can't do your part with something on your mind," Yuan finished.

"I assure you it's a minor issue."

"If it was minor then it wouldn't affect your duties. Now tell me what's on your mind. That's an order." He said strictly. Yuan was now leaning forward, hands on his desk, and their faces were inches away.

This is it, all or nothing. Botta then leaned forward and caught his superior's lips. Yuan froze, bewildered. Botta then broke off and looked down at the floor. An awkward silence followed. Finally Yuan spoke.

"I need some time," Yuan said, waving his hand in dismissal. Botta quickly exited without a word.

"You summoned me?" Botta said nervously. Two days had passed since the 'incident'.

"Botta, I think it we were separate for a while…" Yuan said. Botta was crushed. Separated? From Lord Yuan? "This is for the best." Yuan continued. "Besides… I need a capable hand at the other base, so…"

"So I'm being transferred there," Botta said quietly, hiding his crestfallen face.

"You understand don't you?" Yuan said, sensing his disappointment.

"Yes, sir…"

" You're scheduled to leave tomorrow morning… Dismissed."

Botta was in his room packing his things. He was still overwhelmed by the fact he was being separated from his lord. He never should have taken such actions. It was too late now.

Was that the right thing to do? Yuan shook his head. This is for the best… I hope…

It been two days since Botta was transferred, but Yuan needed him now.

"Botta, it's almost time to fire the Mana cannon, but, as you know, in order to do so you have to complete this task. You know what to do." Botta knew what the 'Task' was because they had discussed it many times. He also knew the risks of this mission.

"Yes sir!" Botta said, saluting.

"I wish you the best of luck." Yuan was obviously nervous. There were so many things that could go wrong. If there was something Yuan hated more than paperwork, it was when a plan could go wrong in so many ways and he couldn't do anything about it. As Botta left Yuan watched after him. "Come back in one piece…" Yuan whispered so quietly that even he had trouble hearing it.

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