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mentals: wow this is my first fic cant believe it!

mikan: yehey! congrats! mentals! oh yeah why is it your name is mentals?

mentals: oh that! its because the name group of my siblings with me is fajardo mentals!

mikan: ohhh i envy you cause you have a sister and brother!

natsume: (opens the door of mentals room) shut up! polka dots your voice is so loud i can hear it outside the house also in outer space!

mikan: hmpf! your just jelous cause i have a very wonderful voice!PERVERT!

natsume: hnnnn... what! im not jelous you know! FREAK LITTLE GIRL!

mentals: ummm stop it please!

natsume: hey stupid (mentals) go on with the story idiot!

mikan: hey! dont call her stupid and idiot!PERVERT!

mentals: thanks mikan anyway this is the story!


it was monday morning a very peaceful day then...

waaaaaaaaahhhhh! im late!mikan said while wiping a dried drool in her cheaks

she quikly go to the bath room and take a bath... after 2 minutes

she tie her hair in her always style (barbie style) and dress her self in her own uniform

she run in the corridor when suddenly


ouch! it hurts oh no i bump with someone!mikan said inside herself

Im-she was going to say im sorry when a familiar voice cut her

hey! your not going to say sorry to me huh polka or it is strawberry panties ( i think you know who is it) natume smirked

natsume! hey im about to say im sorry you just cut me!

ohhh! you really like giving excuses huh!strawberry!

heeeeey! PERVERT! umm your not going to class natsume?( mikan fogot about there little arguement)

im 'bout to go! but you bump to me!

im! im sorry ok are you angry?


ummm i think you look at her watch it is passed 9:00

naaaaatttssssuuuuuummmmmeeeeee! mikan shout!


whe where laaaaate!waaaahhhh!(mikans running but not moving in her poition)

heeeey where late come on let me go!

dont panik little girl its only 8:00!

what!oh no my watch is advance 1 hour!

idiot! natsume said but just a whisphere but mikan can hear it

whaaaaat! ok now im reeeeaaaallllyyy pised to you!

yeah yeah right lets go idiot!

oh ok!


the doors classroom open...

natsume and mikan is having a little argue all of the students stare at them

naaaatsssuuummmeeee! you PER...

what! said natsume then look at the students

ohhh... natsume said and calmly go to his seat

ruka look at him and asked

hey natsume where have you been?

oh nothing just walking around why?

no no nothing! hehe (said ruka with a curious voice)

actually this what really happened


where is that idiot shes not yet here in the room god she must be sleeping have to go to her room or else she will be late again said natsume in his mind

hey ruka!


im just going for a walk

oh ok see you later in the room bye!

he walk in the corridor when suddenly...


oh its mikan shes early huh!

flashback end...

umm hello natsume natsume hello!

what is it permy!

oh now you're ok

oh your back from uranus natsume hehe said mikan

shut up strawberry!

yeah natsume's right said sumire

what the he...- mikan got cut when mr. narumi get inside the class

well narumi said and clap his hand twice and said im sorry to disturb your sweet scene but i have a really important announcement to you!

umm mr narumi what is it? mikan asked

well mikan the academy decided to partner each other and will living in one room...

wow i like ti yeah realy yehey i will be with hotaru!all the class room is so noisy

ok ok please quiet im not done yet

only girl and boy will be partner!

wwwwhhhhhaaaattttt! mikan was so shocked

hehe calm down mikan! i have a box here, inside of this box is a paper with your names you will pick a 1 piece of paper here but only boys will pick meaning to say only girls name is inside of this box ok now! boys stand up and pick a name of your girl partner!

what a boring natsume said but i want to pick mikans name!

ohhh natsume please pick my name sumire said

oh god pick my name ruka!hotaru and mikan said

they all said inside their mind!

it was rukas turn he pick hotarus name!

yes! hotaru said

and now its natsume

here said natsume and give the paper to mr narumi

ok natsumes partner is sumi

natsume is happy

mikan is crying

sumire is shock!

to be continued


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