where? where is natsume yuu ahhhhhh wahhh hwwwh mikan is crying and crying until she hear the voice of sumire.

hahahaha! sumire is laughing like a demond.

su...SUMIRE! mikan shout

WHAT IS IT UGLY! sumire teased with a evil grin

wh...WHERE IS NATSUME! mikan ask then suddenly natsume appear then sumire hold the left shoulder of natsume(god sorry natsumikan fans just have to write it hehe :) )

HONEY! sumire shout clearly and loudly so that mikan will hear it.

GIVE ME A KISS! sumire cont. the statement mikan was so shock she try to run but her feet stuck in her place (yeah your right it's tsubasa andou sempai) SEMPAI LET ME GO! mikan said but no use andou didnt let her go and tell mikan

ITS SO EARLY TO GIVE UP MIKAN! mikan was shock she dont no what to do anymore she just tell herself i dont know anymore what to do my heart... its like it will burst! then mikan cry so hard while sumire is laughing inside herself hahaha your dead mikan natsume will be forever mine ahahaha! then sumire look to natsume she was shock to what she saw natsume is crying note: crying quietly. sumire said na...natsume!

mikan... natsume said but he didnt realize that he is crying and didnt see sumire looking to him

slowly sumire let go natsume (remember shes holding natsumes left shoulder) natsume look sumire then suddenly sumire look in his eyes and get near in his face and kiss him in the lips natsume's eyes widen sumires eyes close then...mikans eyes is so...RED AND TEARY!(owww mikan im so sorry) natsume push sumire...SHIT YOU BITCH I DIDNT SAY KISS ME! SHIT! YOUR UGLY SLUT! then sumire hug natsume in his back and said I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU NATSUME PLAESE DONT LEAVE ME ALONE NATSUME PLEASE DONT LEAVE ME please please... natsume hold her hand (sumires hand) and let go forcefully AND HOW? HOW ABOUT MY FELLINGS HUH? HOW? YOUR JUST THINKING OF YOUR SELF SUMIRE YOUR SELFISH! IF YOU REALLY LOVE ME YOU WILL BE HAPPY FOR WHAT MY DECISIONS ARE!natsume shout angrily to sumire.

natsume run to mikan( mikan is runing) natsume shout MIKAN! WAIT MIKAN! finally natsume catch the hands of mikan and hug very tight and natsume explain to mikan what really happened...


sumire call natsume in the telephone and tell natsume to go under the sakura tree if he will not go mikan will die...

natsume run in there meeting place( the sakura tree)

now what do you want sumire? natsume asked

what i like? sumire reply

yeah what do you like to me? natsume said

what i like is you! natsume sumire said

WHAT ! NOWAY! natsume said angrily

then persona comes out nowhere...

well you know what will happened natsume! sumire said

you cant force love sumire no one in the world force a love!natsume said in shacky voice cause persona might go in the room of mikan

well its good that i am in the first history who will force the love! sumire said

then blah blah blah...natsume have no choice but to agree that he will be the boyfriend of sumire.

flashback end...

so that what happened natsume? mikan asked

yeah! natsume reply then mikan hug natsume thanks natsume cause you keep your promise!

huh? what do you mean promise? natsume said well its your promise that you will protect me! mikan said

then natsume look at the brunette girl who is miling while felling the breeze of air with close eyes

he kiss mikan in the lips... hey! whats that for! mikan said while touching her lips

now the kiss of sumire has been erase!natsume said and look mikan then smile sweetly

huh? mikan dont understand what he was saying

whatever...the only reply came from his boyfriend natsume

to be continued...


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