-1The Protector

Chapter 1: New life

A pale orange cat, barely under a year old, paced continuously in front of the basement door. His mentor, a brown stripped cat commonly called just Honey, was having her kittens.

He knew he shouldn't be worried because the best cat possible was in there with her at this time, Jennyanydots. The striped and spotted cat knew what she was doing, no doubt about it.

The orange tom sat down and started bathing himself. He wasn't sure if Jennyanydots would even tell him when it over or if they were o.k., seeing as he wasn't a jellicle. All the jellicles, beside Honey, didn't like him, let alone trust him.

He got up and started pacing once again. He was just about to the point of losing his mind, when the door opened and Jenny gestured him in.

"Are they-" the tom began but was cut off by a shh from the older cat.

She lead him to a room and told him to be quiet, before opening the door. He nodded and entered.

Honey was curled up under a blanket tenderly stroking one of the four bundles of fur beside her. She glanced up, smiled and motioned him to come closer.

"What do you think, Andrian?" She whispered softly.

"They're so beautiful and tiny." He wondered aloud.

"Believe it or not, you were that small once." she noticed him watching them with such awe she added, "You can hold one if you want."

He tenderly picked up the one closest to him, a very small gray male. The kitten felt him and snuggled up against him. Andrian smiled, a rare thing for him, and purred.

"That one is Ean."

"Ean," Andrian tried, "It's perfect."

Honey nodded, "Yes, I thought so."

The orange tom looked curiously at the other three kittens.

"What about them? What are their names?"

Honey was amazed at the amount of interest her you pupil had, but still answered him.

"The black one is Aaron, the girl with the black patches and white chest is Nova, and the little one hiding under everyone-" she lifted up to Andrian's surprise, an orange striped kitten, "-is Dom."

Andrian set Ean back down and stroked Nova's back. She meowed, making him jump and making Honey laugh.

"Is she o.k.? Did I hurt her?" asked Andrian, worried.

"She fine, she just likes you."

Above them in the main part of the house the front door opened and Honey's humans entered their home. The loud footsteps could easily be heard below and Andrian's ears laid back.

"Andrian, I want you to do me a favor," Honey said, she looked almost scared.

"You know I'll do want ever you ask of me."

She nodded, she knew he was very faithful to her. She had been the only one to take in the little golden-eyed kitten eight months ago. No one else would because of his past. Honey shook herself back to the present.

"I overheard the humans talking about the kittens a few days ago, they said that they couldn't have anymore cats and that they'll take the kittens to the pound after they were born. I need you to take them to the Junkyard and promise me that you'll always protect them."

"I promise, but what about you? Why can't you stay at the Junkyard with them?" He said hurriedly as he heard the humans move through the house.

"My humans are moving and taking me with them. A few weeks ago a vet put a tracking chip under my fur so that if I got lost they could find me. If I run away to the Junkyard they'll follow me and that would endanger the other jellicles."

The basement door opened and footsteps could be heard on the steps.

"Honey! Honey! Time to go!" came a voice.

Honey quickly but gently wrapped up her newborn kittens and handed them to Andrian.

"Here, Andrian take them! Go, I trust you!"

He held the precious bundle to his chest and ran.

The human entered just as the tom vanished through the window. It picked up Honey.

"Come on, girl. Let's go to our new home."

Honey let herself be carried out of the room, feeling like her heart just died and left her behind.

Andrian reached the outside with the kittens in his arms. He looked for Jennyanydots, but didn't see her.

The orange cat checked on the newborns, then started his journey toward the jellicle Junkyard in the star-spotted night.