Author's note: This is the last chapter of The Protector. I have a sequal planned out, if anyone is interested. (If you are please tell me or I will just write it for myself and no one will read it ;p) I wish to thank those who did -no-tenshi, Sarah Elizabeth Emily Woods, Adi Sagestar, XxX cat XxX, and Rumplerteazer02. I love you guys! Warning: this chapter contains some langauge. Ok. I'm done. Thank you and goodnight!

Chapter 16 : Just the beginning

The ginger tom glared viciously at the empty warehouse stretched out in front of him.

Two years of work.


In anger he slashed four crooked strips into the starch white wall nearby.

"Damn you, Andrian!" he hissed to the empty room.

Suddenly Macavity's sharp ears picked up an inhale behind him, and he spun around.

It was a black kitten with a long tail.

"Did you say Andrian?" Aaron asked, his eager eyes looking into Macavity's cold ones.

"Yes I did. That guardian of yours," he spat, "just killed my army."

Aaron said nothing.

Andrian wouldn't do that. He was nice and caring, not a mass murder.

"He wouldn't do that." he added in a whisper, "He couldn't."

"Then what do you call this!" Macavity screamed, waving his paws around at the vacant warehouse surrounding them.

Aaron looked down.

If Andrian would do this….he had lied to him, everything a lie. The world he thought he knew, shattered.

In a trembling voice he questioned further, "And Donte….is he..he.."

"You really think he might have survived?" Macavity growled at the small cat, "What the hell made him so special? He is now just another lifeless body, among thousands." The Napoleon of Crime then stalked off leaving Aaron alone.

"If Andrian could kill Donte…"

As the long-tailed kitten looked after Macavity, his eyes hardened with a desion. His mind was made up.

"Hey! Macavity!" he shouted.

The ginger cat turned and looked at the kitten in annoyance.

"What now, furball?"

A wicked grin played across his lips as he answered, "I am going to help you rebuild you army and take down the Jellicles."

Macavity the evil grin with a glint in his eyes.

"So, this is just the beginning."