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All for Believing

Pull back the shield between us, and I'll kiss you,
Drop your defenses and come, into my arms.
I'm all for believing, I'm all for believing.

Pretence was a funny thing.

Mary Jane Watson would have never imagined herself in this situation, watching what she was. Harry and Peter fought it, whatever it was. The black suited monster that had once been Eddie Brock. The black suited monster that had devoured Eddie Brock. And Harry…she hadn't seen him in so long, he hadn't returned phone calls, he wouldn't see her, or anyone. She had worried about him for so long, and now, her worry had hit an apex as the monster darted around him.

I'm all for believing if you can reveal the true colors within.

No matter what had happened, he had come. He had come for her, to save her, just as she knew somewhere deep inside that he would.

I know you blanket your mind so much that I am blind, but I,
I see you've painted your soul into your guard,

She saw it happen in slow motion. Peter was down, the creature was over him, Harry's glider in it's damnable grip. A sob escaped her, at the thought of Peter, a man she once loved with all of herself, a man to whom she owed her life many times over, the hero, being cut down in such a way, and because of her.

I'm all for believing, I'm all for believing…

But at the last second, Harry darted in front of his incapacitated friend.

Mary Jane screamed as she saw her world crumbling in front of her eyes.

I need to know just how you feel, to comfort you;
I need to find the key let me in, into your heart, to find your soul.

The spiral staircase that Mary Jane descended proved no match for her panic. A thousand thoughts flew toward her at all time from every direction. From up and from down. From left and from right. From in front and from behind.

Harry had collapsed, and lay on the platform she dashed to, clutching at the vicious, angry wounds bleeding on his chest. She fell to her knees at his side and pulled him into her embrace, muttering "Oh no, no, no…no, no, no…" over and over again to herself and everyone and nowhere. "Oh my god, Harry…"

"He got me pretty good." His voice was weak, a rasp, a terrible death rattle that ripped at Mary Jane's heart, tearing it into shreds.

I'm all for believing, if you can reveal, the true colors within…

"Harry," her voice was choked by sobs, "Don't leave me, you can't…"

And say you will be there for me to hold,
When the faith grows old

"MJ, I can't…" he coughed, a racking, grating cough, the most painful cough that Mary Jane had ever heard. "I love you…"

When the faith grows old,

And life turns cold,
When the faith grows old,

And life turns cold…

"MJ, I'm cold…" She took his quavering hand in hers, and pressing a kiss to his blue-tinged lips.

So if you're cold I will stay,

"Don't leave me."

She blinked back the tears, for his sake. "I would never dream of it."

Maybe fate will guide the way.
I believe in what I see and baby we were meant to be…

One last, gasping breath, and Harry Osborn died in Mary Jane Watson's arms…

I believe in what I see and baby we were meant to be,
Just believe. Just believe. Just believe…

Yet, he had died a hero.

Trust in me.