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New Lives: Galactic Guardians

Authors: AshK and Emma Iveli

Rating: Fiction Rated T for Romance and Violence

GG Pairings: Pokeshipping and Contestshipping. NL Pairings: Unknown(if any).

Disclaimer #1: I do not own Pokemon, Sailor Moon, or Ranma 1/2, Naruto, Zatch Belle, or One Piece.

Disclaimer #2: I do not own the attacks Ceres Flower Whip or Pallas Snowstorm Blast. I only own the attacks that I make up for my Senshi as well as Vesta Flaming Ball Blast and Juno Lightning Bolt Blast.

Disclaimer #3: I do not own the idea for New Lives R, Emma Iveli does.

Disclaimer #4: I do not own the name Black Sun, Emma Iveli does. I own the name Dark Alliance(Emma helped me out on that one.)

Disclaimer #5: I do not own Flare, uncutetomboy does.

Disclaimer #6: I also don't own Koquilion and Darkmann, Thomas Drovin does. I only own the General known as Aquaria.

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Copyright #3: New Lives Saga is Copyright 2007 and 2008 by Emma Iveli

Copyright #4: New Lives: Galactic Guardians is Copyright 2007 and 2008 by AshK and Emma Iveli.

Summary: During a lull in the battles with the Dark Alliance, Imite/Triton senses some dark Power in another Dimension. The dark Power is known as the Black Sun and is in another dimension. The Dark Alliance also senses the Black Sun. They travel to the world of New Lives R. With a dimensional rip opened between the realities both the Galactic Guardians(Satoshi/Sayomi/Solaris Knight/Sailor Solaris, Kasumi/Sailor Terra, Shuu/Saika/Rhea Knight/Sailor Rhea, Imite/Sailor Triton, Nanako/Sailor Ganymede, Haruka/Sailor Io, Ranma(from GG)/Ren/Phobos Knight/Sailor Phobos, and Akane/Sailor Deimos) and the Sailor Quintet(Usagi/Neo Moon, Hoshi/Sailor Vesta, Juria/Sailor Juno, Momoko/Sailor Pallas, and Chikako/Sailor Ceres from Galactic Guardians must work together with the Senshi from the New Lives Saga to combat this threat. Be prepared for Action/Adventure, Humor and Romance in this new story.

Episode 01: When Dimensions Collide

Intro to the Story

In this universe there are multiple Dimensions. This story covers two of them. Dimension A and Dimension B. Each dimension has their own Team of Senshi and Enemies. This is a story that crosses over The New Lives Saga By: Emma Iveli and Galactic Guardians by me AshK. I hope you enjoy this joint Fanfic.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Theme plays followed by the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Theme Song. Ranma 1/2 Season VII theme also is played. The latest Naruto Theme, along with the One Piece and Zatch Bell Themes also play. At the end of the Medley of songs it shows the Galactic Guardians from Dimension A, as well as the other Senshi from Dimension A. It shows the Senshi from the New Lives Saga as well as 15 Shadowy Figures that reside in Dimension B which will be revealed later in the story. The Senshi that have multiple forms whether they be Male or Female, some sort of animal and what not. All of the forms appear next to each other as New Lives: Galactic Guardians appears above the Cast on the Screen.

It is a beautiful day in Pallet City. Everyone was happy that they got a while off from Battling the Dark Alliance. They all needed some rest. Little did they know that it wouldn't last too long. Imite was meditating at this point. She then shuttered as a cold chill went down her spine.

"Um Satoshi I sense something bad." Imite said from her position on the couch in the Apartment above the Gym's Living Room.

"What is is it Imite. We need to know is it another threat? We already have enough to deal with regarding the Dark Alliance. We need to know if there is anything else." Satoshi said.

"That is so right. You have to tell us about it." Kasumi said.

"We need to know!" Haruka said.

"Come on!" Shuu said.

"We so need some leads." Nanako said.

"Yeah come on Imite! Could you help us out here?" Ranma said then asked.

"We have to know if we want to combat it." Akane said.

"Please!" Usagi(one of Satoshi/Sayomi's adopted sisters one of five. Refer to Galactic Guardians for more Info. I think it's Episode 26: Goodbye Amazon Septet, Hello Neo Moon or it might be Episode 27: Eugeal's Last Stand I am not sure which.) said.

"We so need to know!" Chikako exclaimed.

"Please!" Momoko begged.

"We have to know!" Juria also begged.

"Yes that is right!" Hoshi said.

"Okay Okay! Stop begging already! There is a presence called the Black Sun in another dimension they are after that dimensions Silver Crystal much like the Dark Alliance in this dimension is after the Silver, Bronze and Golden Crystals. If the villains of that dimension were to ever team up with the villains of this dimension, we will be in so much trouble. We have to somehow get there." Imite said.

All of a sudden Sailor Pluto from Dimension A popped up out of nowhere scaring the daylights out of Satoshi and Usagi as well as Pikachu. Pikachu shocked the daylights out of Sailor Pluto before switching to Orion.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Pluto said as she fell to the ground and immediately got up.

"Sorry about that Lady Pluto. You startled us!" Orion said.

"Plu that was so totally uncalled for!" Usagi said.

"Yeah Pluto! It really was!" Satoshi exlcaimed.

"My apologies Small Lady Serenity and Prince Satoshi/Princess Sayomi of the Solaris Colony. I can arrange us to be there. You all must transform though. Satoshi you will have to go as Sailor Solaris. Ranma, Shuu you will have to go as Sailor Phobos and Sailor Rhea. My time power is very taxing on males." Pluto said.

"Oh okay!" Satoshi, Ranma, and Shuu said in unison as they shifted into Sayomi, Ren, and Saika.

"Very good I will take you to the time gates and point out which reality you should go to. My Counterpart in that Reality will help you the rest of the way. I can only exist in this reality. As for you Neo Moon, and Sailor Quartet you can also go with them. You will run into your counterparts though, but it won't create a Paradox. The Senshi of that dimension were reincarnated as Male except for my Counterpart. They will explain what happened once you get there. Understand?" Pluto said and then asked.

"Yes we do!" Everyone said as they transformed.

"Very well then through the time gates to an alternate reality." Pluto said.

They all did so and Pluto pointed them into the correct time line. They then landed on a street in what looked like to be Nerima(World of Chaos from the New Lives Saga)at what looked to be the Tendo Dojo. They all decided to explore the ward. Phobos switched to Ren as everyone else also dropped their Senshi guise. They went to explore.

Meanwhile at the Dark Alliance Headquarters in Dark City, Kanto Galactic Guardians Dimension...

Sakaki, Beryl, Nehelenia, Galaxia, Rubeus, Sapphire, Prince Diamond, and Professor Tomoe called a meeting. Dr. Namba opened a dimension to somewhere.

"Okay you fools. Kojiro, Musashi, Kosaburo, Yamato, and Nyasu we have a mission for you." Sakaki said. He was in control at this time.

Cyrus, Maxie, and Archie decided to call their teams as well.

Aqua Administrator Shelly, Magma Administrator Tabitha, Galactic Commanders Mars, Jupiter and Saturn also were called to the meeting.

They were all told to go to a certain location in the New Lives Saga world. Unfortunately it involved the Women's Locker Room. Kojiro, Kosaburo, and Galactic Commander Saturn are in for a world of hurt. Darkmann and Koquilion will also be in a world of hurt. The women won't be.

After Namba entered the coordinates, Teams Rocket, Magma, Aqua, and Galactic were gone along with a squad of Youma, Daimons, Remuli, as well as Aquaria, Flare, Koquilion, and Darkmann.

So as it was, Darkmann, Koquilion, Kojiro, Kosaburo, Nyasu, Galactic Commander Saturn, Galactic Leader Cyrus, Magma Leader Maxie, Aqua Leader Archie, Beryl, Aquaria, Flare, Aqua Administrator Shelly, Magma Administrator Tabitha, Galactic Commanders Mars and Jupiter, Musashi, and Yamato all headed through the portal. They were going to destroy all the heroes of this dimension as well as the ones from the other. The Dark Alliance will rain supreme, and hopefully they can work with the Black Sun.

Meanwhile back in the New Lives Saga World of Chaos outside the 3 jewels Restaurant...

The Galactic Guardians and Sailor Quintet decided it was time to eat. Ren was the first to enter the restaurant.

"Hi I would so like a Cheeseburger Fries and Dr. Pepper Medium. By the way my name is Ren Sabami(Had to make up this one). What is yours?" Ren asked.(Ranma from GG will be Ren for parts of this story.)

"My name is Amber. Nice to meet you." Amber said.

"My name is Ruby! Ruby said as she introduced herself.

"My name is Aquamarine. Nice to meet you who are your friends?" Aquamarine asked.

"Oh sorry, my name is Satoshi Tanaka." Satoshi said.

"My name is Kasumi Yawa." Kasumi said.

"My name is Shuu Shizune." Shuu said.

"My name is Imite." Imite said.

"My name is Nanako " Nanako said.

"Pleasure to meet you, my name is Haruka Tamaki." Haruka said.

"Excuse me Satoshi, you look like someone I know." Ruby said.

'She must be talking about my Counterpart in this dimension. I wonder where he is.' Satoshi thought.

"Sorry, this is the first time I have met you." Satoshi said.

"Hi there my name is Usagi Tanaka. I am one of Satoshi-Oniichan's adopted Sisters." Usagi said.

"My name is Chikako Tanaka. I am also one of Satoshi-Oniichans adopted Sisters." Chikako said.

"My name is Juria Tanaka. You guessed I am also one of Satoshi-Oniichan's adopted sisters." Juria said.

"My name is Hoshi Tanaka. I am just like the other three." Hoshi said.

"My name is Momoko Tanaka. I am just like the previous four." Momoko said.

"I am Akane Toru."(she had to make up a name. Since the Jewels know the Akane Tendo of this reality.) Akane said.

"Nice to meet you all." Ruby said.

"It sure is!" Amber Hyperly said.

"It is very nice to meet you all." Aquamarine said as she brought everyones food out and then went back to reading her book.

Everyone ordered the same thing. That makes it easier.

Meanwhile in the Women's Locker Room of the Black Sun Headquarters...

Nine guys and nine girls materialized in the Locker Room. Archie, Maxie, Darkmann, Koquilion, Cyrus, Galactic Commander Saturn, Kojiro, Kosaburo, and Meowth were all immediately knocked out by Sporty, Doll, Otaku, Cat and Sea. Musashi, Yamato, Shelly, Tabitha, Aquaria, Flare, Galactic Commander Mars, Galactic Commander Jupiter, and Queen Beryl helped the boys to the infirmary. Sporty, Doll, Otaku, Cat, and Sea obviously had to lead them there.

"So you guys and gals are all from a different dimension?" Cat asked.

"And you are eighteen members of an Evil Organization called the Dark Alliance?" Sporty asked.

"Let me guess your goal is the same as ours. Universal Domination am I right?" Doll asked.

"Well we are after the Silver Crystal in this dimension what about you guys?" Otaku asked.

"We are after the Silver, Bronze, and Golden Crystals from our dimension. My name is Queen Beryl. These are my generals: Darkmann, Koquilion, which all of you knocked out. Good job by the way they are perverts sometimes especially Darkmann. The other two are Aquaria and Flare. They all replaced my former generals that went good." Beryl said.

Everyone then introduced themselves. When the guys woke up they introduced themselves too. The eight wonders all introduced themselves. As did their allies. The Dark Alliance then sent out a bunch of Youma, Daimons, Remuli. The eight Wonders sent out their Joujis immediately to the World of Chaos.

World of Chaos Outside the Three Jewels Place...

Satoshi and company finished their meal when they heard screams. They immediately looked out the window and saw a bunch of Daimons, Youma, Remuli, and a type of Monster they didn't recognize. They all then panicked. They might as well get it over with.

"Amber, Ruby, and Aquamarine you must keep this a secret." Satoshi said as he shifted to her Blond-Haired, Blue-Eyed, Purple Skin-Tight Dress Clad Sayomi and took off her transformation Broach.

The three jewels were puzzled.

"Watch! I will explain the part about Shuu, and I being girls later. Just Watch right now. We know we can trust you. Solar Cosmic Power!" Sayomi said.

"Terra Star Power!" Kasumi said.

"Rhea Star Power!" Saika said after she shifted from Shuu.

"Triton Star Power!" Imite said.

"Ganymede Star Power!" Nanako said.

"Io Star Power!" Haruka said.

"Phobos Star Power!" Ren said.

"Deimos Star Power!" Akane said.

"Moon Crisis!" Usagi said.

"Pallas Asteroid Power!" Momoko said.

"Vesta Asteroid Power!" Hoshi said.

"Juno Asteroid Power!" Juria said.

"Ceres Asteroid Power!" Chikako said.

"Make Up!" They all said as multicolored lights lit up the store.

"Whoa that is so totally awesome!" Amber exclaimed excitedly.

"More Sailor Soldiers?! When does it end?" Ruby said.

"That is really weird." Aquamarine said.

"Go hide now!" Solaris said.

"Okay Sailor Solaris good luck." Aquamarine said as her, Amber and Ruby went to hide right after putting up the closed sign.

The Galactic Guardians and the Sailor Quintet went outside.

Outside the Three Jewels Restaurant...

"You Daimons followed us?! You will so pay! I represent the sun and all of it's beauty. I am a beautiful Soldier in a Sailor Suit! I am Sailor Solaris! Solaris Cosmic Star Blast." Solaris said as she summoned her scepter and executed her attack which dusted a lot of Daimons the Pure Hearts were returned.

"I am so totally sick of you Daimons! I represent the Earth in all of it's glory no matter what dimension I am so in! I am a beautiful Soldier in a Sailor Suit! I am Sailor Terra! In the name of the Earths in every dimension I will punish you! Terra Sandstorm Smash!" Terra said as quite a bit more Daimons were destroyed.

"Hey Remuli! I so won't stand for you stealing these dreams(Musashi, Kojiro, Yamato, Kosaburo, and Nyasu gave them the ability to look at the Dream mirrors without their help) I represent Triton in all of its glory. I will so not let you destroy this dimension! I am Sailor Triton! I shall punish you! Triton Rainstorm Smash!" Triton said as she eliminated a huge squad of Remuli. The Dream Mirrors were returned.

"Youma! You followed us here as well. That means that Beryl and her Generals are somewhere in this dimension! I will so not let you steal energy to release the Negaforce. I am a beautiful Soldier in Sailor Suit! I am Sailor Rhea! Take this! Rhea Rose Petal Blizzard!" Rhea said as she executed a number of Youma.

"I am so sick of you Youma and Daimons! I will so not stand for this! I represent Ganymede in all of it's glory! I represent Jupiter's Moon Ganymede in any dimension! I will so not stand for this! In the name of Ganymede I shall punish you! I am Sailor Ganymede! Take this! Ganymede Rockstorm Smash!" Ganymede said as she dissolved a ton of Youma and Daimons. The Pure Hearts and Energy were returned.

"Hey Ugly Monsters whatever you are so called. You must be the monsters that over run this Universe! I am Sailor Io! I represent Jupiter's Moon Io! In the name of Io, I shall punish you! Io Volcanic Eruption!" Io said as she destroyed a number of Joujis.

"Phobos Flaming Tiger Strike!" Phobos said as she destroyed a huge number of Jouji.

"Deimos Flamehammer Strike!" Daemos said as she joined in. This too destroyed a lot of Jouji.

"Moon Tiara Action!" Neo Moon said. This destroyed more Jouji.

"Ready Sailor Quartet? Let's do this." Ceres from Dimension A(1) said.

"Ready!" The rest of the gang said.

"Good let's go!" Ceres of Universe A said.

"Amazoness Jungle Arrow!" The Sailor Quartet of Dimension A said.

"Let me join in the fun girls!" Neo Moon from Dimension A said.

"Right!" The Quartet for Dimension A said.

"Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss!" Neo Moon and the Sailor Quartet from Dimension A said in unison destroying the Jouji. There were a few more left.

"Solar Crisis Make Up!" Solaris said as she Transformed into Super Solaris and brandished a more powerful looking Sceptar.

Super Solaris began her attack ritual. She hated it but she had to do it.

"Take this you strange monsters! Solaris Starlight Cosmic Star Blast!" Super Solaris said as she destroyed the remaining jouji.

Up on a nearby rooftop the Senshi from Dimension B(2) were watching with awe.

"That is so cool! They will make awesome Allies." Neo Moon from Universe B said. Everyone then vanished to their home worlds.

Black Sun HQ...

The eight wonders were shocked. How could Senshi from another dimension destroy their Jouji. It just didn't make sense.

"They beat us all the time! Galactic Leader Cyrus said.

"We are so tired of it!" Magma Administrator Tabitha said.

"They always do that!" Aqua Administrator Shelly said.

"I can't believe it!" Magma Leader Maxie said.

"Neither can I!" Aqua Leader Archie said.

"Well let's get a plan going!" All of the Galactic Commanders said to the Team Rocket, Team Magma, and Team Aqua members.

"We have our work cut out for us!" Cat said.

"Yes we do!" The rest of the eight wonders as well as their allies said in unison.

Back at the Three Jewels Place...

The Galactic Guardians and the Sailor Quintet from Dimension A de-transformed. Since it was still early they decided to search for a hotel to stay at.

"Well I wonder what the Sailor Soldiers of this universe are like?" Orion asked.

"I don't know buddy we will just have to find out when we meet them." Satoshi said.

The rest of the Dimension A Senshi agreed.

Well a new adventure has begun. Will the Galactic Guardians and the Sailor Quintet from Universe A succeed. What are the Senshi of this Dimension(Dimension B) like? To find out stay tuned.


Next time: The Dimension A Senshi meet the Dimension B Senshi. More trouble from the Black Sun and the Dark Alliance. What are they planning? Tune in next time.

Next time on: New Lives: Galactic Guardians: Episode 02: When Senshi Combine Coming Soon.

Author's Notes:

(1)Dimension A: The Dimension in which Galactic Guardians takes place.

(2)Dimension B: The Dimension where the New Lives Saga takes place.

Well Emma, what do you think? I hope you like it. It is now your turn to write a chapter. We will alternate back and forth how's that sound?

Well what do you think? Please Read and Review! Sincerely, TO/BB

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