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New Lives: Galactic Guardians

Authors: AshK and Emma Iveli

Rating: Fiction Rated T for Romance and Violence


Tokyo MewMew: Ichigo Momomiya/Mew Ichigo x Masaya Aoyama/Blue Knight, Berry Shirayuki/Mew Berry x Tasuku.

Dimension A (GG): Ranma/Ren x Akane, Satoshi/Sayomi x Kasumi, & Shuu/Saika x Haruka Tamaki, Mamoru x Usagi, and Haruka Tenou x Michiru, Akira x Karomi(Formerly known as Aquaria my OC). Shigeru x Ayame(uncutetomboy's OC formerly known as Flare.) Takeshi x Erika, Chisame(my OC)x Naoko(Also my OC), Imite/Triton x Hiroshi.

Dimension B(New Lives Saga): Naruto/Naruko x Hinata (it's been that way since chapter 6 of New Lives), Kakashi x Trista, Minako x Kyubi (the world's most disturbing crossover pairing), Kiyo/Kiya x Megumi, Sanji x Beth (Emma's OC) x Brock Triangle, Tia x Zatch x Penny Triangle, Ryoga/Ryoko x Akari, Zoro/Zora x Tashegi, Horror x Robin, Eido/Kaede x Doll, Ritchie x Duplica, Ash/Ashley x Misty Later On, and Drew x May Later on(the Pairings of Ash/Ashley x Misty, and Drew x May later on are exclusive to New Lives: Galactic Guardians only).

Disclaimer #1 : I do not own any of the Anime that are involved in this story. Their creators do.

Disclaimer #2: I do not own the following attacks: Heart Gem Surprise, Platinum Light Wave, Solaris Sunlight Wave, Moon Light Wave, Ceres Flower Whip, Pallas Snowstorm Blast, Ceres Flower Blast, Vesta Flare Wall, Saturn Ring Surprise, Mars Gum Gum Bazooka Shot, Space Sword Slice, Jupiter Leaf Slice, Pallas Ice Kunai Barrage, Saturn Star Slice, Mercury Blizzard Freeze, Venus Spiraling Sphere or Neptune Wave Crash, Mercury Ice Wave, Mars Gum Gum Flaming Gattling, Jupiter Double Elemental Punch, Venus Golden Spiraling Shuriken, Saturn Silence Glaive Shockwave, Uranus Space Sword Cutter, Neptune Deep Aqua Shining Wave, Pluto Garnet Rod Wave, Pallas Icy Wind Shuriken, Vesta Flaming Drill Torpedo, Juno Lightning Supreme Cannon, Ceres Flower Chi Roar,Europa Hidden Weapon Slicing Wind, Titan Steel Supreme Kick, Callisto 8 Trigrams Freezing Palms, Oberon Strikeout Storm Emma Iveli does. Neither Emma Nor Me own Charon Shadow Striker, Solartiger owns that one. I only own the attacks that I make up for my Senshi as well as Vesta Flaming Ball Strike , Juno Lightning Bolt Blast, Pluto Garnet Orb(The Heart Shaped Talisman of Plutos on the top of the Garnet Rod) Blaster(Feel free to use that attack if you wish too Emma), as well as the new Attacks that I made up for the Dimension A Senshi Power Ups, as well as Karomi Kagato from Cerulean City. Oh and I also own the idea for Raider Warriors and the idea for their attacks(other than the attacks you see in the Pokemon Games or the Pokemon Anime/Manga)

Disclaimer #3: I do not own the idea for the New Lives Saga, Emma Iveli does.

Disclaimer #4: I do not own the names Black Sun or Dark Wave , Emma Iveli does. I own the name Dark Alliance

Disclaimer #5: I do not own Ayame Ichijouji, Oberon Glacial Smash, or Oberon Sonar Smash uncutetomboy does.

Disclaimer #6: I also don't own Koquilion and Darkmann, Thomas Drovin does.

Disclaimer #7: I also don't own any of the characters that Emma Iveli Created or will create either.

Disclaimer #8: I am not the original owner of the Solar Kingdom Idea, Grounders10 is. I am not copying that writer. I am using that idea with my own spin on it. I hope you still enjoy it.

Copyright section: If you wish to see the copyright section refer to Episodes 01 through 112.

Arc IX: Enter: The Rainbow Brigade and St. Rose Crusaders Part VIII

Episode 120: Konoha Knockout!

Episode Written By: Emma Iveli

Episode Edited By: AshK


In this universe there are multiple Dimensions. This story covers two of them. Dimension A and Dimension B. Each dimension has their own Team of Senshi and Enemies.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Theme plays followed by the Pokemon DP Battle Dimension Theme Song. Ranma 1/2 Season VII theme also is played. The latest Naruto Theme, along with the One Piece and Zatch Bell Themes also play followed by the Tokyo Mew Mew Theme. At the end of the Medley of songs it shows the Galactic Guardians from Dimension A, as well as the other Senshi from Dimension A. It shows the Senshi from the New Lives Saga as well as 15 Shadowy Figures that reside in Dimension B are now replaced by 15 People. The Dimension B Galactic Guardians and Kousagi/Sailor Cosmos Moon. The Senshi that have multiple forms whether they be Male or Female, some sort of animal and what not. Also Six Mew Mews. The Shadowy Figure is now replaced by Mew Berry, Blue Knight/Masaya Aoyama, Keiichi Akasaka, Ryo Shirogane also appear along with Tasuku/Sukey/Mew Sukey.

All of the forms appear next to each other as New Lives: Galactic Guardians appears above the Cast on the Screen.

Two figures looked over the Village Hidden in the Leaves. They watched the village.

"Why are we coming back?" asked Kisame.

"Because… I felt like I had to." Said Itachi.

"That's no true! Tobi wanted to come here!" said Tobi happily.

Itachi sighed, he knew Tobi was just a cover but he swore that he enjoyed annoying everyone… how the mighty have fallen.

In the Kazama Clan's mansion… Naruto got a chill…

"What's wrong Naruto-Niichan?" asked Opal.

"I just got a chill that went though my very soul…" said Naruto.

"Don't blame me." Said Minako.

"I'm not…" thought Naruto.

"You better not!" yelled Kyubi.

"You think something bad might happen?" asked Opal.

"I don't know…" said Naruto with a shrug.

Meanwhile with Sasuke, he got the same chill… but it was slightly different, there was more hatred in it rather than fear.

"Strange…" thought Sasuke.

Meanwhile in the Villains' HQ (the Barney song begins to play).

"Oh my god turn that off!" yelled Queen Beryl.

The song stopped…

"What was that noise?" asked Arlong.

"Trust me… you don't want to know." Said Zeno who then shuddered.

"We're really running out ideas aren't we?" asked Dr. Tomoe.

The others nodded…

"Let's just randomly attack the Village Hidden in the Leaves." said Orochimaru.

Everyone shrugged and agreed.

And so it was decided that Karin, Telulu, Musashi, Fluorite, Aoi and Cerulean would go.

Later that day in the Village, Sasuke asked to spar with Naruto, while the other two younger Ninja Senshi, the Solaris Quartet and Opal watched the fight.

"What's with Sasuke today?" asked Umi.

"He's being his usual Emo self…" said Shikamaru who then yawned.

"So why did he wanted to spar?" asked Kasumi.

"We don't know." Said Neji.

"I wonder if has something to do with Naruto-Niichan's creepy feeling today." Said Opal.

During the fight, Sasuke got a feeling… he took out a Kunai and threw it nearby… that's when Itachi came out of his hiding place.

"What the!" yelled Naruto.

"You…" growled Sasuke.

"Foolish little brother… training so you can fight me?" asked Itachi.

"How can you even be here? And where's your fishy friend?" asked Naruto.

"Oh he's busy babysitting Tobi." Said Itachi.

Meanwhile Kisame wearing the stand disguise for an Akatsuki (hopping no one would recognize the cloak) was looking for Tobi who ran off…

"Well this is what I get for offering to watch him while Itachi looked around." Said Kisame.

Back with at the training ground.

"My guess is that he lost him by now." Said Itachi keeping a strait face while also trying not to sweat drop.

"Everyone leave!" yelled Sasuke.

"What? Are you insane?" asked Neji.

"You're not ready to face him!" yelled Naruto.

"Don't worry… I have a plan." Said Sasuke with a smirk.

Naruto immediately knew what it meant… he was just going to show off and not try to kill him.

"Fine… but I'm going to tell Cologne." Said Naruto.

This made Sasuke sweat drop…

Naruto began to leave the others followed.

"Are you sure this is a good idea" asked Satoshi.

"Don't worry… he's going easy." Whispered Naruto.

The others knew what that meant… it wasn't going to be a fight to the death, so everyone decided to go to Ichiraku's.

Back at the training ground the tow Uchiha's stared at each other… one could feel the tension between them, that's when Sasuke ran towards his brother.

"He seems different." Thought Itachi, "Why?"

That's when Sasuke kicked him in the head quickly then seemingly disappeared.

"You really think that will work, foolish little brother?" asked Itachi.

"I don't know… but I can try." Said Sasuke reappearing, that's when Itachi finally got a good look at Sasuke.

"He's different… his eyes have changed…" thought Itachi, "And it look like he's not out to kill me… then why is he fighting?"

That's when Sasuke used Fire Ball Jutsu with Itachi countering with his own, the two collided with a fiery explosion.

"Damn…" thought Itachi, "What's going on…"

Meanwhile at Ichiraku's…

"Naruto… are you sure it's a good idea leaving him there?" asked Kasumi.

There was a silence as everyone looked at Naruto eating as many bowls of Ramen there were.

"Naruto…" said Kasumi.

"What?" asked Naruto with his mouth full of ramen (note due to the fact his mouth is full, everything will be translated… however… while the readers will be able to understand it, the others won't).

"You really think it's a good idea to let Sasuke fight his brother." Said Kasumi.

"Oh yeah… he wants to fight his brother, and he's not planning to try to kill him. He learned his lesion a long time ago…" replied Naruto with his mouth full.

"Um… what?" asked Kasumi.

"Just leave Sasuke alone… he knows what he's doing." Said Shikamaru, "And besides teaming up against Itachi won't accomplished anything."

"Can't we get someone to help, like Kakashi" said Kasumi.

Naruto swallowed his food, "That won't work… because Itachi can easily beat Kakashi." Said Naruto.

"What, you sure?" asked Kasumi.

"I heard the story from Asuma-Sensei, he and Kurenai were checking out some lowlifes who turned out to Itachi and his partner Kisame…" said Shikamaru.

"Those two are very dangerous… let Sasuke fight him. And besides if we interfere how d you think he'll feel too…" said Opal, "It's a matter of pride… don't try to interfere."

Kasumi sighed and looked to the ground, "Fine…" she said.

That's when Shikamaru's computer began to beep. He took it out.

"Looks like it's going to be a village wide attack." He said.

Before they could do anything they heard several screams, Naruto paid the tab and they went to where they heard it, they saw bodies all over with their energy drained or their Dream Mirrors or Pure hearts out of their bodies.

"Oh man this doesn't look good!" said Naruto.

"So you're already here… that seems interesting." Said a voice.

They saw the members of the Dark Blue alliance nearby.

"All right! I'll call everyone else!" said Satoshi.

"Okay… but remember don't call Sasuke." Said Naruto.

"I know…" said Satoshi.

And so Satoshi called everyone but Sasuke.

Meanwhile with Sasuke, he had heard his computer beep… but ignored it.

"Damn, the others probably need me." Thought Sasuke even though there more heroes in the team than someone could shake a stick at.

The two continues to fight… until the two of them heard and explosion, it was then that Sasuke knew what was going on.

"Sorry… but I have to go." Said Sasuke.

"Why?" asked Itachi glaring at his younger brother.

Sasuke said nothing and took out a smoke bomb and used it to escape. When it cleared Itachi stood there blinking… not knowing what was going on.

Back with the fight between Senshi and enemies… the fight really got started.

"Double Pink Sugar Heart Attack!"

"Mercury Ice Wave!"

"Mars Gum Gum Flaming Gattling!"

"Jupiter Double Elemental Punch!"

"Venus Spiraling Shuriken!"

"Silence Glaive shockwave!"

"Space Sword Slice!"

"Deep Aqua Shinning Wave!"

"Garnet Rod Wave!"

"Heart Gem Surprise!"

"Pallas Icicle Snowwave Wallup!"

"Juno supreme Lighting Canon!"

"Juno Volt Tackle Trample!"

"Vesta Flaming Drill Torpedo!"

"Vesta Flaming Flare Ball Cannon Wall Strike"

"Ceres Flower Chi Roar!"

"Ceres Flower Storm Smash!"

"Double Solaris Solar Sunspot Smash!"

"Double Terra Giga Impact Ignition!"

"Chibi-Solaris Solar Flare of Fate!"

"Chibi-Terra Earthquake Elimination!"

"Double Phobos Flare Blitz of Fate!"

"Double Deimos Firestorm Blitz of Fate!"

"Rhea Frenzy Ball Blast!"

"Triton Water Spout Smash!"

"Ganymede Rock Slide Wave Wallup!"

"Io Magma Wheel Wallup!"

"Titania Thunder Punch Hurricane Smash!"

"Charon Shadow Striker!"

"Europa Hidden Weapon Slicing Wind!"

"Titan Steel Supreme Kick!"

"Eight Trigram Freezing Palms!"

"Callisto Icy Blizzard Wind Wallup!"

"Oberon Strikeout Strom!"

"Ribbon Strawberry Surprise!"

"Ribbon Loveberry Check!"

"Ribbon Mint Echo!"

"Ribbon Lettuce Rush!"

"Robinson Pudding Ring Inferno!"

"Ribbon Zakuro Spear!"

"Ribbon Sukey Shot!"

All the while the Blue Knight helped by killing monsters… However for some reason it aren't enough…

"Call someone for back up!" yelled Neo Sailor Moon.

"Pallas Icy Wind Shuriken!"

and that got rid of all of the excess monsters, Sailor Pallas landed with grace and a cool pose… however Sailor Venus yelled out something that needed to be said.

"Who are you? And what have you done with Sasuke?" asked Sailor Venus.

"Now's not the time for this!" yelled Sailor Pallas, "Geez just because I chose to help you rather fight my brother…"

The moment he said that just about everyone but the Mew Mews stared at Sasuke… It was something too unbelievable to hear.

"Sasuke has a brother?" asked Mew Pudding.

"We'll explain everything later…" said Sailor Uranus.

The Mew Mews nodded…

"Maybe we should finish off the rest of the monsters." Said Sailor Solaris (A).

"Right…" said Neo Sailor Moon, Sailor Neo Moon, Sailor Cosmos Moon, Sailor Chibi Solaris, Mew Ichigo and Mew Berry.

"Pegasus Please! We need you're help!" called out Sailor Chibi Solaris.

That's when Pegasus appeared and gave Sailor Solaris (A) the power to fight.

"Solaris Shooting Star Cosmic Meditation!"

"Silver Crystal Moonbeam Comet Blast!"

"Ribbon Doubleberry Check!"

"Ribbon shining Aqua Drops!"

"Cosmos Moon Shining star!"

That's when both Neo Sailor Moon and Solaris' brooches began to glow… that's when their wands appeared… and changed… (please add detail if you want to).

"Neo Moon Glowing Star!"

"Sailors Burning Star!"

The two attacks hit the remaining monsters disappeared. The Sailor Senshi turned around and saw their enemies… were just as shocked as they were when they heard about Sasuke's decision to help out rather than fight Itachi.

"You know… I don't think we should do the whole "We're get you next time" thing… and just leave…" said Aoi.

"That's right…" said Telulu with everyone nodding in agreement.

That's when they left.

"See Sasuke… choosing to help us rather than fighting Itachi even freaked them out!" yelled Sailor Venus.

Sailor Pallas sighed… she could help it.

Not too far away, Itachi watched… he had watched the entire battle and on the way watched his younger brother transform… he had known right away… that was the reason why Sasuke was different… he had found another way to reach power… and it wasn't a way he excepted. Needless to say he was shocked, he left the village and deicide to wait for Kisame outside, which took about an hour for him to wait… for a very disheveled Kisame and a cheerful Tobi.

"Oh hi! Itachi do you want to hear what Tobi did?" asked Tobi.

Itachi smirked… as he secretly held a voice recorder… it was his secret hobby taping what Tobi says and shares it with Konan and Zetsu after it was fun to listen to his humors ramblings knowing who he really is… no one else knew about it… not even Pein…

First Tobi and Tobi's pushed the button even though Tobi shouldn't have, then Tobi and his friend ran away into the big tire, then we met Tobi's other friend…" said Tobi who rambled on like a 5 year old.

Itachi kept a strait face while Tobi rambled on… how in his mind… he needed to know more about these Sailor Senshi… and what their goals were… Only time will tell to what Itachi will do to the Sailor Senshi.

All the Senshi and Mew Mews were now in the Kazama Mansion Base...

"So let me get this straight, Itach found out about your identity as a Sailor Senshi?" Satoshi asked.

"Yes that's true. So he will know it's me during the time of month where I have to stay female." Sasuke said.

"Well we have to accept that. We just have to be careful around here from now on." Kasumi said.

"We need to get the Solaris Palace Protectors back as soon as we can. If not it will create a time Paradox." Umi said.

"If we wish to restore Crystal Tokyo to what it is in our time, we have to get Fluorite and Azurite back." Yomi said.

"We will get them back eventually just like we did with Karomi and Ayame." Usa said.

"I know we will." Satoshi said.

They then settled down for the night.

Where one adventure ends, another begins. What is in store for the SMA? Only Time Will Tell. Stay Tuned to Find out.

The End of New Lives Galactic Guardians.

The next installment of this Story will be New Lives Galactic Guardians A on Emma's and my joint account AshK and Emma Iveli.

See you all then!

Next Time: Episode 01 of NLGGA: It's back to the World of Chaos. The Dark Blue Alliance is attacking it again. Could Itachi be one of them? Only time will tell. What is the Dark Blue Alliance planning? Who are the targets this time? Only time will tell. Stay Tuned to find out!

Next Time on New Lives: Galactic Guardians: New Lives Galactic Guardians A Episode 01: Return to the World of Chaos!

End Author's Note:

(1) Akana- This is the Silver Millennium Name I chose for Akane of Dimension A. When both Akane's are in the same Episode I will use Akana to represent Akane from Dimension A.

Special End Author's Note:

The Silver Moon Alliance members that will be featured in the first installment of New Lives Galactic Guardians A are as Follows:

Dimension A Senshi and Allies: Solaris Quartet(4), Dimension A Sailor Quintet(5), Ren and Akana(Akane from Dimension A)(2) Tokyo Mew Mew(8)(19)

Dimension B Senshi and Allies: All the Dimension B Senshi(28)

New Friends:

Total Amount of Senshi and Allies: 47

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Any Episode that will take place in the world of Pirates will be written by Emma Iveli since she knows a lot more about One Piece than I do. Also any Episode that will take place in the World of Mamodo Battle will be done by Emma Iveli since she knows more about Zatch Bell than I do.

Beware! Flamers will be tied up and dropped into a pit of tentacle demons that look like Barney the dinosaur!