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New Lives: Galactic Guardians

Authors: AshK and Emma Iveli

Rating: Fiction Rated T for Romance and Violence

GG Pairings: Ranma/Ren x Akane Later on, Satoshi/Sayomi x Kasumi, & Shuu/Saika x Haruka.

NL Pairings: Naruto x Hinata (it's been that way since chapter 6 of New Lives), Kakashi x Setsuna, Minako x Kyubi (the world's most distrubing crossover pairing), Kiyo x Megumi, Sanji x Beth( Emma's OC) x Brock Triangle, Tia x Zatch x Penny Triangle.

Disclaimer #1: I do not own Pokemon, Sailor Moon, or Ranma 1/2, Naruto, Zatch Bell, or One Piece.

Disclaimer #2: I do not own the attacks Ceres Flower Whip or Pallas Snowstorm Blast. I only own the attacks that I make up for my Senshi as well as Vesta Flaming Ball Blast and Juno Lightning Bolt Blast.

Disclaimer #3: I do not own the idea for the New Lives Saga, Emma Iveli does.

Disclaimer #4: I do not own the name Black Sun, Emma Iveli does. I own the name Dark Alliance(Emma helped me out on that one.)

Disclaimer #5: I do not own Flare, uncutetomboy does.

Disclaimer #6: I also don't own Koquilion and Darkmann, Thomas Drovin does. I only own the General known as Aquaria.

Dislcaimer #7: I also don't own any of the characters that Emma Iveli Created either.

Copyright #1: Pokemon, Ranma 1/2, Naruto, Zatch Bell, and One Piece are Copyright 1992-2008 by their respective writers and creators.

Copyright #2: Galactic Guardians is Copyright 2006 through 2008 by AshK.

Copyright #3: The New Lives Saga is Copyright 2007and 2008 by Emma Iveli

Copyright #4: New Lives: Galactic Guardians is Copyright 2007 and 2008 by AshK and Emma Iveli.

Episode 02: When Senshi Combine

Episode Written by Emma Iveli

Episode Edited By: AshK

Last Time on New Lives: Galactic Guardians...

The Galactic Guardians and the Sailor Quintet had to go to another dimension. Due to the dark Power that Imite sensed. Quite a number of the Dark Alliance also followed our heroes. The Galactic Guardians and Sailor Quintet Introduced themselves to the Three jewels. Youma, Daimons, and Remuli also followed the Galactic Guardians and the Sailor Quintet. The Galactic Guardians and the Sailor quintet were also introduced to some of the members of the Black Sun. What will happen to our heroes? Read on to find out.

The next day Satoshi and the rest went to the Three Jewels Snack shack to clear things up with the three Jewels.

"Wait… you know the Sailor Senshi here?!" said Kasumi surprised.

"Yes…" said Amber, "We used to be enemies of the Sailor Senshi… part of the 5 Jewels of the Neo Dark Kingdom… but they saved us…"

"Maybe if my so called best friends weren't jealous of the Sailor Senshi stealing all the cute guys we wouldn't have joined and became evil…" said Aquamarine sarcastically.

"Well maybe someone should be grateful that she's alive today because if we didn't we would have died…" said Ruby.

The two began to glare at each other. Pikachu was about ready to zap the two bickering jewels if they went any further. This was apparent with the sparks coming from his cheeks. Ruby and Aquamarine immediately stopped.

"Well anyway, when we were free from the Neo Dark Kingdom, the Sailor Senshi and one of their friends helped us build this restaurant, we each own a quarter of this restaurant along with our with our investor …" said Amber.

"You can see her picture right there…" said Ruby.

She pointed to a wanted poster on the wall of a girl in her late teens in a sexy pose underneath it read her name which was Nami with 16 million of a fake currency with saying wanted dead or alive…

"Funny… a novelty wanted poster…" said Nanako.

"Yes… novelty." said Aquamarine who began to shift her eyes.

"Wait if there were 5 Jewels, what happened to other two?" asked Akane.

"Well first there was Amethyst… who was pure evil and used everyone as a puppet… she killed the Leader of the Neo Dark Kingdom, kidnapped us along with the people the senshi cared about and other evil things… she was killed fortunately… there was no hope that bitch…" said Ruby.

"Then there was Opal… you see…" said Aquamarine, "She's an 8 year old who was kidnapped, brainwashed and turned into an adult… but eventually the brainwashing faded and she was healed… she now lives with one of this world's senshi…"

"Hey that sounds like what happened to me back when I first appeared on Earth in Dimension A. Wiseman, one of our enemies and a member of the Dark Alliance kidnapped me when I was a kid and turned me into Black Lady." Usagi said.

"I didn't know that." Kasumi said. "I guess I do now."

"Really?" said Satoshi.

"So why do you transform… into girls…" asked Aquamarine.

"Let me guess you fell in Jusenkyo and thanks to your senshi powers you can now will yourselves as girls instead of cold water/ hot water…" said Amber.

Shuu and Satoshi looked at each other. Ren nodded as she shifted back to Ranma Sabami and then back to Ren.

"Yeah how did you know?" asked Satoshi.

"Ha! Pay up!" said Amber.

"That sounds like my sister Nabiki!" Akane said. She did not let anyone know that the Nabiki she was talking about was Sailor Charon from Dimension A.

Aquamarine and Ruby reached into their pockets… and gave the girl money… causing everyone to sweat drop…

"Oh by the way Sailor Senshi eat for free…" said Amber, "So the food's on the house…"

"Just don't go over board..." said Amber.

"Um Amber… I don't think any of them can eat as much as the Black Hole Duo…" said Aquamarine.

"Oh yeah…" laughed Amber.

"The black hole Duo?" asked Haruka.

"You… don't want to know…" said Ruby.

Within the Black Sun HQ…

"This meeting will begin when the table is set up." Sea said..

That's when several what looked ninja came out the meeting hall…

"If I wanted to move furniture I would have stayed as Genin back home…" grumbled one of the ninja.

They entered the room and a rather large table fit to hold 33 were in there… each on took a seat.

"Why are there 7 open seats?" asked Queen Beryl.

"You aren't our first group of Allies…" said Sea with a smirk.

That's when 7 people entered, one could say they were an evil group of people…

First was a man that didn't look much… but he could control darkness… he was Marshal D Teach, better known as Black Beard one of the most dangerous pirates on the Grand Line…

Next there was child by the age of 6… pale, with purple eyes, white hair, white dress… by looking at him you could tell he was evil. He was Zeno Bell, elder son of the King of the Mamodo World.

Next to him was young man who was pretty pale, earring causal wear who had a cold look in his eyes. He was Dufort, partner to Zeno.

Next was a blue haired clown… no really he was a clown… with make up and well due to certain reason can't talk about his nodes… but he was Buggy the Clown… a pirate much like Black Beard (though they don't get along very well).

Next was a pale man with snake-like yellow eyes… he radiated evil he was Orochimaru, S Ranked Missing-Nin, leader of the Village Hidden in the Sound and one of the Sanin… legendary 3 ninja…

Finally was a person who looked a little like a doll… however if it wasn't for the fact that not only he was floating not walking and how evil he looked (despite looking like a girl), he was Zofis, an extremely evil mamodo who seeks to become the new king…

Along with Zofis was an extremely attractive young woman with brown hair wearing an extremely strange outfit… however her eyes were glowing purple… she was Zofis' slave and her name was Koko.

"So now we're all here…" said Sea, who began ot explain each individual goal of each member of the Alliance: To become king of the Mamodo world (Zofis), to make his brother suffer (Zeno), to repay his debt in obtaining the Sharingan (Orochimaru), to kill Monkey D. Luffy (Buggy) and the get the credit in killing Luffy (Teach).

"So looks like we need to come up with a mission…" said Sea.

After much thought is was decided the day's mission would be handled by Galactic Commanders Jupiter and Mars, as well as Buggy and Cat.

Back in the World of Chaos The Sailor Quintet and Galactic Guardians...

"I wish I knew where our counterparts were." said Usagi.

"I don't know why but I have strangest feeling like I don't want to know mine." said Haruka.

"What do you mean?" asked Shuu.

"I don't know why but I have the feeling like cosplay and fans are involved…" said Haruka.

Everyone sweatdroped…

That's when there were many screams… both groups of senshi went to investigate. They found the two Galactic Administers, a cat girl (Cat) and clown (Buggy) they have never seen… surrounded by Youma, Jouji, Remuli and Daimons… there were too many to count fortunately it seemed like any one was around ran away... They all went into a nearby alley way as Satoshi shifted into Sayomi while Shuu shifted into Saika.

"Solar Cosmic Power!" said Sayomi.

"Terra Star Power!" said Kasumi.

"Rhea Star Power!" said Saika.

"Triton Star Power!" said Imite.

"Ganymede Star Power!" said Nanako.

"Io Star Power!" said Haruka.

"Phobos Star Power!" said Ren.

"Deimos Star Power!" said Akane.

"Moon Crisis !" said Usagi.

"Pallas Asteroid Power!" said Momoko.

"Vesta Asteroid Power!" said Hoshi.

"Juno Asteroid Power!" said Juria.

"Ceres Asteroid Power!" said Chikako.

"Make Up!" They all said as multicolored lights lit up the alley way.

They two groups left the alley and went to see their enemy.

Outside the Alley...

"How dare you come to this world. You will pay for this! I represent the sun and all of it's beauty. I am a beautiful Soldier in a Sailor Suit! I am Sailor Solaris!" said Sailor Solaris.

Before there could be any more speeches Buggy yelled "What the hell was that!"

"Your senshi don't give speeches?" asked Galactic Commander Jupiter.

"No… I think only two of them wanted to speeches but the others didn't want to…" said Cat, "To be honest I can only see Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus doing that…"

This caused the Sailor Quintet and Galactic Guardians to sweat drop.

"I don't really like to give speeches, but our Princess insists we do. She says it's part of the Contract." Solaris said.

"That's my future Mother for you." Neo Moon said.

"Go our army…" said Cat, "Fight them!"

That's when the army consisting of many Youma, Jouji, Daimons and Remuli attacked…

"Solaris Cosmic Star Blast!" Solaris said as she executed an attack from her scepter.

"Terra Sandstorm Smash!" Terra said

"Triton Rainstorm Smash!" Triton said.

"Rhea Rose Petal Blizzard!" Rhea said

"Ganymede Rockstorm Smash!" Ganymede said.

"Io Volcanic Eruption!" Io said.

"Phobos Flaming Tiger Strike!" Phobos said

"Deimos Flamehammer Strike!" Deimos said.

"Moon Tiara Action!" Neo Moon said.

"Vesta Flaming Ball Strike!" Vesta said.

"Juno Lightning Bolt Blast!" Juno Exclaimed.

"Ceres Flower Whip!" Ceres said

"Pallas Snowstorm Blast!" Pallas Exclaimed.

With all the attack they took out quite a few Youma, but with the seemingly never ending army it almost seemed that when ever one was taken down another would take it place…

"I'm sure you're getting tired…" said Cat.

"This never ending smother idea was brilliant…" said Galactic Commander Jupiter.

"Too bad it won't last very long! Solar Crisis Make Up!" Sailor Solaris said as she Transformed into Super Sailor Solaris.(Refer to Episode 25: Solaris' New Transformations in my fic Galactic Guardians for description of Super Sailor Solaris. Here are two differences her skirt is White with Yellow and Purple Outlining it, and her Back Ribbon is Pure Yellow.)

That's when a shout a "Gum Gum Rocket!" was heard and something… or someone had slammed into several monster, knocking them out or destroying them… it was Sailor Mars… well of this world… however she was different here… here she appeared to be a fun loving goof and for some reason wore an old straw hat and had a scar on her cheek.

"You!" yelled Buggy knowing that it was his arch nemesis.

"Well Buggy… I thought I should make an appearance!" said Sailor Mars.

"Idiot!" yelled a voice.

All senshi turned around and saw more Sailor Senshi, there was Sailor Jupiter who wore an expression that something Ranma would wear, then there was Sailor Venus who appeared much younger than the other two sailor senshi, in her early teens, the strange difference were that she had strange whisker marks on her cheeks… also three out of the 4 Sailor Quartet were there… Sailor Juno (B) had a very grumpy look and for some reason had strapped to her side three swords (prompting both the Galactic Guardians to think "How does she hold the third one"), Sailor Pallas (B) had a very stern and cold look to her which was odd as she was just old as Sailor Venus and finally Sailor Ceres (B)… they didn't know why but had an expression that Ryoga would have…

"Mars…" said Sailor Juno (B) nursing a headache, she tried to come up with something "You know… maybe I should just stop trying…"

"Well there's a lot…" said Sailor Mars.

"No duh…" said Sailor Pallas (B).

"We should just take care of them…" said Sailor Jupiter.

"If you say so…" said Sailor Ceres (B).

"Okay! We're going to stop you!" said Sailor Venus.

"Ha! You and what army… we our monster still outnumber you…" said Galactic Commander Jupiter not noticed Cat motioning and mouthing "Don't say that…" while Buggy stood there with his mouth hanging open.

"Is that a bad thing to say?" said Galactic Commander Mars.

"You want an army here it is! Shadow Clone Jutsu!" yelled Sailor Venus.

That when in a puff of smoke many Sailor Venuses appeared.

"Awesome!" yelled Sailor Ganymede.

"How did she do that?" said Sailor Neo Moon.

"And that's why you never say "You and what army?" to Sailor Venus… she literally create her own army…" said Cat.

"Okay!" said the real Sailor Venus, "Multiple Crescent Beam!"

With that more than half of the monsters were gone…

"Whoa…" said Super Sailor Solaris, "How did she do that…"

"It's jutsus…" said a voice that when this worlds Sailor Uranus popped in the middle of group causing everyone to jump in surprise… there was a huge difference in this world Sailor Uranus, her eyes appeared to be that of an easy going person… but that was only thing that could be judged as the lower of half of her face was covered in a mask.

"I didn't even sense her presence…" thought Sailor Phobos, "She must be one heck of a fighter…"

"Uranus… don't surprised them like…" said Sailor Neptune joining them, although she seemed against it… she seemed to be laughing… while it should be noted that air around them spoke of good friends… not soul mates...

"I couldn't help myself…" said Sailor Uranus.

"Hey!" said Sailor Ceres (A) to her counter part, "Maybe we should combine our attacks"

"Sure why not…" said Sailor Ceres (B).

Both of them stood next to each other "Double Ceres Flower Whip!"

The attack destroyed quite a few monsters.

"Hey…" said Sailor Juno (A).

Sailor Juno (B) only nodded in agreement.

"Double Juno Lightning Bolt Blast!"

The attack destroyed more monsters…

"Can we…" said Sailor Pallas (A).

"No…" said Pallas (B) harshly.

"Oh come on Teme… right now we're allies and you should work with an alternate version of yourself…" said Sailor Venus.

"I don't care… she'll just drag me down…" said Sailor Pallas (B).

Sailor Pallas (A) began to cry…

"Way to go!" yelled Sailor Phobos.

"You made her cry!" yelled Sailor Jupiter.

"Wow… they're polar opposites…" said Super Sailor Solaris.

"No kidding…" said Sailor Terra.

"Okay… fine…" said Sailor Pallas (B).

"Double Pallas Snowstorm Blast!"

The double attack freezing the monsters.



Wind and lighting finished off the frozen monsters… the Galactic Guardians turned around… they saw Sailor Mercury and Sailor Vesta (B) holding strange books… stood bedside them were strange kids one of them was a blonde boy wearing a dark blue dress while the other was a boy with red hair, wearing a t-shirt with an H on it and shorts… however he had puppet like joints, Sailor Mercury once again had the look of intelligence but also a fiery temper to her while Sailor Vesta had a look well let's just say it was lazy pervert…

"Looks like we made it in time…" said Sailor Vesta (B) handing the book to the boy with puppet like joints.

"So let me guess you want to a combination attack?" said Sailor Vesta (A).

"You better know it…" said Sailor Vesta (B).

"Double Vesta Flaming Ball Strike!"

The two balls hit two monsters.

Then there only three left… That's when Sailor Saturn of this world appeared and sliced the third to last monster in half, Sailor Saturn turned around and had an expression of something Shigeru might wear.

"Looks like it's my turn…" said a voice.

It was Neo Sailor Moon (In this world the Neo comes before Sailor while the other the Neo comes after).

'It's me…' thought Sailor Neo Moon (see).

"Moon Starlight Blast!"

Neo Sailor Moon's attack hit the monster destroying it.

"We'll get you next time!" yelled Galactic Commander Jupiter.

"That's right!" yelled Galactic Commander Mars.

"I'll get you next Luffy!" yelled Buggy.

"Yeah right!" said Sailor Mars sticking her tongue out.

Cat snapped her fingers and all 4 were gone.

"I didn't even do anything…" sighed Sailor Jupiter.

"You're mean!" said Sailor Pallas (A) to her counterpart.

"I'm sorry…" muttered Sailor Pallas (B) to her counterpart.

"Their going to get along…" said Sailor Juno (B) sarcastically.

Ther was still one Monster left it started to attack.

"Guys I will handle this one! Solaris Starlight Cosmic Star Blast!" Super Solaris said as she destroyed the last monster. She then lost her Super Transformation and went back to regular Sailor Solaris. She then fell to her knees.

"Why! Why can't I hold this transformation?" Solaris asked tearing up.

"Don't worry Love you will figure out how to do it someday!" Terra said as she put one of Solaris' arms around her.

"I know you will Oneechan! Just like my Mother did." Neo Moon said as she grabbed the other arm and placed it around her shoulder.

"I know I will!" Solaris said as she thanked her Soulmate and her little sister for helping her up.

"All right! We won!" cheered Sailor Venus.

Someone cleared their throat, everyone turned around and saw Sailor Pluto.

"I can see everyone met…" said Sailor Pluto, "I guess everyone should introduce themselves…"

"Well maybe we should take it to the snack shack… we were gonna go there… until we got delayed" said Sailor Venus.

"And I'm hungry…" said Sailor Mars.

This caused several sweat drops…after all neither group knew what they were getting into when they allied themselves…

Everyone then dropped their transformations and headed to the Snack Shack. Everyone introduced themselves and told them about how they became this and that. Ren had to pipe in and say something.

"Um guys I have to show you something." Ren said as she shifted to Ranma(A). All of the Senshi from Dimension B all sweatdropped.

The two Pikachu's looked at each other and mirrored each others move.

Pikachu(A) Did his Victory sign whenever Satoshi/Sayomi catches a Pokemon or wins a badge.

"Pikachu show them just how special you really are!" Satoshi said.

Pikachu(A) then Manifested a Crescent Moon Mark and began to talk.

"To avoid confusion we will call Ash's Pikachu, Pikachu and me my advisor name which is Orion." Orion said.

Everyone then continued to introduce themselves. Soon enough the meal came out. Luffy and Naruto started chowing down.

Ranma(A) then shifted back to Ren.

"We will tell you how this happened later on." Ren said.

Haruka then sweatdropped.

Where one adventure ends, another begins. What is in store for the Sailor Quintet and the Galactic Guardians? Find out next time.


Next Time: Nabiki and the others from Dimension A can't stand to miss out on all of the fun. So they go to Setsuna/Pluto(A) to see if they can go. Pluto(A) does so. The rest of the Galactic Guardians will appear in the next chapter. They wer originally going to send Hikari to Juban to stay protected byt the original Senshi. Hikari insists on going though. Pluto(A)thinks about it. She senses some dormant power within her could it possibly be Silver Millennium Energy? They then head off to Dimension B with Hikari. What is the Dark Sun(A combination of Dark Alliance and Black Sun what do you think Emma) planning to do? What is this about a secret that Ren is hiding? Find Out Next Time! Stay Tuned!

Next time on: New Lives: Galactic Guardians: Episode 03: Time for Titania Coming soon.

Author's Notes:

(1)Dimension A: The Universe in which Galactic Guardians takes place.

(2)Dimension B: The Universe where New Lives R takes place.

Well Emma, what do you think? I hope you like it.

I will try to get EP 03 up sometime next what do you think? Please Read and Review! Sincerely, TO/BB

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