The pain. The pain. It wouldn't stop the fire that coursed through my veins as within minutes of the bite. With every movement, it got worse, and I was writhing on the floor, though I didn't know that until three days later. It felt worse then dying- though technically that was what I was doing- dying, wasn't I. Well it was close enough, and I'm sure the sensation is even worse for me then others. Maybe I should have listened to Edward when he said I shouldn't do this, yet I knew I had to.

Three days was a terribly long time, and in that time, I fell in and out of a painful consciousness that constantly surrounded my world as the venom that I had willingly let inside of me. I continually was screaming, until my throat was raw from the sound and to those who continually watched over me would shudder from my silent cries.

I didn't pay any attention to the passing of time as the fire in my body continued, until it began to subside. The fire was receding, and the pain lessening and I began to be cognizant of my surroundings. Then it was gone, but in its place was a desperate thirst, as I struggled to force open my eyes.

When I could see, I met a pair of soft amber eyes, strained from the look of worry. He saw me awake, and gathered me in his arms without a word. My Edward, we would now forever be, because as I looked down at what had already been pale skin, to see white. I felt my new husbands lips kissing me all over, and I sighed in contentment- I was now one of them.