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I saw Bella laying there, blood dripping down her pale leg. Her lifeless face was filled with scratches and bruises, and her clothes were wrinkled and torn. Her tangled hair was soaked with sweat and blood, and I could tell her arm was broken. Her breath was jagged and inconsistent. She did not have much time left on this earth. I could not help but smile.

"Bella Swan" I laughed quietly. "You finally got what you deserved." I looked down, kicked her one more time and ran off into the darkness, never to look back. I had to find Edward. Now that she was out of the way, he was sure to fall in love with me like he was suppose to in the first place. How could he ever have loved that…that thing? She was so weak, so vulnerable, so UGLY! Well, beauty always wins in the end.

I reached our house and pushed open the door, more than ready to begin my new life with Edward.

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