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Actual Chapter 1:

Emmett's point of view:

I heard the door open and pulled my eyes away from the baseball game on our new television. Rosalie, my beautiful wife, was standing at the door.

"Hey Rose" I said. Even after so many years together, I still could not help but be stunned by her unique beauty and impossible perfection. I could not believe that she would ever choose someone like me. "How was your day?"

She looked at me. Even though her flawless face held no expression, I could see that her eyes were smiling.

"Hi" she finally said. She seemed preoccupied by something. "I am, uhhh… I think I will go upstairs. I will talk to you later" I knew something was up.

"Would you like me to come with you?" I asked, silently springing up off the couch.

"No thank you" she responded immediately. "You stay down here and finish watching the game. I just want to change out of these clothes and take a shower." Was she trying to torture me? I grinned and walked over to the steps.

"Oh, Rosalie. I would much rather join you. I need a shower, too." Much to my surprise, she backed away from me.

"I need sometime alone, baby," she said. Hesitantly, she leaned over and kissed me lightly, but pulled away quickly. She offered me a small, forced smile, and gracefully danced up the stairs. I slowly made my way back to the couch and tried to concentrate on the rest of the game. No matter how badly I wanted to join her, I knew better than to go against Rosalie's wishes. I sighed. Sometimes, she could be such a bitch. If only she was not so hot…

(Edward's point of view)

I was lying on my couch listening to some music when Rosalie knocked at my door.

"Come in!" I called softly. She walked into my bedroom wearing a little halter-top that showed off way too much cleavage, and the shortest skirt I had ever seen. Her make-up was very heavy and her wet hair was piled on top of her head in some sort of bun. I rolled my eyes. What on earth could Emmett possibly see in this girl? She looked like a stripper. Then again, that is probably why. No matter how much I loved Emmett, I did not understand how he could be so shallow.

"Can I help you Rosalie?" I asked. I tried to read her mind, but she blocked me.

Yeah, actually you could, Edward" she was smiling at me in a strange way as she walked over to my couch. "Sit up" she said, playfully slapping my legs. I was shocked. Was she trying to flirt with me, or was that just my imagination. I prayed that it was just my imagination.

"So…" she said softly, brushing her leg against mine. I subtly scooted away from her, but she only put her pale hand on my leg and pulled herself closer to me. She stared into my eyes. Suddenly, her face was right next to mine. "You know you want this Edward" she whispered, and suddenly, her lips were upon mine. I instantly pushed her away.

"You whore!" I whispered, trying to be as quiet as possible so that Emmett could not hear. "Why the hell would you do that?" her eyes narrowed and from the look on her face, I could tell that I was the first person who had ever refused her lips. "I need to get over to Bella's house. I will be home later," I said, trying to hide the anger in my voice. I was ready to slap her. How dare she do that to me? She knew was taken. Even with everything that Rosalie does, I would never have imagined that she would try to get me to cheat on Bella. It made me shutter with disgust.

"You won't find her there" Rosalie said quietly, pulling an imaginary piece of lint off her shirt. My stomach dropped.

"What did you just say?" I growled.

"Nothing" Rosalie said lightly, and then jumped off the couch and headed for my door. I ran up and threw her against my wall. My hand was clasped around her throat, making it impossible for her to move. "Repeat that, please" I snarled. She looked absolutely terrified. I could feel her shuddering.

"Emmett!" she cried at the top of her lungs. In a second, he was up in my room and I was pinned to the ground. "What the hell were you doing to my wife!" he spat. "Tell me!" I could see Rosalie grinning in a 'don't mess with me' sort of way from behind Emmett's back.

With all my might, I pushed Emmett off of me and jumped out my open window, silently landing feet first. As I ran over to Bella's, I could not stop thinking about Rosalie's comment. It sent shivers up my spine. All I knew is that I would not be able to relax until I knew for sure that my sweet Bella was safe in her room. I finally got to the house at the edge of the woods that she shared with her father Charlie the chief police officer here in Forks. I effortlessly jumped up onto the little ledge that led to Bella's room and peered into her room. Empty. I saw that the lights were off and her bed was still made. I quietly opened the window and let myself into the house. "Bella?" I whispered. Nobody answered. I heard nothing. Where was she? I knew Charlie would still be at work, but Bella should be here. I ran around her house, opening every cupboard, drawer, dresser, closet, and anything else she could fit into, I realized that Rosalie had been right. What did she do? What the hell did Rosalie do?

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