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"Can I get you anything to drink, dear?" someone asked m. I turned my head around to see an older woman hovering over me. I automatically flinched back.

"errr,no thanks. I'm not thirsty" I replied quietly.


The woman offered me a small smile and moved on to the person in front of me. I sighed and turned my head back to face the small cabin window, fighting the urge to close my eyes. I couldn't escape him. Not then, not now. Whenever I shut my eyes, I see her lying there, bleeding, begging me for mercy. And I laughed. I had never loathed someone more in my life than I did at that moment. She ruined me. She ruined my plan, my destiny, my life! It was supposed to be Rosalie and Edward; golden couple, perfect pair. The mortal was never meant to be in the picture.

I loved him! And she just came here and took him from under me. He was MINE! Why couldn't she have chosen Emmett? She could have him. Not to say I don't love Emmett. Of course I do, though in a different way. He was there to make Edward jealous; make him see the light. But he never so much as flinched. I don't think he noticed. Ugh! At least he never had anyone. That made it a little more tolerable. I had a great distraction. He had his piano. Emmett was fun. He showed me a good time, and let's just say he knew what he was doing. The perfect hook-up. But husband? Yes got married again and again and again. Beautiful weddings, but all of them were just more failed attempts at making Edward want me the way he should. He was made for me, after all! ME! Not that twit.

When she came into his life, everything turned to hell. That bitch, with her tempting blood and naïve, stupid attitude. She tried to play with the big boys. And now she lost. She was out of her league from day one. Yet those looks that he gave her. The love in his eyes. It was sickening. Everything I had hoped for, and more. But those eyes weren't for me. They were for her. For that repulsive thing, whose life has stained my fingers and ruined my shirt. Whose face is now eternally carved into my brain and has managed to crush my silent pulse again and again and again. I squeezed my knuckles, hoping to suppress the ache in my stomach. Her screams continued to haunt me, and her eyes burned holes through mine. I sighed and covered my eyes with my hands. Why did I attack her? Why did my impeccable self control falter now? And in the worst possible way. I hurt him. I made him hate me. I bet he would kill me if he got the chance. I bet he would watch me die with satisfaction.

I sighed and looked out the window, watching the countless stars shine and twinkle. Ornaments of the sky, lighting my path as I entered this new life. I could survive. I didn't need Edward's love and devotion. I didn't even need his acceptance. I didn't need him.




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