Kiki went over the car briefly with the postman whose eyes were about to fall out of his head.

Then suddenly he remember why he had come up the drive way to begin with. He needed a signature for the large envelope. "I almost forgot. Can I get you to sign for this letter for Mr. Mark McCormick."

"Sure." She signed for the letter then took the large envelope. It looked like something Mark may need at the office. She couldn't help but wonder why someone would send legal material to the house. "Thanks." She said as the mailman was already getting back into his vehicle.

She turned off the hose and went back to the house. Out of habit she looked at the burglary alarm to make sure it was reset after the mailman left. It gave Kiki a little peace of mind to know the high priced alarm system was on. Not that she minded being alone on the estate, but it was so spread out and the house so far from the main gate that someone could otherwise get in and be inside for quiet awhile before being discovered. Hardcastle had complained about the top of the line price of the system but not it's benefits. It had several different pass codes that could be entered and it recorded which pass code opened the gate and when it was opened. It could be set like it was now during to let in someone with a certain code only between certain hours. The code the mailman had used was one given to him and any delivery drivers such as UPS to be able to open the gate. However, should they be dishonest and return in the middle of the night their code would trip an alarm not open the gate. Of course Mark, Milt and Kiki had a separate code that could access the grounds at any time. Frank even had a guest code that could open the gate at anytime unless the settings were changed.

Once in the house Kiki for a reason she couldn't place walked by the cordless phone and picked up the phone with the cord. She dialed Mark's private line at the office.

"Hello." Mark answered on the second ring.

Kiki wasn't one to bother him at work, but had a strange feeling about the envelope, "Mark I just received a large envelope address to you, but I get the feeling it maybe should have went to the office."

The hairs began to stand up a bit on the back of his neck, "Where's it from?"

Kiki looked at the fancy handwritten return address. It was written so fancy it was hard to read but she made out the address. "Are you all working on something I don't know about?"

Mark was beginning to feel uneasy, "No, just the couple of cases that should take a plea this week. Where's it from?"

Kiki replied, "The writing is so fancy I hadn't read it until you asked, but it reads: 'Smith and Smith, 611992 East Smith Lane, Anywhere, CA 60192 ' "

Mark was quick. Quicker than most people. He had written down the address as Kiki read it. "Well, it was address 2 days ago."

"How exactly do you know that?" Kiki asked in disbelief.

"The street number and the zip code are both 6-1-1992. Smith has to be bogus. So the whole address is nothing. Where's it post marked?"

Kiki looked at the light post mark, "Malibu."

Mark sighed. "Well, that helped." He knew it had been mailed between the house and the office. Which narrowed it down to exactly ANYBODY. "Thanks, Hon. We'll be home as soon as we can to look at it. Just check the security system."

She had to grin at his worry. "It's set and I'm fine. Besides I have the guard dogs."

Her statement took him by surprise and he almost spit out his teeth, "Guard dogs? Guard dogs, Hah! They won't hurt a flea!"

Kiki looked at the guard dogs in question. The mother dog and her 3 year pup as well as the year old pup were contently curly up on different corners of her and Mark's bed. "Well, they would bark."

Mark replied, "At me, maybe. At Hardcase, yes. At anyone else? They'd probably lick them to death!" He thought about all the dogs he had faced, ok, usually he had ran from them. Kiki's 'pups' would be hard pressed to be called ankle 'biters'! "And tell them to get off my pillow!"

Kiki smiled as she looked to see sho was on his pillow, "But Mama is comfortable."

He grinned as he softened, "Well, since it her." He really did like the dogs. Well, maybe he just didn't not like them, but he really wished they'd sleep in the dog beds he had bought them.

Hardcastle had walked in to have heard enough of the conversation to know he was talking about the dogs, "What did they eat now?"

Mark defended them, "Since the pups quiet cutting teeth they haven't ate anything."

Hardcastle shook his head, "Well, they almost ate the house then! Wall paper, base boards, legs on the furniture. I think that dog mated with a billy goat."

"See, now you've got him started on them too." Kiki pouted, acting hurt.

Mark gave up, "Just keeps your eyes and ears open and the gate closed until we get there."

"I will. Watch yourselves too. Love ya." Kiki said.

Mark replied, "Love ya too."

As Mark hung up the phone, Hardcastle said sarcastically, "And I love you too! What's up with the discussion about the dogs and the gate?"
"Strange envelope showed up at the house." He rubbed the back of his neck, "Hairs are kinda standing up, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, you need a haircut!" Hardcastle replied.