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Savory Sadism

Ch1: Denial

His thin pale form lingered over her thin yet curvy body, his hand placed on either side of her supporting his weight. He took her lips in a forceful kiss, his hands traveling down her smooth bare arms. His slender fingers wrapped around her wrists, yanking her arms up above her head, leaving her vulnerable beneath him on the well worn mattress. She squirmed under him, trying to move her legs but finding them restrained by him straddling her body. Her head lolled to the side as his lips left hers, his kisses moving to her neck, becoming nips and bites. He nipped the crook of her neck before biting down on her soft flesh, earning a gasp from her bruised lips.

She strained against his hold on her wrists, her fingers extending and grasping desperately at the air. He chuckled against her skin, his tongue flicking out to taste her once again, causing her to emit a small shriek of frustration. He moved both her wrists into one hand, freeing a hand to pull his pants off tossing them to the side, his now bare flesh hot against her already naked form. He smirked down at her, biting down on the skin just above her breast, her back arching toward his mouth urging him to continue on, kissing, nipping, and biting.

She leaned upward, latching onto his shoulder, sinking her teeth into him, drawing blood from his paper white flesh. He moved above her, positioning himself between her long slender legs, his dark eyes boring into hers, traveling down to her slightly parted lips. She wrenched her wrists from his grip, as he entered her, her legs immediately wrapping around his boney hips pulling him further into her. Her hands entangled themselves in his hair, yanking his head back as he thrust into her. She moaned out at the feeling of him within her.



Devi shot straight up from her spot on the mattress, a cold sweat coating her pale face. Her pupils dilated in the darkness of the room, her eyes searching the dark corners for any sign of him.

It had been a year, she had lived in complete fear or so she had thought. Sickness had done a damn good job of convincing her that she could easily enjoy his company, and that she would enjoy being like him, becoming somewhat of a partner in crime. She had avoided him at all costs of course, going as far as quitting her job, having Tenna do her shopping, not even leaving to see her father; he always came there to visit her. It had its benefits as well, she had gotten a job as a graphic designer, her boss had even allowed her to work out of her home, and she and Tenna had become a hell of a lot closer.

After convincing herself that it was safe and that she was indeed the only person in the room, her body relaxed, and slumping back down to the mattress with her blanket wrapped tightly around her slender form. Devi brushed a few stray strands of purple hair away from her eyes, wondering if she would ever get a good night sleep again. She walked into her living room, making her way to the door and flipping the light switch to ON. She carefully checked all the deadbolts on her door before moving to make sure that her windows were indeed locked securely as well. As soon as she felt secure with her apartment lock system she made her way back into her bedroom. She threw open the closet door, half expecting to find him there lurking in the shadows, but all she found was clothing and boots. Shutting the closet she flopped back down onto the mattress, securing the blanket around her body once again attempting to subside the chills running through her body.

You're just dieing to see him aren't you? You aren't afraid of him anymore, you're afraid of what he'll become to you.

Devi blinked a few times, her heart skipping a beat. She had destroyed sickness, made sure she was gone, what they hell was she doing back here; back in her head.

I don't need a physical body to survive, I'm in your head, part of you. That's why I'm still here.

Devi sighed and laid her head back on the down pillow, her head sinking into the soft fluff. Her eyes traveled over the bare white ceiling of her bedroom, the light from the street lamp outside the building dancing on her ceiling playing games with the shadows as cars passed by.

Her eyes trailed to the picture frame on her nightstand, stuck into the side of the frame was a thin strip of pictures from one of the photo machines at the mall. Her eyes focused in on the pictures, specifically locking onto the face of the one and only Nny. She sighed remembering that she had actually gotten him to go to the mall, he had been civil, she would even go as far to say that he had fun being out in public with her. Why she kept the pictures on her nightstand was beyond her, she hadn't even been able to look at anything that reminded her of him for the first 4 months after his attempt on her life. She had definitely gotten better.

You miss him, you liked him, deal with it. You know you don't fear him anymore.

"Do me a favor and shut the fuck up. Jeez I thought I was rid of you."

Devi rolled over facing the wall, her eyes scanning over a few of her paintings that were hanging up. Her eyes began to slip shut as the darkness surrounded her for the last time that night. Her conscious mind began to blur and images ran freely through her head as she fell into a deep sleep. Devi mumbled in her sleep, her hands gripping at the blanket surrounding her body.