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Ch 7: Phantasmagoria

Nny sat awake for the second night in a row, Devi peacefully sleeping next to him, occasionally mumbling incoherently. He sighed and stood up from the bed, moving to look out of her window onto the street below. His eyes trailed upward to the sky, the stars weren't as visible at her place, but still shone brightly none the less. His mind zipped from thought to thought, it's main topic being Devi and their incident the previous year.

Yes he still heard Mr. Eff and Psycho Doughboy occasionally but never as bad as it used to be. It was like he developed an immunity to them at some point, but once in a while they broke through. Meat had proven to be beneficial to him, as odd as that sounded even to him, he had changed his disposition and had made him a little more human than previous. But with Meat around, he had actually had the confidence to try to even see Devi, Mr. Eff and Doughboy had simply discouraged his contact with her. Looking back at it now, he realized listening to them on many occasions had been poor judgment. Well not so much the killing, but the advice they gave when it came to his life was far from perfect. As much as his life was not perfect, they instigated his suicidal tendencies, and he was finding more and more that he really didn't want to die, at least not anymore.

Their advice on Devi almost cost him the most important thing in his life, but it took him a while to realize that this was indeed the truth. She accepted him even though she knew what his hobbies were at this point, she still cared for him after all this time, and well to be honest she didn't suck like most people did. He went over a mental checklist, finding himself unable to find too many flaws in her. And with this newfound addiction to weaponry he found in her, he was simply stunned.

Nny looked back over his shoulder at her as she turned over onto her stomach mumbling his name in her sleep. A blush spread across his cheeks, his curiosity kicking in, he wanted to know what she was dreaming about. He made his way back to the bed and sat down looking her over, his eyes following her back to the curvature of the small of her back. He hated to admit it but he was physically attracted to her as well, something he never thought he could possibly be toward any human. She struck something within him, and held on tightly.

Yet he couldn't help but feel that she wasn't the same girl he had initially fallen for. Her personality was the same, but there was something different, something darker and more controlled. She seemed to have more power than she used to, mentally at least. Not that he wasn't attracted to this new Devi, in fact he was even more so than in the past. The fact that she now put herself in control in the beginning of a situation intrigued him She had set her boundaries with him, and let him know that it was not she who would be in any danger this time but him.

Johnny heard her mumbling incoherently again, her sheets rustling as they tangled themselves about her slender limbs. Her hair was mussed around her head, sticking to the pillow in all directions,her eyeliner smudged on her cheeks, making her look like a deranged angel of some sort. He sighed as he stared at her, knowing he would eventually have to return back home, not that he wanted to, in fact he really had nothing to go back to, just his clothing and weapons that he was attached to. For some reason he found himself comfortable within her clean apartment, no dirt, no mold, no blood, no annoying solicitors, he was really getting used to this even after only 2 days.

Although he did miss Squee, and hoped the poor boys parents hadn't killed him yet.

Johnny stood from Devi's bed and made his way to her bedroom door, and headed into the bathroom. He shut the door behind himself and pulled a towel out from under her sink. Leaving her alone at night unnerved him, but then again no one else was looking to harm her, so he couldn't pinpoint why. He turned the hot water on as she had shown him earlier, setting the water to scalding. Stripping off his pants he stepped in and slid the shower door shut behind him. The water saturated his hair and poured down his flesh, a sense of calm settling into his normally tense body. His eyes slipped shut and he leaned his forehead against the cool tile. He wanted to kick himself, no other human had ever gotten to him like this before, she was all he could think about, she was like a plague a good one, but still a plague none the less. Sexual thoughts of her were no longer only in his sleeping hours but his waking hours as well now too. Since the previous day when they had been reunited those tainted thoughts flooded his mind driving him completely mad.

He shampooed his hair quickly and rinsed the suds away. For the first time in months his neck and back weren't killing him, maybe it was the atmosphere he was in or maybe it was simply her presence. Not to say that Tenna didn't annoy him at all, she did, but for Devi he was willing to put up with her, it wasn't like he had to live with her and that god forsaken squeaky toy.

The scalding hot water ran down his back, the noise within the small porcelain room fading into the distance as his thoughts took full control of his mind. A shiver shot up his spine as he thought about his rescue of Devi only two nights ago, he knew what that man was going to do to Devi, he just couldn't let him taint her like that, he refused to let anyone break her. Mmy flashed through his mind, everything he had told him before he had been slaughtered, Mmy was no better than the Mugger, nothing like Nny.

'And though this gets me no absolution, I would never do what you did to that girl!'

Hell had Mmy seen his misguided attempt to kill Devi, he probably would have killed her shortly after she had managed to flee. Here he was tearing himself apart mentally in her shower while she slept in the other room, he had done well for a few months, his guilt had dissipated; only recently had it returned.

Johnny turned the water off and opened the shower door, reaching for the towel resting on top of the toilet seat. He let his hair drip onto his shoulders for a moment before ruffling his hair and drying his body. A soft sigh escaped his lips as he heard a noise from the other room, he hoped it wasn't Tenna intruding again, he just wanted to climb into the bed next to Devi for the remainder of the night. He opened the bathroom door and crept into the bedroom, his hand securing the fluffy black towel around his skinny waist.

The lights from the moon illuminated Devi's room, casting an eerie glow throughout her room, her pale white skin distinguished greatly from the brownish sheets beneath her. Her chest rose and fell slowly distracting him from everything else around him, he hadn't noticed her eyes slipping open and fixating on his form as he approached her bed. A light growl rumbled through her chest escaping her mouth, causing him to jump slightly.

"What are you doing stalking around my home naked sir?" A smirk settled on her still relaxed features, causing something to stir within his stomach.

"I'm sorry, I'll get dressed, I just couldn't sleep... again." He looked down at the floor before moving to the side of the bed, reaching for the pair of PJ pants she had lent him.

"I'm kidding...come here." She motioned for him, her hand outstretched to him as she propped herself up against the pillows behind her.

Nny crawled onto the bed, his hand still grasping the towel around his waist for dear life. He stopped in front of her kneeling along her side, his brain screaming at him to back off, that the closer he was the more imminent physical contact would become. Her fingers brushed against his thigh, causing him to flinch away momentarily. Devi's smirk widened and she pressed her hand closer to his thigh, her fingers now trailing upward, his flinch became a shiver and his eyes widened at the contact.

"I've got Johnny... the homicidal maniac... in my bed, yet he cowers away from a woman's touch. You weren't so afraid yesterday...What the psychopath can't handle me?" She rose onto her knees facing him completely, his eyes widening further as they trailed down her body. He hadn't taken note of what she had fallen asleep in, his gaze swept over her once again taking in the site. Her black bra just barely held her breasts back, restraining them from his touch and hiding them from his view, the simple black boy shorts hugged her hips, just barely covering everything.

He swallowed hard, his breath hitching in his throat.

"I'm not a psychopath...just..." His thought fled his mind completely. She really was everything he had seen in his dreams, she was the perfect imperfection that lingered inside his eyelids in the waking hours. This couldn't possibly be real.

Devi wrapped her hand around his, her fingers slipping into his clasped hand, prying his fingers away from the towel keeping him away from her. It pooled around his knees on her bed, causing a satisfied giggle to emit from her throat as he flinched away once again. She placed her hands on his shoulders, looking him in the eyes.

"You can Kill, You can maim."

Her fingertips lightly began to drag down his chest, burning his flesh in their wake.

"You can stab, you can slaughter."

Her fingertips reached his abdomen, tracing circles around his stomach, barely brushing over the healing stab wound, and tickling the fuzz that covered his exposed skin.

"You always have the control."

Devi dragged her hands lower, one grasping his hip, the other dancing lightly over his pelvis. His eyes rolling back in his head momentarily before he honed his gaze back on her piercing emerald eyes.

"Now you're the dear in the headlights... How does it feel to completely...lose...that...control." She whispered the last words in his ear, feeling his body shudder underneath her touch. A smirk graced her lips for only a moment.

Devi flicked her tongue out before nipping his earlobe lightly, she could feel him melting under her, even the simplest motions were causing immense reactions, she could feel his control slipping away with each passing moment. The man, who had killed thousands, was hers to play with, and in her mercy alone.

She pushed him back lightly making him lose his balance, he fell back against the mattress beneath them and looked up at her as she crawled over his body, a predatory gleam dancing in her eyes. His hands found her hips as she leaned down, biting at his neck, lightly at first, with each nip and lick her bites became harder, making him unconsciously loll his head to the side.

Devi could hear sickness in her head, urging her on, telling her what she already knew she wanted.

Her body was flush against his, their flesh pressed together, his arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer against him, molding her form into him. His hands roamed her back, unsure of what to do with themselves.

She pulled away from his neck and kissed him on the lips, licking at his bottom lip, a slightly whimper coming from her throat. He opened his mouth to her and allowed her tongue to touch his, fight against his, his original resistance now dropped as her struggled fervently for domination over the kiss. His hands had finally settled on her hips, crushing them into his as he pushed up against her body.

Devi pulled her mouth from his, panting slightly, her eyes slipping shut as she regained her composure. "Nny... I know you hate being touched, I know you hate bodily fluids... But I need to know if you want to do this...If you don't, we need to stop now... please just tell me." She took a deep breath calming herself, half expecting full rejection on his part.

His response was simply to flip her over, pressing her back into the mattress. He ground his hips against her, causing her to gasp. His heart throbbed in his throat, he had no idea what he was doing, he only had his dreams and thoughts to run on, but he wasn't going to let that stop him now. He kissed her hard before letting his mouth travel down her jaw, kissing and biting her skin, leaving a trail of bruises down her jaw and neck. Reaching behind her, his slim fingers fumbled with the clasp of her bra, quickly finding the task impossible he brought his hands back around and tore her bra down the center.

A slight squeak flew from her lips, but was silenced as his hand kneaded her breast, stopping to play with her nipple, teasing it into a hardened nub. Her mouth hung open taking small gasps of air, he watched her reaction and lowered his head taking her nipple into his mouth , he sucked at the soft flesh, his other hand latching onto her neglected breast. His tongue flicked across her nipple over and over again as her sucked harder, gaining a whimper from Devi. Her hand fisted into his hair tugging his head back. He bit down on her nipple making her squeal and arch into him, pushing her breast further into his face. Switching his ministrations, he flicked and twisted her nipple between his fingers, his eyes watching her every reaction.

Devi ground her hot core hard against his erection, he could feel her soaking through her panties quickly. He groaned against her flesh and bit down, he could feel his heart racing, he could feel her writhing beneath him, whimpering, and he knew that he had to have her. Devi reached between them, taking his length in her hand and pumping up and down. He bit down on the top of her breast as he bucked into her hand, the sensation overwhelming his senses.

Her free hand struggled to pull her panties off her hips, never once relinquishing her hold on his erection. She managed to kick her panties down and off her ankles, whimpering his name now, just the sound of her now husky voice made his eyes roll back into his head.

One of his hands reached up, pinning her arms over her head, both of her wrists grasped firmly in his hand, his knees wedged her legs further apart. He looked down at her with confusion written on his face.

She smiled slightly and wriggled her wrists free from his hand, wrapping herself around him she flipped them over so she was on top straddling his waist. Holding his manhood in one hand, she rubbed his tip against her dripping opening, teasing him a bit longer. She didn't give him the chance to think about it before impaling herself on his shaft, pressing her hips flush down to his letting him fill her completely. Nny's head lolled back against the pillow and a moan escaped his lips, her warmth sheathing him, the slickness of her walls almost too much to take. His hips thrust up against hers desperate for the friction between them, his hands gripped her hips tightly as he managed to push further into her heat.

"Now you can do what you want." She gasped as she ground herself against him, making his manhood hit spots she didn't know existed.

Nny grinned and flipped her back to the bottom, grabbing both of her hands and pinning them back above her, his other hand gripped tightly onto her hip as he began rocking himself in and out of her. He could feel himself gaining momentum as he thrust into her, her hips pushing upward to meet his each time, taking him into her completely, her legs pulling him in even deeper with each push. Their motions became more fluid, more in sync. His hand trailed up her body awkwardly stopping to fondle her before settling around her throat and squeezing lightly.

Devi felt her adrenaline surge as his sinewy fingers tightened around her throat just enough to excite her. She strained against his hold on her wrists, her fingers extending and grasping desperately at the air. She needed to dig her fingers into his hair, she needed to claw at his back, but the powerless feeling was driving her closer to the edge.

Devi wrenched one hand from his grasp, and grabbed at his shoulder, her hand dragging down his back, her nails scratching at the flesh and drawing blood to the surface. Their bodies clashed together, both loosing their breath, moaning into the fervent kisses shared between them. Her hand dug back into his hair pulling his head back violently, earning a hiss from his lips, he thrust into her harder in response. Devi leaned up straining against his hold on her, her tongue lapping at the sweat dripping down his chest, she moaned against his skin and wrapped her legs tighter around his waist.

She pushed to her side rolling him over, her weight pinning beneath her body, she sat up and pushed down against his hips taking him all the way into her again. Her body bounced up and down over him, his hands finding their way to fondle her breasts as she moved.

Nny could feel his body getting closer, the unusual tension growing within his body. His eyes widened and his hands tightened on her hips, calling her attention to him. Devi reached down and ran her hand over his face, she swallowed hard and gathered her composure.

"It's supposed to happen…..calm down….. just let it happen."

He moaned lightly and let his eyes shut for a moment as she continued to ride him, her hands ran over his chest, her nails leaving marks behind them. She could feel herself getting closer as his hips bucked up to meet hers, she brought herself down against him. Their flesh flush against each other as they moved together, Nny moaned her name, his arms tightening around her body. He thrust into her harder as her heard her breathing becoming more labored, as she tightened around him moaning his name in his ear.

"Devi… I'm going to…. Fuckk….DEVI!" His body shook lightly as he felt himself explode inside her, his hips stopping their movement before jerking slightly, her pussy tightened around him as he came, she herself moaning loudly. For a moment he swore he saw stars as she screamed his name and came all over him, her insides hugging him tightly. Devi collapsed against his body, her head resting on his shoulder as they panted, desperately in need of air.

"Fuck…" He rested his cheek against the top of her head, mumbling to himself as he came back down to earth. Devi laughed lightly and reached up dragging her fingers through his hair and down his cheek.

"How's that for a first time?" A smirk had plastered itself on her face as she looked up at him, basking in the shocked look on his face.

"I think we're going to need a shower." He looked down at her, gauging her response to their heated actions. A smile dawned on his lips upon seeing the smile written broadly across her face, he hadn't known what to do, he had been uneasy, nervous, slightly grossed out, but it seemed he had done something right.

"I agree completely, this is going to feel weird." Devi sat up and pulled up lightly, pulling him out of her completely soaking insides. She watched him twitch lightly under her as she reached for his towel to clean him off. Wiping the mess away from his body, she stood from the bed and headed toward her door.

"Come on, shower mister, your idea, and we do need it." She motioned for him with her finger and he willingly stood from her bed and followed her out of the room.

Devi stepped into the shower not even waiting for the water to warm up, Nny following suit still twitching lightly from their little playtime. He wrapped his arms around her from behind allowing his chin to rest lightly on her shoulder as the water splashed onto his face.

"So you don't mind touching me so much now do you?" She nuzzled her cheek against his before looking up into the stream of hot water.

"You aren't everyone else Devi... that there is the difference. Besides, if I hadn't gotten past that with you, I would have missed out on the one thing that is apparently as good as murder." Nny ran his fingers through her now soaking wet hair, his other hand resting on her slightly bruised hip.

Devi laughed lightly, reaching for the bottle of body soap she began to lather up their bodies. "I'm glad you stumbled back into my life, no matter how fucked up you are, I always did enjoy your company."

Nny simply smirked before helping her clean their bodies off.

This couldn't possibly be real, but it was.