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Chapter One: Joren's Diary, 1st entry


Well mother is making me keep this stupid thing for "posterity's sake" so let's see what we can give to them. This week has been more eventful then expected. The Girl has made it through, and is not packing her bags yet, I am amazed to say the least. The first day of staff training, I paired up with her. I didn't expect her to be so…good- that never leaves your pages. Anyway, so me and the guys have decided to call her lump- she never shows any emotion, it's not natural. That girl is crazy. And you should see her horse (insert chortling here) it's twice her size and snaps at anyone who comes within reach. They call him Peachblossom.

Oh we have plans for her. Plans that will get her out of here sooner or later. But I can wait. I give the girl one thing she is stubborn.

-Joren of Stone Mountain.

He took the little book and hid it in a secret compartment beneath his bed, then turned to the door. It was time for dinner. His stomach let out a loud grumble, from its deep pits. Who knew that a twelve year old could eat as much as him and his friends, yet still maintain good physiques. Walking quickl he made it to the dining room minutes before Wyldon, and took his plate and sat with the others. The boy, Merric, stuck close to Zahir's side. Joren watched the doorway closely waiting for the lump to enter, with her sponsor, Neal. Intense dislike more then he had experienced before for the older page squirmed deep in his stomach- or was that hunger. Then she entered closely following the brown haired boy. His heart suddenly jumped at the sight of her. And continued doing it as he watched her make her way though the line for food and to her table. He ignored it with great annoyance.

Night had fallen long ago. The sparrows were gathered around Daine Sarrasri. She let them preen her hair with their beaks and listen to their information about the new girl page. After they had finished, the wildmage shooed to flock away, and wrote down all that she had learned and a scroll of parchment. She rolled it up. Then after summoning one of the palace pigeons, she sent the letter away. Just days later the legendary Lioness would receive it, as she would many other letters of the like from her spy. There were ways to undermine Jonathons authority. Stupid King.


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