Chapter 1: The Beginning

I was running all over the place, bumping into people and shoving them away. I knew I didn't have a lot of time, a minute at most! I kept looking around, my eyes searching for one person in particular. I listened carefully for any sounds of screaming or gasping, but none came. I glanced at Palazzo dei Priori, I had five seconds. I ran as fast as my small, clumsy feet could possibly carry me.

DING...DING...DING, the clock tower told me it was noon.

"NOOOOO!" I screamed, still running.

I knew I had failed, but maybe, just maybe, there was still hope! Maybe...

I screamed as my eyes flew open. I inhaled, exhaled, again and again. Then I looked around, I was still in my room. My room has always looked the same, but not now. Now, it looked strange, I felt sick and alone. I tried to remember, what happened? Last night? Last week?

Did I jump off that cliff? Am I dead?

I panicked at that last one, and looked towards the window. It was one of those rare sunny days. I knew it was warm, outside and in here. I could feel the warmth around me, but I was cold. Still laying under my covers, I began to think.

What did that dream mean? Does it mean he is still alive? Or did he commit suicide as he had promised me? I felt a tears form in my eyes, and I didn't do anything to stop them from falling.

"Oh," I sighed. "Edward! Where are you when I need you? Where were you for the last eight months? I wish you were here with me now! But I know you aren't... I am so sorry, but I can't forget you... ever... Oh god, now I'm talking to myself."

Just then I felt movement on my bed. I was so startled I opened my mouth to scream, but a freezing hand covered it.

"Shh Bella, don't scream," a velvet voice soothed me and I turned around quickly.

I knew who it was without even looking but I wanted to know that I wasn't dreaming, or crazy.

"EDWARD!" I shrieked when he let go of my mouth. I flung my arms around his neck and held him close. Than I began to laugh and Edward joined in. I was really glad that Charlie wasn't there.

"Bella! Oh, Bella! How are you feeling?" Edward, MY Edward, asked, his voice full of concern.

There was always at least one comment that confused me. "What? What do you mean? What happened to me? Edward?"

"Well, uh, after you, um, rescued me from the Volturi, thank you by the way, you, um, didn't feel too well..."

"Oh god, what happened to me?" my voice shook.

"Okay, when I was carrying you home, your home, Jacob and his pack saw me. You were asleep in my arms, and Jacob thought you were dead... He turned into a werewolf in the air, while leaping toward us. He didn't have very good self-control... And you were still in my arms and before I had a chance to set you down and defend us, that dog clawed at you." His beautiful liquid topaz eyes, the ones that OI have been trying so hard to remember, turned black as coal for a minute. I soothed him by cuddling near him.

"You... He gave you a permanent mark! I want to kill him. He had hurt you so bad! You were screaming and there was blood everywhere," at that I gave him the sweetest look ever and Edward half-smiled. "I worked hard to not hurt you. So much time apart from you not only broke my already dead heart, but it destroyed me. It was so hard to put myself under control. And I am so sorry that I left."

I looked away from his beautiful, kind eyes and sighed.

" I forgive you. At least you told me the truth... and I don't need you to lie to me anymore."

"What do you mean, you don't need me to lie anymore?"

"Well, you just said that you're already dead heart was broken, but you never loved me..."

"Bella! You have GOT to be kidding me! I lied, that's true. But not right now! I lied that day, when I told you I didn't want you. I always want you. I love you, Bella, then and now! I had to leave for your own protection."

"Oh Edward, stop! I really don't need this. If you loved me, you wouldn't have left. You know that I'm safer with you here! Especially since Victoria was here!"

"What?" he roared. "She's here? Where? When I left you I tried to track her. Of course I was horrible, but I didn't think I was that bad. Oh god, I tracked her all over the place... New York, Florida, Texas, I even tracked her in South America. But she was here the whole time!"

"Yes, she was, she had sent Laurent to try and kill me, but Jacob rescued me." Edward growled. " What am I doing? Every second you sit here, holding me, I am giving myself more and more hope that this is real. That the last eight months were just a dream. That you really love me..." I whispered.

"Oh Bella, what have I done? I do love you. I lied to you in the forest. I just thought you would be safer with me not there. As if I never existed. I lied to you then, and I was so sick and angry with myself when I realized you thought I was telling the truth! I LOVE you, Bella! I always have and I always will, forever."

I felt a tear fall from my cheek. "I can't. What if you leave again? I promise, if I get heartbroken again, I'll die! I don't care what will happen to Charlie and Renee, but I WILL kill myself."

"Bella, you won't have to. I swear to you, on my happiness, that I will never, ever leave you again."

I smiled. If he was so ready to swear on something so important, than, "I believe you. I don't know if I should, but I do."

"Good! You won't regret this, I promise you!"

I moved closer to Edward's cold body and hugged him with all my strength. Then his icy body stiffened and so did I as a reaction.

"The mutt is here!" my love hissed, his eyes black as night without stars or the moon, again.