"I'm fine, really, Sir."

"Did you notice we're NOT on duty?"

"Sorry . . . Jack"

"That's better. So, what do ya say we take that downtime and do something enjoyable . . . say fishing, perhaps."

"You know I . . . we . . . can't. It's a bad idea."

"What if I told you Teal'c and Daniel will be there, too?"


"Ok, so I had to bribe him . . ."

"I don't know, Sir."


"Now wait a minute. If I have to call you Jack . . . "

"Have to?"

" . . . why shouldn't you call me Sam?"

"Cause you're 'Carter'."

"I almost wasn't."

"You'll always be Carter. Nice change of subject, by the way. Fishing. Tomorrow. Be ready at 0600."

"Si . . . Jack."

"No buts, SAM."""

"This still isn't a good idea."

"Do you trust the General, Carter?"

"Of course, but . . . "

"Trust Jack, Sam."

"Fine. 0600."

"Yasureyoubetcha, snookums!"