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Summary: What if, instead of the Yondaime sacrificing himself when he sealed the Kyuubi, he sacrificed the life of a Missing-Nin named Hitogoroshi. And both Hito and Kyu are sealed in Naruto. And Hinata gets adopted by Yondaime!

Intended Rating: T


"Hitogoroshi talking to Kyuubi and Naruto."

"Naruto talking to Hitogoroshi and Kyuubi or Naruto thinking."

"Regular talking."

"Two or More (Hito, Kyu, andor Naruto) talking at once"



Arashi Kazama sighed as he looked over the scroll he had recently found. It was the only way to get rid of the Kyuubi, but he knew his wife, Koiji, would never allow him to do it. But it was the only way...


Sarutobi watched with a heavy heart as the Yondaime Hokage argued his wife. Sarutobi knew that Arashi would never sacrifice any one of the Konoha villagers, no matter how old they were. Arashi would only sacrifice himself if he used this seal against the Kyuubi. Everyone, the entire village, would be devastated. Unless…

"Arashi. Koiji," Sarutobi interrupted the fighting, "What if I said, I had a way to use this seal without Arashi having to sacrifice himself."

"How?" Koiji asked.

"The seal requires a sacrifice, but it doesn't necessarily have to be the caster's life," Sarutobi began.

"I will not sacrifice the life of any villagers," Arashi interrupted. Sarutobi laughed.

"Not the villagers, Arashi. You know me better than that."

"Then who?" Koiji asked.

"I'm sure the both of you remember the S-Class Missing-Nin you two caught a few weeks ago."

"Yes," the two replied. Arashi winced a little though, not particularly wanting to remember what happened.

"Ibiki's done interrogating him, and he's still alive."

Chapter 1


"I'm sure the both of you remember the S-Class Missing-Nin you two caught a few weeks ago."

"Yes," the two replied somewhat harshly. Arashi winced a little though, not particularly wanting to remember what happened.

"Ibiki's done interrogating him, and he's still alive."

"Ibiki interrogated him, and he's still alive," Koiji said, "That's a first."

"Would you like to go see him?" Sarutobi asked. Arashi nodded, but Koiji declined.

"You two go ahead," she said, "I have to go see Tsunade for my checkup." She put her had on her rounded belly.

"Are you sure you should be going alone," Arashi said, slipping into Protective-Father-To-Be mode.

"I'll be fine; go," Koiji said, as she pushed them out the door. Koiji smiled, as she heard Sarutobi dragging a now reluctant Arashi along with him.


Hitogoroshi sat in his cell and cursed his luck. He had managed to defeat the Yellow Flash of Konoha, barely, when said man's wife knocked him unconscious by way of a rock, more like a boulder, to the head. And she was pregnant too, for Kami's sake. She shouldn't have been able to lift that big of a rock at what looked to be eight or nine months along. But she did. And he was stuck in a cell after being interrogated by Ibiki. How the hell he managed to survive that, he had no idea. He almost wished he hadn't.

A small scuffling sound of feet on stone alerted him to someone approaching. Hitogoroshi glared in the general direction of the door as two people came in the room. One he recognized as the Yellow Flash. The other was an old man he didn't know.

"Back to gloat," Hitogoroshi smirked at them sarcastically. Arashi glared, but Sarutobi responded before him.

"No," the old man smiled, sadistically, "Just to use you as a sacrifice to protect the village."

Hitogoroshi paled. Oh, shit...


Sarutobi and Arashi walked into the hospital room, just as Tsunade was finishing up. She wiped her hands and smiled at the two men.

"Everything looks okay, Koiji," she said kindly. "He should be born any day now, so get ready."

"Thanks Tsunade." Koiji smiled at the blond woman.

"No problem." Tsunade left the room, after nodding to Sarutobi and Arashi. She had to go see what her mischievous little niece had been up to lately.


Two Days Later


"Keep pushing Koiji-san," the nurse said. Two ANBU entered the room.

"Hokage-sama. The demon is in sight," the one with the bird-mask reported. He was precise and concise.

"Now? Dammit," Arashi growled.

"Go," said Koiji, "Hurry up. You need to get the Missing-Nin before Kyuubi gets here." Arashi nodded, kissed his wife on the forehead, and left the room.


Hitogoroshi, having resigned himself to his fate, followed Arashi willingly. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the Kyuubi nearing the village.

"That thing's huge."

"That's why I'm sealing it," Arashi agreed. "Anything you wanna tell me before you die?"

"Orochimaru's gathering Missing-Nin from all over in Otogakure."

"And you didn't tell this to Ibiki?"

"I do have pride you know." Arashi smiled a little.

"For what it's worth, I'm sorry for doing this to you." Hitogoroshi snorted.

"I doubt that."


Hitogoroshi woke up and looked around. He was in a cell that was a little different than his last one. Well, it was a little wetter, but that was it.

"Maybe that was all a dream," he said out loud. His voice echoed slightly in the dank air.

"DON'T COUNT ON IT," was the answer he received. It was a low growl that made him stiff with tension.

"Who the hell-" Hitogoroshi started, but stopped when he saw what spoke. His eyes widened to saucer like proportions.

"WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME," the Kyuubi said with a malicious grin.


Arashi stood in the room an hour after the Kyuubi was sealed holding his newborn son as his thoughts spin around the fact that his wife was dead...Koiji had named him Naruto with her last breath and a slight smile. Arashi stuck with the name. No one in the village knew what had happened yet, only that the Kyuubi disappeared in a flash of light. That was good.

None of them knew if Arashi was still alive except for Kakashi, Sarutobi, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Ibiki. Arashi knew that the people of the village were in pain. They would seek someone to blame for their pain, and they would eventually blame Naruto for their problems. He made a split second decision.

"Tell them I died," he told Sarutobi. "Tell the villagers that I died while sealing the Kyuubi. I'll take Naruto and go. I have a place ready just outside Konoha, where the villagers won't find us."

"Are you sure you wish to do this, Arashi?" Jiraiya asked with noticeable concern.

"I'm sure" was the resigned sigh. "I'll return to the village when Naruto has become a Gennin and can take care of himself."

"If you're sure," Sarutobi said, "then I shall go tell them. I would suggest you leave tonight under the cover of darkness. I'll take over as Hokage. For a while, at least."



Six Years Later


Arashi watched as Naruto played outside, the dirt at his feet full of childish scrawls. It came as a great surprise to him when he taught Naruto to contact the fox and use it's chakra that Hitogoroshi had been sealed as well. The scroll had said nothing about the sacrifice becoming a part of the seal or being sucked into it.

Naruto now had nicknames for the both of them, of course. Kyuubi was called Kyuu much to his - or rather hers, as the Kyuubi turned out to be female - displeasure. Hitogoroshi didn't mind being called Hito. Mainly because it pissed 'Kyuu' off that he liked his nickname while she hated hers. It was a bit funny.

Arashi watched as Naruto tensed. Being the container of the Kyuubi had it's advantages like super senses for instance. And by the way he was tensing, Naruto had just heard something.

"Dad," he called, "I think there's someone crying down by the river."

"Alright, lets go see, and remember what I said," Arashi replied.

"Don't be seen," Naruto grinned. "Gotcha."


Hinata Hyuuga could never be good enough in her father's eyes. To him, she was nothing but a failure. She decided that she couldn't take anymore and she had run away into the thick forest encircling Konoha. But now she was lost and had no one to help her. She sat down my a river and started to cry her heart to the surrounding woods.

Her head popped up off it's place on her knees when she heard footsteps from behind her. She turned to see a blonde man she had only seen in photos before and gasped.

"Y-you're the Yond-daime," she stuttered with a bright blush.

"And you are a Hyuuga," he replied. "Hinata, I presume." Hinata nodded quickly.

"A-are you really h-him? T-tou-san said h-he d-died a long t-time ag-go," she hesitantly stuttered out.

"I had the Sandaime tell people that so I could spend time with my son," Arashi said. With a sudden thought he crouched near the near trembling girl. "Can you keep that a secret?"

"Uh-huh," Hinata nodded. Then asked, "Will you ever come back to Konoha?"

"When my son becomes a genin I will," he replied kindly. "And we're not to far from Konoha now. Will you tell me why you're here and not there?"

"M-my Tou-san says th-that I'm j-just a f-fail-lure a-at everything I-I do, so I r-ran away," Hinata stuttered badly when she mentioned her father. Arashi stored this away for later and smiled a little brighter.

"No ones a failure at everything. How about you stay with me for a little while?" he asked with a light tone. With a wave of his hand a young boy came from the trees and smiled just as brightly at the girl. "You can meet my son Naruto."

"Ok-kay." She smiled shyly with another blush.


Sarutobi stared at the letter he had just received from Arashi. Apparently the Hyuuga heiress had run away two days ago and had been found bawling her eyes out. This was the first time he heard of it and he didn't like the fact that the Hyuuga head had yet to make any attempts to find the girl. He had summoned Hiashi, her father into his office and asked what was going on with a stern look.

"The girl is nothing but a failure," Hiashi bit out. "Her sister isn't even a year old yet and can fight better than her. Hinata is in no way nor will she ever be a Hyuuga." Hiashi stormed out of the office with a flushed face. Sarutobi sighed and penned his reply to the Yondaime thinking one thing:

If Arashi ever gets his hands on Hiashi...we'll never be able to find the body. If there'd even be one left to find.

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