OKAY! I haven't updated this in A LONG TIME, YEESH!

There is a reason for that – I'm rewriting the entire thing because I've been stuck and I had the worst/best thought and it went downhill from there, you guys have no idea. I have 3 PAGES of solid notes all the way up to the Shippuden Time Skip Arc.

Who wants to BETA-slash-PESTER me on this?

More than one is encouraged to do this, nearly like a Round Robin WORK ON IT, WE'RE BLOODY WELL WAITING Poke-with-a-Stick fest. I'll be sending out the outline to be debugged properly so that I can write something half-way straightened out, despite the new name of the story. It's still silly, Hinata is still a BAMF with a habit of staking odd claims on things, people, and places, and Naruto is not quite so clueless. Also? Polyamory and cuddles.