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Flee to NYC

Mr. Vernon Dursley loved all things 'normal'. His wife's freaky sister and husband, along with their son, were not welcome in the Dursley household; the Dursleys didn't want their perfect Dudley getting that freakishness. It was a surprise, then, in the wee hours of the morning of November 1st, to see his freakish nephew on their kitchen table.

"Petunia, no! I won't allow that freakishness of his near our Dudley! I don't care if he has to stay with a blood relative! He's not staying here!"

Petunia agreed with her husband. However, she saw a problem. "Vernon, dear, they have ways of tracking people! Unless, of course, we adopt him out to someone who lives far enough away so that their spells don't work!" she replied, ignoring her crying nephew.

"Vernon stroked his chin. "Petunia, dear, you're a genius! Remember that New York City trip we wanted to take before our Dudley was born? Let's take it and drop the freak of somewhere in the city where he won't be found!"

Petunia agreed, saying that it could be possible. It was agreed on, they would go to NYC, dup Harry, and be done with the matter. If the freaks dared to show up looking for the boy, he would tell them that he had never seen the boy. It was a perfect plan, with one flaw that Vernon would not figure out for a long time: the 'freaks' could read minds.