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To fly then to fall.

Third Person POV:

"I can't believe it! We survived our first year of collage!" Kairi screamed jumping into Sora's arms.

The grade rejoiced in the front of the school after taking their last exam, but in only a short time everyone began to disperse.

In no time the only people left were Sora, Kairi and the gang.

After realizing that everyone else in the grade had gone to wherever Hayner was the first to speak.

"You guys ready to go party!" Hayner screamed throwing his arms in the air.

As an immediate reaction the boys of the group responded to the suggestion.

"You bet cha!" Both Sora and Roxas said hi-fiveing Hayner.

Both Namine and Kairi stood off to the side of the group awaiting their time to gain attention.

"Um, excuse me," Namine tired to cut in, but was having no luck her voice was just to soft and was easily over powered.

After about 5 minuets of discussion of the night ahead, Kairi broke in.

"Here, Namine I'll take care of this." She said soft enough so that only Namine could hear her clearly.

"Ahem, Ahem! AHEM!" Kairi said rather loudly getting their attention on the third try.

"Yessssssssss" Hayner dragged out the word rather sarcastically. He loved hanging with his best buds, but sometimes the girl friends got in the way.

At first Kairi pouted at Hayner's rather rude remark, but she soon got over it. Walking towards Sora, a very sadisitic look on her face.

"But I wanted to be with you tonight, Sora" She said putting her hands on his shoulder, walking around him in a half circle ending up on his other side, running her hand from his shoulder to the top of his back, her hand landing right bellow his right ear, as she fiddled with his hair.

A very, oh how do I put it, sexy look in her eyes.

Laying her other hand on his chest she pushed herself up on her toes so that her lips were barley touching Sora's. She gave a light, seductive kiss, and then quickly pulled away pushing up on her toes even further so that she was almost as tall as Sora. She lifted her head whispering in his ear a single word, "Please" And she held herself in that spot, her hot breath hitting his ear and neck with such force, until he finally said, "Yeah"

With his shaky response she slowly pulled away, locking gazes with him before place her whole foot on the ground again, a smirk swam across her lips, as she slipped her hand into his.

With this action she quickly turned around to face Namine, "Are you guys coming to?" She said, her words directed towards Roxas and Namine.

A few glances were exchanged between the two blonds, both ending in smirks.

Kairi and Namine skipped off, not far behind followed Roxas and Sora, both of them exchanging conversation about who knows what.

And for the millionth time in his life Hayner was left by his friends. He knew that everyone liked him just as much as the others, but lets just say that Kairi can be very convincing and often takes Sora away from the group, and as exemplified by today Namine and Roxas usually follow.

So yet again Hayner was left in the middle of the school campus with nothing to do, and no one to restrain him, which in his mind only left one thing to do, go party, which was not good.

He was about to head off to a local club when his phone rang, and he picked it up

"Hello" he greeted but no one answered. So again he asked "Hello? Hello is anyone there?" he questioned.

There was a long pause, but then a response finally came.

"Oh, yes hi Hayner"

"Oh, hi babe, how are you doing?"

"Fine, fine, glad school is over."

"Yeah, me too pause so are you doing anything tonight?"

"Um, no I was going to go to a party, but the cops showed up, you?"

"Well I was walking down the street when you called me."

"Really, um, where are you?" she did not sound too eager.

"Why, do ya miss me already?" he said a smirk on his face.

"Yeah, um…we really need to talk, Hayner."

"Oh, ok, sorry, sorry, I am by the clock tower, you can meet me here."

"Ok, stay there, I will come find you." And with that she hung up.

And Hayner being the idiot he is did not get the whole seriousness of the situation, so he waited for his girlfriend smiling.


As Hayner waited patiently for her to arrive, and after about 30 minuets her figure came into view.

"Hey, over here!" He yelled waving to her.

She slowly walked over to him. Her face down, covered in shadows.

"Hey, babe." He said walking towards her and embracing her tilting his head downward awaiting even a peck, but nothing came.

"Is there something wrong?" He asked his voice getting softer; he still had his arms wrapped around her.

She brought her head up, her eyes glaring with frustration, she brought her arms up putting them between her and him, and it seemed as if she was about to play with his hair. But she abruptly pushed her hands against his chest, extending her arms, forcing herself from his grasp.

"Hayner I came here to talk, not to make out." She said coldly.

"I am sorry." He said, his voice even softer than before, and again he moved closer to her and tried to embrace her, extending his arms.

"No!" She said smacking them away.

"But, I don't…" but he was cut off.

"No! Hayner just shut up and let me talk for once!" she said her voice rising.

"Ok, as long as you talk I will listen." He agreed stepping back.

There was a long silence before she finally spoke again.

Her head was tilted downward, her face shaded. The time was about 8:30 pm, so besides the light coming from the clock tower they were surrounded by darkness.

"Hayner, I just can't do this anymore." She said barley above a whisper.

His face dropped, and his expression saddened, "Wait, What?!" he was so shocked at her words, that he could not believe what he heard.

This time her face rose exposing the anger in which she held.

"There you go again, always asking questions, why can't you just accept it! I want to break up Hayner!" she screamed at him.

"No, no, you did not just say that." He said looking down at his hands, shaking his head.

"Look, Hayner we have prolonged this long enough, but we both knew that it was never going to work out, I am just sorry that it had to happen now." She said turning her back to him, but he reached out and grabbed her arm, stopping her from walking away.

"No, please don't go, I can change, I can change for you." There was a long pause before he spoke again, this time instead of facing the ground when he spoke he brought he head up to face her back. "I can't let you go, because I love you Selphie, I love you." He confessed.

By the looks of her back, she became less tense, and her shoulders began to shake.

She turned around to face him, taking his hands in hers, and he began to smile again.

But her words changed his mind, "I am sorry Hayner, but I just don't feel that way about you." And with that she let go of his hands, letting them fall into thin air.

She was about ten feet away from him when she turned partly around, and spoke in a whisper, "and please don't follow me."

For the last second that she was in the light of the clock tower, Hayner could feel himself slipping, his soul and heart dying, and as she stepped out of the circle of light into the surrounding area of darkness, he felt himself fall.


He never saw her again, but he did hear rumors that she had moved to another town with her family, but others said that she had moved in with a man she had been dating for almost three months.

No matter lie or not, it still hurt him, he just could not bring himself to let go.


He stood there in the light for a long time, just staring at the darkness in which she had entered.

And that is where he stayed for many hours, he no longer felt like partying, but sulking.

Places began to run through his head, he could not go back to the apartment; his friends would be there, he could not go anywhere.

So instead of thinking logically, he stepped forward following the foot steps of her, into the darkness.

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