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Chapter 7

The Final Beginning

"Ok well bye then," Hayner spoke into the cell phone, placed it in his pocket and proceeded towards his destination.

He hiked the famous hills of Twilight Town, his voice ringing onward.

'Maybe Father was right, maybe I don't belong anywhere,' Olette thought to herself as she gazed out upon the sea, her body unable to move, her eyes stuck, but her mind wandering.

But her terrible thoughts were interrupted when a sharp voice reached her ears.

She cringed at the sound, it being so familiar. At times he seemed warm and others so cold, she wanted to stay and have him find her, but the thoughts of the kiss kept replaying in her head, and after debating with herself for almost too long she finally pushed herself off the old, wooden, fence and ran down the hills.

Hayner being the man that he was had lived in Twilight Town almost all of his life and he knew by his surroundings that he was almost to the top of the hills.

He called her name one last time before the clear, blue, mystic ocean came into view. But his eyes were not on that of the waves, what immediately got his attention was the small flicker of brown braids and a hint of orange fleeting down the hill and out of his sight.

Without even giving a second thought he ran after her, knowing that if he did not make the choice right now that she would be gone from his life forever, no second change available.

He sprinted even harder and faster than before the thoughts of regret and uncertainty fleeting his mind.

He could hear the sound of her loud steps bounding down the dirt paths but any indication other than the noise that she was there could not be found. She seemed ghost like always a step ahead, rounding a corner just as Hayner came into view of hitting a grove of trees just has he plummeted down one of the steeper hills.

But just as time would tell gravity took its toll and she fell, her feet slipping out from under her as she hurried down one of the steeper hills, her body hitting the ground hard, and Hayner seeing this awful sight his heart jumped and he rushed to her.

Once close enough he was able to better make out her features, her hair always so nice and trimmed had partly fallen out of the braids and where now clumped in single strands around her face, her bands hung low covering her eyes and her face and clothes were dirty from the fall.

But Hayner was able to look past it all, he did not see her imperfects the dirt or the grime, all he saw were tears, a broken girl lying in a broken world.

And it was then that his heart was over come, and he rushed to her side.

"Olette, are you hurt?" He asked kneeling down beside her.

But she did not respond from words only tears streamed down her fragile face.

All he wanted to do was take her in a hug, but he felt that would push her away, so as if acting like a normal friend, he sat by her side and reassured her that life would get better.

She sat up dusting off her clothes but their eyes failed to connect.

He continued reassuring her hoping that it would bring the connection back, but all it did was make her words harsh and bitter.

"Olette, look I know how you feel; I just went through a break up…" He began but his words were no more, suppressed under the sound of her loud, harsh voice.

"No Hayner you will never understand what I went through!" She screamed, he was shocked by her anger at first but then decided that she needed to vent and that he was willing to listen.

"I was never loved, and when I thought I finally was it turned out to be FAKE a LIE, Hayner it was all fake," her voice softening as she neared the end of her sentence.

"I might not be able to understand all that you have been through, but Olette, one thing I can do is listen." He said his voice soft and fully of caring compassion.

She continued her argument her voice softening when she got to the more sensitive parts.

"All I wanted was to feel loved again, but like everything else in my life I was crushed my feeling ignored and my words unheard." Her voice was now quieter but he could still sense the hate in very words she spoke.

"Olette, Roxas is not a bad guy," he began hoping that Olette would not pitch a fit at the sound of the blonds name, but he was relieved to see that she only sat their quietly.

Inside she felt like she wanted to scream but she knew that fighting would not solve anything, and that the best thing to do is listen.

He continued, "Roxas, he was so confused, he was in high school he thought he knew what love was, but he was wrong, and he was wrong to deceive you like that. I believe that no one should have to go through that kind of pain, and that I am sure he is very sorry for doing so, but Olette the thing that you have to understand is that Roxas, whether you like it or not, is in love, and that he was just not right for you." He finished, she was crushed by his words, but deep down she knew that she had to hear them, so that she could finally move on.

"I know Hayner, I know we were so young, but I had to hold on, I could not let myself let go, I wanted to be loved so badly that I was willing to hurt others in the process, and that is just wrong." She stated the tears coming back to her eyes.

"Love is just so rare, sometimes I feel that no matter where I go I will never find love," She said, a few tears running down her cheeks, but she quickly wiped them away with her sleeve and forced a fake smile to her lips, hoping her sadness would disappear as well.

"No Olette, not this time," He said looking directly at her.

She was at first shocked by his words unable to understand what he meant but all thoughts, she looked up from where her eyes were on the ground and they lingered on his eyes for a split second, and all her thoughts or regret and hate were thrown away when his lips connected with hers.

She sat there kneeling down in the middle of a dirt path on the side of all hill, her hands placed in her lap.

He sat there on the same hill, kneeling on one knee and his hand placed close to hers leaning into her, deepening the kiss.

The kiss portrayed all the right emotions, passion, forgiveness, and most importantly love. It being so different that what they had shared before it felt impossible to break, but just as all things happened, he pulled away.

The dry tears still stained her cheeks, but a smile broke her lips a true smile one that portrayed only a true happiness. They stared at each other for what seemed an eternity, before he finally broke the silence by standing up.

He reached his hand out to her and said these words, "Olette, would you watch the sun set with me?" His voice so sweet it rung through her ears like bells. And in response she nodded her head the strands of hair brushing against her soft cheeks and took his hand in hers.

And together they walked up the hill hand in hand to go watch the sun set.

By Now Axel, Roxas and Riku had reached Sun Set hills and were sitting on a bench, Roxas was confused on what he should do, go and try to find Olette and then risk the possibility of ruining Hayner's chance with her or sit here on the bench at wait.

It was apparent that he had chosen to wait as he stared at the ground, but then his thoughts were interrupted by a shoulder nudge given from his friend.

He looked up at Axel with a questioning look and the red head only directed his eyes to the wooden fence, lining the cliff.

Roxas eyes widened at the sight of Hayner and Olette together leaning against the railing.

He sat and started a feeling of relief rush through him that they seemed fine, but then when he caught eyes with Hayner the anxiety flooded back.

Hayner was gesturing his hand behind Olette's back for him to come over and he was hesitant at first, but he finally stood and his steps quite he walked over.

Olette stood next to the man she had just met only a few days ago and yet still had such strong feelings for him, she felt at peace until she sensed someone next to her other the other side and when she turned her eyes widened and her muscles froze. It was him the one she thought she loved for so long only to break her heart in the end, and he was standing next to her as if it was an everyday occasion.

Hayner interrupted her thoughts by placing a hand on her shoulder and speaking some words, "I think it would be best if I left you two alone for a while," He said smiling softly as he glanced at Roxas and then at Olette before he turned and walked away.

They stood their only a foot away from one another staring at the same picture, the sea, and as magnificent as it was she could not but help to get her thoughts off the boy beside her.

Until he finally broke the silence by speaking to her, "Olette, I just want to say I am sorry," he said barley above a whisper but his eyes still looked at her and that put the emphasis on his words even more.

She was shock at first by his sudden apology but then decided that she should respond, and after thinking carefully she did so, "Roxas I forgive you," She said and Roxas felt a huge weight lifted off his shoulders he was about to speak but she spoke first, "Hayner helped me realize that it was never really your fault in the first place, so in a way I should be apologizing to you," She confessed and she apologized just as he did.

The stood their awkwardly for some time until a voice broke the silence.

"Hey, guys look who I found!" Hayner screamed as he walked up the hill, a spiky haired brunette his tow.

Hayner approached the pair with some ice cream in hand, giving on to each of them.

"I went down to the town square and saw that ice cream place you say earlier," at those words Roxas felt a pang of quilt about lying to his friend, but then shook the thought away and continued listening, "And I ran into Sora."

"Hey," Roxas said waving to his friend, and Sora did the same.

"I was thinking we could have a barbeque, and you guys can invite Namine and Kairi," Hayner suggested smiling.

"I'll take care of the burning!" Axel popped up in the middle of the crowed a match in hand and an evil grin plastered on his face.

Everyone chuckled at the comment and Roxas introduced Axel and Riku to his other friends, then everyone dispersed to get ready for the barbeque.

"Hey, Namine." Roxas said into his cell phone, winking at Sora as he spoke to his girlfriend.

"Yes, everything is alright," Roxas smiled happy about the one way conversation so that Sora could not hear.

"Oh yeah well Olette and Hayner is kind of busy at the moment," Roxas said smirking as he looked over his shoulder to see his two friends lipped locked.

"Yeah looks like you will just have to come over here if you want to talk to them,"

"Oh really, yeah I like that,"

"Of course Sora wants Kairi to come, he says that she misses her," Roxas said looking directly at Sora

"What! Roxas!" Sora screams the whole time listening in on his conversation.

"No Namine there is no problem," Roxas says as he is trying his best to keep the phone away from Sora

"Sora get away I am trying to have a conversation,"

"No Namine I was not talking to you," Roxas yelled the phone high above his head

"Namine don't go I want to talk to you some more, I miss you,"


"Roxas is really horny right now!" Sora screamed pulling the phone close to his mouth.

"Sora! I can't believe you just said that!" Roxas screamed at Sora after he heard the dial tone sound after the called ended, in other words when Namine hung up.

"Hey I had to get back at you!" Sora screamed back as equally loud.

"For what!" Roxas yelled throwing his hands in the air

"Guys! Shut up!" A voice rose above their argument, and they both turned their attention to across the grass.

A very upset looking Hayner had his arms around Olette, obviously furious that the two friends were making too much noise for his liking.

"Oh Hayner get a room!" Sora screamed pushing the air with his hand, and he was about to go back to arguing with Roxas but then he could not feel the ground under his feet, and the sky was down.

"Don't worry Hayner I will take care of this…thing," Riku said shaking Sora on his shoulder, indicating that he was talking about the brunette and then began walking off.

"Things," Axel corrected as he swung Roxas over his shoulder and onto his back as well.

The protests of Roxas and Sora could be heard throughout the park as the silver hair and red haired spikes disappeared beyond with hill.

"Namine who was that?" Kairi asked as she walked into her bed room a hair brush in hand.

"Oh just Roxas being an idiot again, and um apparently he is really horny." Namine said a worried smirk coming over her face.

"Um…ok…that is nice I guess," Kairi said putting in some earrings.

"Well you ready to go?" Kairi asked her friend.

"Wait how did you know…" Namine questioned but before she could finish she was interrupted.

"Namine, they were screaming really loud," Kairi said smirking.

"Oh so then you heard what Sora said…about missing you," Namine questioned her gaze falling to the floor.

"Yeah Namine, why else would I be wearing earrings?" She smiled her shoulders moving into a shrug.

Namine just laughed at the joke grabbed her bag and they both exited the apartment locking the door behind them.

Once down the hill and through the woods….

"Now you two stay here and be good little boys," Axel shook his finger at the two as he set them by the tree.

Then Riku and Axel walked away, leaving the two friends alone and silent.

"So, Roxas, Kairi is really coming?" Sora asked

"Yeah, Namine should have told her by now."

"Ok that is…" but his words were cut off because his lips were doing something more important than talking.

"Tag you are it!" Kairi screamed jumping out from behind a tree and pecking Sora on the lips before smiling and running off.

Sora immediately jumped up from his spot on the ground and chased after his girlfriend, leaving Roxas alone.

'Well Namine should be here…somewhere,' He thought to himself as he looked to the left and then right but she was no where in sight.

So he got up and decided to walk around and try to find some people.

But then his thoughts were interrupted when he heard her voice ring through the trees.

"Pervert!" echoed through the park followed shortly after by a large smack and Roxas seeing who and where she was walked casually up to her placing his arm around her shoulders.

"Oh, Hi Namine, were these guys giving you any trouble?" Roxas ask sweetly kissing her forehead slightly.

"No not anymore now that you are here," She said sweetly kissing him shortly but passionately on the lips and when they broke apart Roxas just smirked and lowered his arm to her waist.

"Riku, Axel, I would like you to be my girlfriend, Namine." Roxas stated rather proud of himself, all Riku did was gawk, he never imagined Roxas could get a girl that gorgeous, and Axel only nodded his head in approval before waving his hands off and turning away.

After they both left Namine turned to face her boyfriend and asked a sweetly as possible, "You know them," but a hint of frustration slipped through her teeth.

"Yeah, well you can't pick your friends," Roxas stated with a sigh.

Namine only gave him a puzzled look before responding, "Yes you can."

"Not that kind," Roxas smiled playfully before interlocking his fingers in hers and proceeding forward towards the direction in where everyone had gone.

They walked up the hill to find Axel with the grill on fire, Riku desperately trying to put it out with some type of weird chemicals, Hayner and Olette sitting on the bench in aw of the situation, and Sora and Kairi chasing each other making everything all the more exciting.

"Just gotta love your friends," Roxas said shrugging his shoulders as he stood next to Namine.

"Yeah but you gotta love your boyfriend more," She said sweetly, and he looked down at her and smiled.

Their lips touched, and she smiled against them after hearing something Axel had yelled in the back ground, and Roxas pulled her closer, deepening the kiss, he wanted her to just focus on him and forget about the barbeque for the moment, and after they pulled away, they smiled at each other, and hand in hand walked over to join the party.

The End

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