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Alright the general story; Natalie and her family just moved into a new house in the heart of Transylvania little do they know that there is more tto this house than meets the eye and there are a few things that the previous owner should have told them about it. This is a story of mistaken identity, fear, bavery, and love.

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Taken and Mistaken

Chapter 1; Taken

The young girl of seventeen screamed and her sisters, Sophie, 15 and Clarisse, 19, who shared the room with her, ran in.

"Natalie! What's wrong?" Claire asked frantically at the sight of her pale and frightened sister.

"N-N-Nosferatu!" she stammered, " outside the window!"

"Don't be silly Nat," that was Sophie, " there aren't any Vampires in this area any more. You know that, that's why mom and dad moved into this place. Though I wonder... why was that... oh, what was his name?" she glanced at Clair who had just finished checking the window and found nothing.

"Raphael Valerious." Clair supplied, she was good with names.

"Yeah him! I wonder why he was so eager to get rid of this place?"

"I'm telling you I saw a vampire it was sitting outside the window staring at me!" Natalie implored her sisters hoping that they would believe her or at least prove to her that she had been wrong, she desperately hoped for the second one.

"Nat, trust me there is nothing out there. Okay?" Clair said gently.

Natalie took some deep breaths to calm down, " you're right, Clair, it was probably just my imagination and my eyes playing tricks on me."

Once Nat had calmed down she and her sisters played chess. Then they told their parents good night and went to bed.(A/n boring kids huh... but meh I like chess)

Natalie couldn't sleep though. She couldn't stop thinking about vampires. The girl could have sworn she had seen one but Clair had looked and there had been nothing there. Still Nat couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching her. Stop it! She told herself, you are just nervous because it is your first week in a new house. As Nat watched the moonlight dance fluidly across the ceiling she began to feel drowsy and slowly her eyes drooped shut and she fell into a deep sleep.

Some time later, at around two in the morning, the latch on the French doors leading to the girls' balcony opened. Three extremely beautiful women entered and went to stand around Natalie's bed.

"She is the one the master wants." Said the eldest bride, who wore an elegant and very revealing midnight blue gown that went well with her long black locks.

"But why…" one of the others, a curvy brunette in deep purple, started but was interrupted by the first.

"Hush! You will wake her and she will wake the whole house. Besides I would not question the master if I was you… He won't take it well."

Nat moaned in her sleep and seemed on the verge of waking. The eldest bride, whose name was Selena, gently touched her finger tips to Natalie's forehead and the girl sank back into a deep sleep. Then Selena scooped Nat into her arms, the three of them transformed and took off through the open doors.

Sophie lay for several moments frozen in fear by what she had just seen and heard. Finally she worked up enough courage to run to the other end of the room and wake Clarisse.


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