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In Shinobi World the landmass where the Five Great Nations are located is not the only location in the world. They are merely located on one side of the world itself. On the other side of the world exist other nations that are not that deeply connected to the Shinobi World at all. Thus they do not interact with each other nor have they had that much influence on each other over the years. Each side of the world developed on its own without having much interaction with others (Somewhat like how the Americas were unknown to the rest of the world and vice versa for a very long time).

Though contact was eventually made the existence of nations on the other side of the world was made known to the Shinobi World. However, it was not revealed to the general public but kept to just those who were allowed to know. This limited and monitored interaction between the two sides of the world led to an exchange of knowledge and technology that was slowly introduced on both sides. The Shinobi World gained various technology yet the usage of it was limited to what was merely allowed by those that managed these things over the years.

Video Games were one such invention that was allowed into the Shinobi World with the five nations that would later become known as the Five Great Nations being the ones that adapt to the invention the most. With the development of video games keeping pace so that worldwide no one was left behind. Eventually the creation of virtual reality massively multiplayer online role playing game/VRMMORPG game came into existence.

CyberConnect Corporation or CC Corp created their own called The World and later on created The World R:2. They were a corporation that had branches on both sides of the world and remained two different main servers each one having its own regional servers for different nations. The Shinobi Worlds were known as the elemental servers with the regional ones being named after the nations whose names were elements.

Having heard of The World R:2 from a friend a young Sakura Haruno wanted to see what the game itself was about as she was curious after all. She was in training to become a kunoichi for the Hidden Village of Konoha but that does not mean she would not have any free time to do things not related to being one. Though getting one was going to be the issue as she could always ask her father since while her mother was Chunin, her father was not a ninja at all but a programmer who worked for a company that was outside Kohona. CC Corp, she believed it was called. From her understanding, he was the head of the Elemental Nations' Branch and a very important person over at their headquarters. However, it was because of this that he was not home a lot, but came home for some weekends, his vacation, and important days like her birthdays, holidays, her graduation from the ninja academy, etc.

"Welcome back, Sakura, so how did it go? Did you become a real genin or not?" her mother Kimiko Haruno asked. Kimiko was a woman that looked almost exactly like her daughter only she was around her mid thirties with black hair, blue eyes, and did not have a large forehead. The pink hair, green eyes, and forehead she was so sensitive about seemed to be the only things that she had inherited from her father Rasui Haruno.

"Mom, you knew that the test I passed was not the real genin test?" her pink hair daughter asked shocked that her mother did not tell her that.

"Of course dear, I was a genin at one point too, you know," her mother told her.

"Then you could have told me that test passed to get my hitate was the real genin test!" Sakura huffed. She could not see what was wrong with that.

"It is against the rules to tell anyone about the real genin test, even your own family when they are taking it. Besides, each one is different depending on what the Jonin sensei picks for the test." Kimiko told her. "On another note, your father left already, but he wanted to give this."

Sitting on the table beside Sakura's mother was a medium size box wrapped like a present with a bow and Sakura's name on it.

"What is it, Sakura?" asked as she went to see what her father left for her.

"Why do not you take it upstairs and open it up after you get clean up. What every Kakashi used as his real genin test has caused you to have lingering outdoor odor" her mother said.


Twenty minutes later…

After taking a shower and changing into a fresh pair of clothes Sakura looked at the package that was sitting on her bed and began to go about opening it.

'I wonder what he got me. Probably something electronic,' Sakura thought as she looked over to her computer which was the last gift she had gotten for her father. It was his birthday present to her and it was the latest model too.

'Having a father working at CC Corp sure does have perks' Sakura thought as she remembered showing off her new gaming rig to Ino-pig did not even have one that was as up to date as hers

"Wow! How does Dad know that I wanted this?" Sakura said

Upon removing the wrapping paper from her father's present, she found herself looking at the box for the VRMMORPG The World R:2.

She had heard a lot about this game from that friend of hers who was playing it. According to them, it was really popular, realistic, and unlike any other online RPG that they had ever played before. Checking the game out from herself, she decided that she liked and tried it for herself yet they were sold out in every store that she had checked. The store clerk at the last store said that they wouldn't be getting any more till the end of the month and even those were sold out. Apparently, the game was selling like crazy not only in the Land of Fire but all over all the other nations as well and the demand for them was so great that the Elemental Branch of CC Corp could not keep up with the demand for them, thus the reason for the shortage she was running into now.