A week later after completing some D-class missions, Sakura returned home, logged on to The World, and was currently coming back from a dungeon she had gone to.

'For a level four dungeon there was a lot of stuff beyond my current level of five,' Yumi thought as she walked through Mac Anu.

Since she was not part of the Guild, she did not have the storage space they did, so she had to sell off whatever she did not need to make space. Sure, she had thought about joining a Guild, but she wasn't really interested in any of the guilds that were available here, nor was she interested in starting up her own Guild just for the storage space. No, she would just sell or trade what she did not need and that's pretty much what she was doing now as she walked through Root Town, looking for people to trade with. She had to be careful as you never know who might commit trade fraud and just place the blame on the person they cheated, saying that if you fell for the fraud then you got what you deserved for not knowing better.

"Hey there, are you okay?" Yumi asked as she was taking a shortcut to Alchemy District. It was while she was walking through the shortcut that she noticed that was another character lying on the ground.

The character was who was a cat girl (she looks similar to Tabby from .Hack/Roots in appearance) with pale blue hair a one bluish purple eye and one red eye. She was dressed in a pale blue green dress that went down to her thighs and sleeves that completely covered her arms. Her hands are covered by gloves that spread out from her wrist. Around her shoulders was something that looked like the top half of a cloak and had two metal ornaments hung on the side. Also, the backside of the cloak split into four separate strips that ran back to her legs (they were similar to one Atoli's has that reached down to her back)

The cat girl then looked up at her with a dazed expression that quickly faded and said, "I am fine…I think" after a few failed tries.

"So, what are you doing back here?" Yumi asked her as the cat girl looked at her and then at herself with a rather confused look on her face.

"I cannot remember," she answered.

"So do you remember anything?" the brown hair Blade Brandier asked as it was strange to find someone with amnesia within an online game.

'Then again, maybe they have amnesia in real life, and playing this game is a link to their memory,' Yumi thought. However, this did not explain why she was lying in an alley.

"I remember a person with blue hair, they are a mage, and I like being around them and playing this game with them. It makes me happy" she said as she stood up.

"So you are looking for that person?" Yumi asked.

"I guess," was the cat girl's reply.

"Okay then, my name is Yumi, and here is my member's address. Maybe we could help each other," she said. This could be a trick but she did not think that this person was just acting like this in order to PK her.

"Thanks, Yumi, my name is...Ruki," she said after thinking it over for a bit and then handing over her member's address shortly afterward.

"Okay then, Ruki, you and me are going to find the people we are looking for no matter how long it takes," Yumi said and Ruki just nodded.

"So what class are you, Ruki?" Yumi asked

Wondering what the dual eye color cat girl class was. This was one thing about this game that separated it from the prequel as characters did not always run around with their weapons out. So for some characters, it was hard to tell just what class they were until they got into a fight as looks did not always give away their character's class; A fact that Yumi had learned during the time that she had spent playing this game.

"I am a…Shadow Warlock," Ruki responded though there was a pause for a second, which Yumi took as her checking her status to see what her character class was.

Yumi was about to say something else when she heard her mother calling her from downstairs, telling her that dinner was ready.

"Well, Ruki, I'll see you later. I have to go now, but I will be sure to contact you the next time I log in, alright?" Yumi said, remembering that she had to do some stuff around the house.

"Bye!" Ruki said as she waved while Yumi logged out Ruki then walked out of the alley that Yumi had found her in wandering off to somewhere else in the city.