Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon or any of it's characters. Also, I don't own this poem, but I do own the story. The poem "Over You" was written by one of my best friends, Shae, during ICP class, who used my poem "The Only Thing Left to Say" to write hers. I just added the story and tweaked the poem a little bit. But any reviews that I get from you guys, I share with her. Thanks again for your review.

Hey. I'm Amara Tenoh. This poem is about what turned me off guys for god. They're nothin' but a bunch a bastards anyway! Who wouldn't think twice about breaking your heart. Screw them all I say! Michelle is the only love I need. Enjoy.

Over You

By: Amara Tenoh

When I first met you I was blind,

Cause I couldn't see that you were slime.

I thought you and I were two of a kind,

Until you told me that you did time.

I hate you more than words can say,

And I hope that sooner or later you will pay.

When I look at you I want to die.

Just thinking about you makes me cry.

I thought you were the best kisser,

Until that is I met your sister.

We were alone all the time,

But that was when you crossed the line.

I loved your tight and firm buns.

Now I hate you with the fire of a thousand suns.

So please don't plea,

Cause the two of us can never be.

This is what I think of you.

So go away, cause I got better things to do.

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