Hey all. This idea has been floating around in my head for a while, and finally i've decided to put this trail of ideas into story form. I hope some people like it.

Title: Complicated
Rating: M (to be safe)
Disclaimer: I don't own Wat, i just like borrowing the characters every so often.

Summary: After a one-night stand, Danny and Sam have spent six years attempting to be happy together with the life they created. When an old flame returns, their attempted happiness is dogged by old feelings, and a love that will never come.


Sam sighed as she allowed the door to swing closed behind her, her little girl running in ahead of her calling for her father.

"He's not home yet, sweet-heart." Sam called as her daughter disappeared into the family room.

"But why?" She heard the young girl's voice call, before she reappeared from the kitchen in front of her.

Sam sighed, hanging her coat up and kicking her shoes off, not caring where they landed, making her way into the kitchen. "Because Papí has to work, baby, that's why." She attempted to explain as she began emptying the bags of groceries.

The little girl collapsed into one of the seats around the kitchen table, in front of where Sam had placed the grocery bags. The room filled with silence as the 6 year old girl watched her mother empty the two brown, paper bags, before finally dropping them, empty, into the bin.

Samantha straightened, heading for the sink, grabbing a glass as she walked past the cupboard.

"What?" She asked as she turned to face her daughter who was still avidly watching her.

"Why don't I look like you?" The little girl asked.

Sam, who had a mouthful of water, stared at the little girl, forgetting to swallow. After a few moments she remembered the water and felt it rushing down her throat.

"What do you mean I don't look like you?" She asked the little girl who was now playing with her fingernails.

"All the girls at school look just like their mommies do, but I have darker skin and hair than you do." Sam could see her little girl's eyes begin to water and recognized tears were about to fall.

"Hey, there's no need to cry, sweetheart." Sam placed the glass on the bench beside the sink and pulled up the seat beside her daughter. "You look like your Papí. Be proud of your exotic looks." She lifted her daughter's chin so they were looking at each other, so similar, yet different brown eyes meeting each other.

"Can I go watch TV?" Sometimes Sam marvelled at how easily her daughter maintained her focus.

She smiled at the bright face looking up at her. "How can I say no?" She sighed. The little girl recognized her mother's words as a 'yes' and skipped into the family room, where the sounds of the television promptly filled the apartment.

She sighed, noticing her hand resting on the table, the two small rings no longer glistening the same way they once had.

An hour later she heard the front door click, and the sound of her husband returning from work.

"Papí!" She heard her little girl squeal, followed by her husband's greeting, as she could only assume their daughter had attached herself to his legs, preventing any further entrance into the apartment.

"Hola Sophie. Cómo es hoy mi chica hermosa?" She heard his voice, followed by what sounded as though he kissed her. "I guess you've had a much more interesting day than I have." Sam heard the little squeal her daughter made when he picked her up.

"Okay I take that as a yes." She heard him chuckle before he announced his presence to Sam, entering the kitchen, and watching her intently. "And before we catch up any more on our days, how about you go and watch some more TV whilst mommy and I talk, okay?" He asked, only as he finished speaking to her did he look at her.

When Sophie was out of the room, Sam looked to the man across from her and smiled weakly. "Is everything alright?" She asked as the happy face he had put on for his daughter fell.

Danny leaned against the counter, whilst at the same time opening the fridge and pulling out a soda. "I don't know." He sighed, removing the lid before downing a series of mouthfuls.

Sam cringed inwardly, mimicking his pose. "What's wrong?"

Danny sighed again, rolling his head back and resting it against the cupboards. How was he supposed to say this?

"Danny?" Her voice sounded again, and the distant sound of the TV and children's cartoons caused him to sigh heavily.

"He's back, Sam." He whispered, lifting the bottle to his lips but unable to drink.

Sam shook her head confused. "Who?"

Danny rolled his head forward and stared at her. "Martin."

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