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"Sir Integra, the President of the United States is on the phone for you." Walter dutifully said, bringing the wireless phone to Integra Hellsing on a tray. "He claims it to be a matter of the most importance. International security breach."
Grimacing at the thought of speaking with an American, she stiffly picked the phone up, holding it to her ear, whilst waving Walter off with the other.
"Hello, Mr. President. What can I do for you?" Integra's voice made it clear she didn't want to be around the bush. She may have been more accommodating, if Walter had obeyed her orders of zero phone calls, no matter the 'importance'.
"Miss Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. I…" There was a deep intake of breath on the other line, probably the President swallowing his pride. "I need your help. My daughter was kidnapped two weeks ago…"
"What, is the US so desperate for people they have to employ other countries?" Sir Hellsing only just kept the sarcasm at bay, resisting the urge to create a political debate.
"…The agent I sent to retrieve her is missing. He was ordered to call in and report his progress every six hours. The evolution time has gone and past… I am afraid he was captured or killed." The President sounded worried. No, beyond worried. Terrified. For his daughters life.
"You have my condolences." Integra grunted, with the obviousness of someone who couldn't care less.
"To be blunt, your daughter being kidnapped has to do with my organization. I do believe the Queen gave you some sort of description of what we do?" After a pause, and with a rather heartless snarl, she added, "We hunt monsters, Mr. President. Not lost little girls. We are not baby sitters."
"Yes, I know." The President's voice was defensive now. "However, you haven't heard the details of the situation! Agent Leon's second evolution call was clear as day! He made a distinct description of what you would call a 'ghoul'. The only difference was, these had an intelligence, of a sort. They were able to work, and complete tasks, using each others help. Shooting them any where but in the head had no effect!" He took a breath, which noisely rattled the ear piece of the phone. "That's not typical behaviour of ghouls, is it? I think, that this IS your jurisdiction. Finding my daughter will just be a rather… A very profitable perk."
"Mr. President…" Integra silently pondered. The political power she'd gain in America would be great… Not to mention Hellsing was rather low on equipment and money at the moment…
"Mr. President, give me the wish, and I shall grant it."
"Your best agents. I believe the incident happened somewhere in a small town in Europe. I wasn't given exact details, because we don't actually have any." Relief was evident in the Presidents voice. Yes, he had won this battle, but it was only a minor one.
"Granted. I will send two of my best agents into the town right away… They should be there before the day is out. London isn't too terribly far from there.." Integra said.
"I am beyond thankful… If successful, anything, and everything you desire from us will be made available."
"Of course, Mr. President. We will have your daughter back into the United States before this Friday. I give you my word." Integra was grinning as she hung up the phone, which was never a good thing for the innocents of Europe.
'I suppose I shouldn't skimp out on the president… I will have to use Walter and Alucard for this mission.' Integra thought to herself as as she smiled.

Pirate Soul is betaing the story. Also Walter is twenty in this. He had the artifical vampire chip taken out of him but stayed the same age when he got it taken out. So a few years have passed and now he is twenty.