Evaluations Prologue- Fade to Black

Everything you are,

Fades to black . . .

Present day-

Jude could vision tomorrows newspapers headlines "Wedding of the Year", "Only the Best for Rock Star Sister", and "Hey Jude, Next to Marry?" Sadie's and Kwest's wedding was perfect like it should have been, like they deserved. Jude was happy for them, really she was, she just wished that she were the sister married. Not that she wanted to marry Kwest but marrying Tommy would be . . . what she wanted.

Life really was not fair Jude decided while Sadie walked down the aisle. Tommy and Jude were together longer than Sadie and Kwest (due to a few rather nasty breakups) yet they were the ones off on a honeymoon and Tommy and her were driving away from the picture perfect reception. Four years . . . that is how long Tommy and Jude have been together . . . four years.

Three Years Earlier

Fireworks were bursting in the sky and a woman was standing on a terrace where three years ago, during her unsweet sixteen party, Tommy showed her what it was like to REALLY be kissed. Tonight was a joyous one for Jude for a couple of reasons. The first reason was that her long awaited third album release party was tonight. The album had a few new songs added to the ones she record before the whole G-Major mess and she owed it all to the new man in charge of G-Major Tom Quincy. Little TommyQ took over G-Major about seven months ago after he and she returned from their trip to Asia. Tonight is also the one-year anniversary of the day that she told Tommy "okay, lets do it, all of it!"

One-year was the longest relationship that either one of them have ever had. The relationship was difficult at times but more now than ever she knew that she loves him and wants to be with him forever, officially. Jude thoughts were interrupted by Tommy pushing open the door to the terrace. "I thought I might find you here," said Tommy as he walked to the smiling Jude. "I thought you would too."

"You know if I could I would not have invited any of the press but-"

"It comes with the territory" supplied Jude.

"They say it is your Nevermind." Jude just smiled at Tommy and returned to watching the fireworks. Tommy cocked his head to look at her and offered, "A penny for your thoughts?" Jude turned to him and said, "I so happy Tommy, with the album, with life, and especially with you." Tommy leaned in for a soft and tender kiss, slowing braking apart their lips, they leaned into each other, forehead to forehead, and just got caught up in the moment. Jude smirked and backed up while extending her hand and demanded her penny.

Tommy just laughed and reached into breast pocket of his suit instead of his pant pocket and said, "I have something better. You know that I love you, right?" Jude nodded her head in the affirmative as a million thoughts went through her head the loudest one being he is going to propose. As he placed an object in her hand he added "Jude I want you to . . ." As Tommy was finishing his request Jude felt an object be placed in her hand but was unable to see what it was but it felt heavier and larger than a ring. As his hand moved away Jude looked down to her hand and saw a key. 'What the fuck?' was Jude's first thought then her eyes quickly flew from the key to Tommy's face. Tommy noticed the confusion in her eyes and repeated his question; "Will you move in with me?" He looked so unsure . . . so untommy like while Jude was deciding. Jude clutched the key in her hand and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. As Jude kissed Tommy she thought 'So it wasn't a marriage proposal but it was a step. First they would move in together and then, when a reasonable amount of time passed, they would get married . . . wouldn't they?'

We fade to black . . .