DISCALMER: I don't owen this story I'm just posting this because my friend that began this story is lost to so in his name i post this

The DigiKnight Saga

By: Takenouchi Ryu

Plubished by:Drkchidragon


Author's Notes: First of all, I do not, nor ever will, own DigiMon; therefore, please don't sue me! This fanfic takes place in an AU. This part takes place during season two. Since this is a prologue, it should be very short. Symbols: thoughts; ( ) actions/in-story author's notes. Now then, on with the fic!

It was a bright and sunny day in the Digital World with a sky completely void of clouds. The DigiDestined were walking across a plain when they were ambushed by Arukenimon and Mummymon. The DigiMon quickly Digivolved and engaged their assailants. During the fighting TK was separated from the others following a giant explosion. TK was knocked unconscious by the blast and woke up in a meadow of flowers surrounded by a small wall of trees.

Damn! , thought TK, Exveemon really needs to watch what he's aiming at!

TK then attempted to find his bearings; unfortunatley, the battle was over and he could not hear any of his friends. As TK started towards one end of the meadow, he heard rustling coming from a nearby bush. Just as the DigiDestined of Hope started towards the bush, Gatomon leaped out.

"Thank God I found you TK, everybody's been terrified since we lost you!"

"Calm down Gatomon! Where is everybody anyway, and where am I?"

"I'm not quite sure where we're at. I just know that the gang is waiting for me to find you. They're about ten miles back."

"Ten miles! How the Hell did I end up this far away!?'

"Hell if we know! Anyways, we should leave now."

"Yeah, Gatomon, good idea"

TK notices the odd looking flowers for the first time as he follows Gatomon to where the rest of the DigiDestined are waiting. They look a lot like daffodils, and he finds their smell intoxicating and decides to ask Gatomon about them. Little does the pair realize that they are smack dab in the middle of a field of the most potent aphrodisiac known in the Digital World, digilillies. Gatomon also notices the digilillies as they are about halfway to the trees. She is just beginning to think about warning TK about them when they take effect. Suddenly Gatomon doubles over as she is hit with a sudden and unexpected heat cycle. TK rushes forward to see if anything is wrong.

"Gatomon! Are you OK?"

Gatomon tries to push TK away as she replies, "Get...away...TK! Digilillies...dangerous;...aphrodisiac...very potent...AUGH!"

TK slowly backs about two feet away with a questioning look on hi face. "What do you mean an 'aphrodisiac'? I feel fine. Now come on, Gatomon. We need to get you out of here!"

Just then TK feels the digilillies start working on his own body's hormones. He suddenly finds himself looking at Gatomon in a way unknown to him before: lustful. TK feels overwhelmed by these testosterone induced emotions and takes a cautious step towards Gatomon.

"I think I may be a little too late Gatomon."

"Then get away!" Gatomon screams.

Gatomon suddenlyls wls what she most feared at the moment. Her body was changing from its normal form to her Chulsin (A/N: This simply means anthromorphic) mode. TK watches in awe and then finds himself face to face with what, at the moment, has to be a goddess. In their present state the two cannot control themselves.

"I...(pants) told you...to get away (pants)...while...you...still had (pants)...the ...chance."

"(pants) Well, maybe...I didn't...want...to go...away,...(pants) Gatomon."

Unable to control themselves any longer, TK and Gatomon throw themselves at each other. TK furiously frenches Gatomon as his hands roam first down her backside the around the her front. He ends up bring his hand to Gatomon's breasts and starts massaging them.

"Oh TK, that feels...incrdible! Please don't stop!"

TK just smiles as he moves his mouth down to the cat's two mounds. He then proceeds to lick and suck each melon in turn before lowering himself to Gatomon's pussy. TK shamelessly buries his face in Gatomon's crotch, savagely eating her out. Before she can climax though, TK pushes Gatomon to the ground, strips completely, and then penetrates her right up to the hilt. This causes an even louder reaction from her.

"Oh God, TK! Yes!"

Following Gatomon's encouragement TK starts pulling out, leaving only the head of his dick inside before plunging forward again full-force. Within minutes the two are orgasming wildly. Afterwards TK gets up and hurriedly dresses as the embarassment finally catches up with him. Gatomon disappears while TK is reclothing himself and heads into the trees. Once she feels at a safe distance, Gatomon lays a single DigiEgg, and then walks off.

About five hours later Gennai appears and carefully carries the egg away to his home, where he sends it through a randomly opened gateway to the human world.

"May you find safety young one, our fates may well lie with you."

To be continued...