The DigiKnight Saga

By: Takenouchi Ryu

Chapter 5: Meet the Parents

Rika and Micah finally woke up for good midmorning the next day. Everyone was overjoyed at their quick recovery, especially Renamon. The two DigiKnights spent the next few hours resting up some more and using the time for a little bit of well-deserved R&R. The gang was back in the real world by that evening.

Upon reaching the pent house, Rika was suddenly assaulted by a barrage of questions from her mother.

"Rika, oh Rika! Thank goodness you're alright! What happened!? I'd heard you were attacked by a Viral while in the Digital World! How'd you survive? No, that's not important, you're being alive is important!"

Rika desperately tried to disengage her mom from the bear-hug she was receiving, "It's no big deal, Mom. We handled the Viral no problem!"

"'We'? What do you mean by we? And how in the Hell do you expect me to believe you got rid of that monstrosity by yourself!?"

"Calm down, Mrs. Nonaka. Maybe if you gave her a chance, Rika-chan would explain everything to you." Micah interrupted.

"Rika-chan? Just who in God's green Earth are you?" Ms. Nonaka questioned.

"Takashi Takeru at your service." He formally replied.

"Well then, Rika, honey, what is this boy talking about?"

"Micha's a DigiKnight, Mom, and I'm his Partner! Isn't it great!" Rika said whilst beaming.

"Micha? Oh, you mean Takashi here! He's a DigiKnight?"


"And you are his Partner?"


Rika's mom then turned towards Micah, "Just how old are you anyway?"

"I'm 15 Mrs. Nonaka."

"Fifteen! Rika, how dare you try and pull something like this on me! I forbid you from having anything else to do with this...thing!" Ms. Nonaka yelled before turning on Micah, "And as for you, Takshi Takeru, I know all about you half-breed, so-called 'DigiKnights' from other unfortunate parents! If I so much as hear a rumor of a rumor that you've laid a single finger on my daughter, I'll have you castrated and arrested so fast your head will never stop spinning! Do I make myself clear!?"

"Crystal, Mom."

"Rika! How can you be taking the side of this pedophile!?"

"Micha-chan is not a pedophile mom! This is destiny; the same as my being a Tamer."

"Being a Tamer and being the sex toy of a horny teenaged boy are two completely different things young lady!"

"Oh do give it a break already!" a voice said from the vicinity of the kitchen.

"How can you be approving of this, Mother?"

"It's easy, dear. This is their fate. What you claim to have heard is nothing more than the lies of a bunch of egotistical bitches. They'll say anything to discredit the DigiKnights because they fear them!"

"Tsk tsk. You close your mind too much. Look at what he's done already. Haven't you noticed that people are walking with less fear now and the Viral attacks are lessening? Besides, age has nothing to do with this issue."

"Oh really? Why is that, Mother?"

"If I remember correctly, you were ten years younger than Rika's father when you two got married."

"That is irrelevant. I was an adult and made that choice accordingly!"

"Oh? I didn't know 16 was considered the legal age for majority."

"Don't patronize me mom!"

"The stop being such a hard-ass! Wait 'til you see those two in action before making your mind up. If you still think the same way afterwards, I'll back you up."


The DigiDestined and Tamers looked at each other and sighed with frustration. Micah, Rika, and Renamon quietly slipped down the hall to the bathroom. Rika and Micah discarded their soiled clothes and gratefully stepped into the bath. After that encounter with the viral, they definitely needed to bathe. Once they had properly bathed, Rika, Micah, and Renamon leaned back and let the heat of the water relax their tired muscles.

"Man, this feels great!" Micah commented as he slid lower into the water.

"Oh really. Does that mean you're in the mood?" Rika asked slyly.

"In the mood? When aren't I? Do you have any idea how horny having a damn near killed experience can make you?"

"Not really, but I think we're about to find out." Renamon answered.

Micah opened one eye to notice Renamon and Rika stalking towards him, both with pure and simple lust in their eyes. He understood exactly how they felt, but had decided against doing anything about it for the time being. Rika reached Micah first and slowly impaled her pussy on his dick. Renamon was next up. She got out of the tub and walked over to where Micah's head was. The vixen digimon knelt down so that her pussy was right in his face. Micah needed no further invitation.

While starting to pump Rika, Micah began tongue fucking Renamon. Both girls start groaning loudly from the pleasure. Each passing second brings them closer to the edge. Soon the trio orgasms together. They spend a few minutes coming down from their pleasure-induced ecstatic high. Micah, Rika, and Renamon then finish up and head for bed.

Upon leaving the bathroom the sounds of Rika's mother and grandmom arguing can be faintly heard.

"What do you mean leave them alone!? Do you have any idea what those sounds were?"

"Now you listen here young lady! What my granddaughter and her Partner choose to do in their spare time is none of our business. Leave them be!"

"But, but, they were having sex! Sex! At ten years old!"

"And you said you'd give them 'til you first saw them actually fight a Viral. Now back off!"

The sounds became muffled once Micah and his lovers reached their bedroom. All three fell asleep immediately upon getting into bed. They slept soundly throughout the night, not even noticing when Rika's mom sneaked in to watch them. Little did any of them know that Micah and Rika would have the chance to prove themselves the next day.

The morning had started out normally enough, but it quickly went sour. Everyone had barely finished getting ready for the day when a news report came onto the TV. It warned everybody to stay indoors because a viral was on the rampage. As luck would have it, the viral was only a few blocks away.

"Hey Rika-chan! It's play time!" Micah called down the hall.

"What, already? Damn! It's way too early in the morning for this shit!"

"You're telling me." came Renamon's reply.

Just then Rika's mom and grandma walked into the living room. They too had heard the emergency bulletin.

"Well now, I guess you'll get your big chance today, bastard."

"Yes, we will. We'll also prove you wrong. I can't wait to see you apologize to your daughter Ms. Nonaka."

The whole gang rushed out the door right behind Micah and Rika. They found the viral wreaking havoc in a large intersection surrounded by skyscrapers. It was easy to spot due to its apperance: a long serpentine body came up to a slightly humoid upper torso, a hood much like a corbra's was attached to the neck and head, and its left arm ended midway in a vicious looking bio-organic cannon. Micah scanned the abomination with his Digivice.

"Nagouna, Viral Level 3, Attacks: Cannon Blaster, Poison Strike, and Serpent's Gaze."

"Well, you ready for this love?"

"Of course Micah. How 'bout you, Renamon?"

"I'm always ready."

"Good. Rika, Renamon, let's do this!"

Micah and Rika held up their Digivices in unison and went digital, "Digimorph Activation!"

Micah and Rika's bodies were surrounded by fire and water respectively. When it cleared, they had gone into their first DigiKnight form. Rika's D-Arc merged with Tai's Digivice and Micah's with Sora's. Tai and Sora felt power surge through them as they went into their Battle Partner forms.

"Let's get this party started! Sora?"

"Do it, Ryu!"

"You too, Rika!"

"DigiKnight Digivolution."

"Ryu digivolve to...Runeamon!"

"Rika digivolve to...Rivasmon!"

The viral had finally noticed everyone and just stood there, an amused look on it's face, "Well, well, well. What do we have here? A complete DigiKnight Partnering? It won't matter. I've faced your likes before. I always win. Poison Strike!"

The viral began its assault by spitting red "darts" of posion at the DigiKnights. Runeamon and Rivasmon jumped out of the way and made room for Renamon to counter.

"Diamond Storm!"

The blasts of pure diamond harmlessly bounced off the viral's hide. It did give Runeamon a chance to attack though.

"Rune Kick!"

Runeamon did a somersault kick that blasted a rune of pure energy the viral's way. It dodged to the left but was caught by the subsequent explosion.

"Augh! You little piece of shit! Cannon Blaster!"

The viral raised its left arm and used its right hand to steady the weapon. A ball of yellow energy was forming in the recesses of the cannon. Rivasmon noticed that it was not paying attention to its surroundings and landed a sucker hit on the viral.

"Freezing Sphere!"

The ball of absolute zero air struck Nagouna in the back, thus throwing off his attack. It turned on Rika with fury in its eyes.

"You'll pay for that, dearly. Serpent's Gaze!"

Nagouna's eyes turned pure white as he started swaying back and forth. Rika's angry expression went blank as she fell under his hypnosis. Micah noticed this and started rushing at the viral. Sora, too, saw what was happening and tried to help.

"DigiModiy! Hyper Speed, Activate!"

Micah gained a sudden burst of speed as the viral finished charging up it's Cannon Blaster attack. He released his hold on Rika in order her to see what was coming.

"Huh? Oh shit!" Rika yelled as she tried to dodge the blast, but she was too late, "AAAuuuugggggghhh!"

Her body was thrown about ten yards back and she dedigivolved back to her default form. Micah's attack landed on Nagouna at the same time and knocked him clear across the street and into the building behind him. Micah then rushed to his Partner's side.

"Rika! Can you hear me?"

"OOOOOoohhhhhhhhhh. That hurt. Yeah, I can hear you."

"Good, do you think you can stand?"

"Not sure, Micah-chan. Fuck! What do we have to do to get rid of this clown!"

Micah followed Rika's gaze and saw the viral emerge from the rubble that had fallen on top of it. He slowly stalked towards Micah. Renamon tried to attack it from the side but was thrown off like a rag doll. Micah tried to take advantage of the situation, but he was also knocked aside. Nagouna finally reached Rika and was getting ready to grab her by the throat.

"Nobody ever blindsides me like that and gets away with it. Nobody."

Micah struggled to his feet and saw Rika's predicament. The DigiDestined and Tamers were near panicking about what to do when Sora noticed the card in her hand.

"Hmmm, that's odd! This was a Power Booster card just a second ago! Now it's a, Digivolution Activation Card?"

"Sora! Use it, now!" TK yelled as he realized what was happening.

"OK, here goes nothing! Digimodify! Digivolution Activate!"

"DigiKnight Digivolution."

"Runeamon Digivolve to...Dragomon!"

Micah's body leaped into the air and started going through the normal Tamer Digimon digivolution. His new body turned out to be a huge draconic anthromorph. Micah had red skin, large wings, a tail that looked to be devastating, and wore a pair of loose fitting black pants. A huge broadswoard came crashing into the pavement from out of nowhere. Micah landed right behind it in a crouch and pulled it out as he rose, assuming a battle stance. Kari held up her Digivice and scanned him.

"Dragomon; Champion Digimon form of Ryu, DigiKnight of Trust; Attacks: Dragon's Blade and Pyro Breath."

"Dragon's Blade!"

Micah raised the sword high above his head and brought it straight down. The blade started glowing a bright red on the way down, and it released a bolt of firey energy in the form of a long, serpentine dragon. The blast hit Nagouna square in the backside as he was leaning down to grab Rika.

"Gah! You fucked up my sweet moment of revenge! Now playtime's over."

"You got that right, mother fucker!"

Micah lowered the sword to his right side with the blade pointing horizontally out from him and charged. The viral tried to counter with numerous Cannon Blasters, but Micha merely dodged them. He lept high into the air and came down slashing. Nagouna flew a short distance backwards from the sheer force of the strike. Micah stepped protectively in front of Rika.

"You OK?"

"Couldn't be better, Micah-chan!"

"Good!" he replied while turning his attention back to the monster before him, "Pyro Breath!"

With this Micah leaned forward and thrust his neck out. Searing flames burst forth from his mouth. Nagouna tried to late to reverse his forward momentum and ran headlong into the inferno.


His scream of pain reverberated throughout the intersection. The flames quickly died away. Nagouna's green scales were now blackened and his arm cannon had scorch marks all over it. Micah finished the viral off by running forward and leaping as before. This time, however, he spun sideways as he brought his blade down; Micah also let loose another attack at the moment of contact.

"Dragon's Blade!"

The viral slowly disintegrated into llittle pieces of data that slowly disappeared as his deletion completed itself. Rika and Micah immediately digdigitized and fell to their knees from exhaustion. The gang quickly ran to them and helped the two walk back to their home.

Rika's mom gave them a few hours to recuperate before having a few words with Micah in private.

"That was quite the performance you two put on today. Now then, I do have to admit that I can't deny your intentions concerning my daughter are pure. I still don't like the idea of you two together though."

"That's understandable, Nonaka-san. To your way of thinking, Rika-chan is just a little girl. You fail to realize the biggest truth of the matter though."

"Oh? What's that?"

"Rika isn't human anymore, let alone a little girl. Now wait! Just hear me out and let me finish. While it's true that, physically, Rika still has a lot of growing up to do, that's not the area you need to worry about."

"Then which is it?"

"A DigiKnight is completely mentally mature no matter the age. Did you know that the youngest Partneres to date were only five?"

"Five!? I never knew that! Why did you say 'were' instead of 'are'?"

"That brings me up to my next point. Do you have any idea of the average life expectancy of two DigiKnight Partners?"

"I've no clue. Ten years?"

"Try two."

"Two!? Why?"

"Once the virals know the strength of a set of Partners, they send in a viral far more powerful to finish them off. This process usually takes two years at the most. A few DigiKnights have lived longer, of course."

"I can see where you're coming from in that respect, but I still can't comprehend why you two insist on..."

"Making love so often? You still don't get it, do you?"

"Get what?"

"There aren't enough of us! More DigiKnights are being killed than new ones coming of age! At the current rate all of us will be gone sometime in the next twenty years!"

"Oh. Oh!"

Micah sighed before continuing, "Look, you won't have to worry about Rika getting pregnant. We already decided to wait 'till she is at least fifteen. The odds favor Renamon and I having a child together more than me and Rika-chan."

"But what about...accidents? They can happen you know."

"Female DigiKnights can control ovulation. It takes the girl being willing in order for two DigiKnights to reproduce."

"I see. But what about you? You know all this, yet you still choose to stay with my daughter. Why is that?"

"To put it simply, I love her. I'd do anything within my power to protect Rika. She means more to me than life itself."

"Just like today eh."


"Fine, I'll leave you two be, under one condition."

"And that is?"

"You do something about all the noise you two, three I guess is more correct, make when doing it. It's enough to drive anybody up the wall!"

"So I noticed. I can smell your arrousal from a mile away." Micah said as he turned around and started to leave.

"Oh! One more thing!" Ms. Nonaka said with a hint of slyness in her voice.


"Before I'll accept your relationship I want you to fuck my brains out."

"Fuck you? Now who's acting th pedophile?"

"It's not that I'm into guys your age or anything. I just haven't done it in so long. I need some release. I don't even care how you do it; I just want to feel an orgasm not induced by myself for once."

"The things I do." Micah muttered as he went back to Rika's mom.

Everyone else had gone out to eat, so Micah and Ms. Nonaka had the appartment to themselves, not that it mattered. She had chosen to talk with Micah in the guestroom. Perfect for her plans of getting laid without being seen.

Micah reached Ms. Nonaka and pushed her onto the bed. She looked up in surprise only to see him stripping. Once he was done Micah went about removing her clothing. The blouse and bra were quickly thrown onto the floor. As Micah began kissing her, Ms. Nonaka reached out and started stroking his dick.

Micah then stood back up straight and presented his manhood to Rika's mom. He only needed to use one word, "Suck." Ms. Nonaka complied and took the swollen member into her mouth. She felt Micah grab her head with both hands and start humping her mouth. The older woman used her tongue to further pleasure Micah, slowly licking its length with each pump of his hips. She felt Micah's thrusts pick up speed and concentrated on swirling her tongue around his head to increase the pleasure. Micah let out a large wad of semen right on top of Ms. Nonaka's tongue. She swallowed it as he pulled out and found the taste to her liking.

"My turn." Micah stated as he got down on his knees and spread her legs. Rika's mom kept her pubic hair trimmed into a neat nest well above her pussy. Micah took in the sight of the tiny crop of hair above her enlarged vulva and licked his lips. He then licked the glistening slit and drove his tongue deep into her depths.


Micah plunged deeper into her pussy and tasted her love juices. Then he pulled his tongue out just as quickly. Micah took a breast in each hand and started suckling. He would run his tongue around the nipple then gently nip it between his teeth. Micah spoke again after he had tasted both tits, "Get on all fours."

Rika's mom nodded her head and turned around so that she was on her hands and knees. She felt the mattress shake as Micah got up behind her. He ran his dick along the crack of her ass until he touched her nether lips with the tip. Micah teased her for a few seconds before diving in. He grabbed her hips as he initially started pumping but then moved his hands to Ms. Nonaka's ample breasts. Micah squeezed them a little bit before returning his hands to her hips.

By this point Ms. Nonaka was moaning very loudly. It blended with the squishing sound produced by the friction of their sexes and her honey. As Micah picked up the tempo her breasts started shaking back and forth, even slapping against her chest once or twice. Ms. Nonaka came a few minutes later, screaming out in ecstasy. In the midst of her orgasm she felt Micah shoot a load into her blazing sex.

Micah calmly got dressed and then went back to his and Rika's room to wait for them to return with dinner. Ms. Nonaka went and took a bath before changing into some new, clean clothing. As he waited, Micah mused over what Rika and Renamon would do when they found out.

Rika and Renamon returned a few hours later. They walked into their room to find Micah spread out on the bed reading a manga. Renamon quietly sniffed the air as an unfamiliar odor caught her attention. "So how'd it go." Rika asked.

Renamon's cut-in brought Micah's head snapping up, "Which part, Rika? The talking or the sex?"

"Both." the firery haired Tamer replied cooly.

"Hoo boy. Rika, I can explain..." Micah started to say but was interrupted by a deep kiss from her.

"You don't have to." Rika stated as she pulled her lips away from Micah's, "I know my mom's been in need of some serious relase for some time now. I'm just surprised that she would pull something like this on you."

"Heh, you're telling me."

"Yes, so tell me, Micah, how was it with an older woman?" Renamon questioned.

"Please!" her lover replied with such vehemance that both Digimon and Tamer were taken aback, "You have no idea how much I hated it. It was akin to rape. I want only you and Rika, love. Please don't question my fidelity. You should know that I'll never even look at another female in that way."

"Of course!" Rika replied.

"Besides, if I was unfaithful, you'd never get to see what happens on our Mating Night." Micah added.

"Mating Night? What's that?"

"You'll just have to wait and see, Rena-chan." Micah said and then turned over and went to sleep. Tamer and Digimon looked at each other for a few seconds before joining him. Both figured they would find out what he had meant soon enough.