Oh Right, Diary.

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Okay, Let me see...

Am I supposed to pour out my feelings on this.. this.. what do you call this -

Oh right, Diary.

See, my girlfriend forced me to write in this stu- I mean, thing. Oh right, Diary.

Anyways, so what should I write?


My name's Natsume. Natsume Hyuuga. I'm 14. I have crimson eyes and raven-colored hair.

I'm in middle school, and has the alice of fire. And oh, I belong in the Dangerous Type.

Is this alright?


Well, okay.

I'll just burn this to stupid thing - Oh right, Diary, to crisp.

That way I won't have any problems.

Heh -


I can't.

My girlfriend's gonna kill me.

So I guess I'll just have to stick with this.. this.. Right, Diary. Why do I keep on forgetting?


So I'll continue.

There's a girl I hate. Mikan Sakura.

She's stupid, naive, childish, careless, reckless.

And I have ten reasons why I hate her.

One - She wears polka-dot underwears.

Two - If not polka dots, then it would have to be strawberry printed.

Three - She's an idiot, and formerly a no-star.

Four - She always gets late and gets a lot of detention.

What else?

Five - Oh yes, she's ugly and wears those.. those.. hideous pigtails!

Six - and when she whines..Man! She makes my ears bleed!

Seven - She's so annoying and loud.

Eight - She always disturbs my nap.

Nine - She's so clingy with that Andou guy.

Ten - And the reason why I really hate her is because she made me fall in love with her.

Okay, now that was cheesy.

But it isn't that bad.


You were saying?

She's interesting?

Are you.. serious?

YOU think that POLKADOTS is interesting?

(evil glare)

Back off. She's MY girl.

(burns your hair)

A loud scream was then heard throughout the academy.



"Oi, polkadots. What do you want?"

"Don't call me THAT, pervert!"


"I just heard a scream."

"I didn't hear anything."

"You didn't do anything?"

"Do anything what?"


Mikan Sakura smiled at Natsume and curiously stared at him.


"What were you doing then?"

"Writing in this thing that you gave me."

Natsume jumped down from the branch where he was sitting and placed an arm around Mikan.

"Oh right, Diary."


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