Ch.1 The Boy
It sucks how someone already took this idea of an Inu-yasha cross over but I thought of it before that other guy put his story up. I hope to have a unique storyline and make a good fan fiction. I hope it'll be good. Anyway Naruto has returned from the Sauske retrieval arc and Inu-yash and his friends have gotten the red Tuetsuiga and are headed to Naraku's castle.(sorry I can't spell so if someone can help me with the names I'd be happy) Here's Ch1.

Inu-yash and friends where walking down the road. "Yes! I can use the red Tuetsuiga! Now I can kill Naraku!" yelled Inu-yasha. "Yes Inu-yasha but calm down we're not there yet. Save your strength." Miroku said as he began to inch closer to Sango, but before he could get close to her she had started running down the road. "Sango, what are you doing?" yelled Inu-yasha. As he ran to catch up, but suddenly she stopped beside what looked like a young boys body. The boy was wearing an orange jumpsuit (It was Naruto so I don't have to describe him) "He's badly injured. We should find a place to rest" said Sango as all the others nodded. So the set out to find shelter so they could tend the boy's wounds.

"What am I doing here?" A snake like voice asked itself. "I don't know Orochimaru-sama but we're not at the base." answered a boy with white hair an glasses. "Ah Kabuto where are we?" asked Orochimaru. "Like I said I don't know but we're not in the Fire Country anymore." "Hmmmm…" said Orochimaru.

Well there's Ch1. It's kind of rushed but I had to get it done! Can't let anyone else put an InuNaru crossover before me Haha! Now please donate some reviews to the plot bunny foundation. We are trying to Give the plot a home and food. Would you take that away from the bunnies? The cute fluffy bunnies?