Final Chapter

I have no doubt that this final chapter will piss people off. My problem is that I only remember the bare bones of the Inuyasha storyline, only watched the anime, and don't know the words in Japanese. This final chapter is basically going to outline what I wanted the story to entail. PLEASE someone make a re-write of this story! Someone who remembers Inuyasha and can write. Also my story Naruto: The Hero of Time is being changed into the Plot Bunny Orphanage. I will write little ideas for stories that come to mind there from know on. I am currently working on something new but my lack of typing ability will make sure that it takes awhile to come out. Sorry again.

"Ha ha ha ha! My pathetic human side no longer hinders me! Nothing prevented me from striking down Kikyo! Ha ha ha!" Naraku gloated. He had just finished testing his new body on Kikyo. "Now to find the jewel shards." Hinata stayed hidden. The woman who had found and cared for her since coming to this world was dead.

"Ku ku ku!" a sound emanated from nearby. "Orochimaru? What are you doing here? I thought I told you to go deal with Inuyasha?" Naraku said and Hinata thought that she could here a slight hint of fear in his voice.

"Well I would have… but the thought of your new body weakened after your fight with Kikyo was too hard to resist." said Orochimaru.

"What are you going to do?" Naraku asked.

"Oh… only this! Soul transfer jutsu!" Orochimaru yelled. Then… silence. Hinata risked taking a peak over the rock she was hiding behind. There was Naraku standing and twitching and a pile of empty clothes in front of him.

From there Orochimaru returned to his own world and absorbed Sauske and Pein and many more people with bloodlines and special abilities.

Naruto and the group pursued him and eventually caught up to him and killed him when Naruto cut an atom in half causing an explosion that killed both him and Orochimaru.

The End