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Rima x Shiki

Rima looked down at her clothes she was showing way more skin then she usually liked "stupid modeling agent" she mumbled under her breath, glaring at every male that looked at her with perverted eyes. "giving everyone death glares isn't going to help" Shiki's voice said behind her "no but it makes me feel better she said looking up to him then turning away from him again to hide her blush she had to admit he looked good. "hey Rima, Shiki" a voice said from behind them, it was their director telling them to get ready they plus 5 of 6 other people were getting group shots they were the top models in the world and they were now all in the same movie together "say poisonous passion" the photographer said 3 people actually said the dumb phrase but the rest just smiled "this is it" Rima thought " my career is starting". The camera flashed and it was the first picture of the new movie 'Poisonous Passion'