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By ChoppingBoard

As usual, morning in the Tohsaka residence included tea drinking. Rin was enjoying the aroma of the tea and decided to take a sip, while opposite of her is a man of muscular physique and tanned skin, her servant, Archer. She had just summoned her servant a few days ago but was influenced very much of his master's habit of drinking tea.

After a few minutes of silence and sipping tea, Archer broke the silence when he sensed an unfamiliar being at the front gate. "Rin, someone's at the front gate."

"Probably Mr. Kino, my dance instructor." The master replied calmly.

"What's this? Taking up dance lessons during the Holy Grail War?" Archer and sarcasm mix very well that the tandem can even beat that of spaghetti and meatballs. He was not also accustomed to these segways and his master taking the war lightly.

"It's just for today and tomorrow. I need to take a refresher course for the masquerade party of my cousin next week."

"A dancing party huh? Just don't forget that there is an ongoing war." Archer seemed really annoyed and dematerialized immediately.

Rin set her teacup at the table and stood up to meet with the visitor at the front gate.

"Mr. Kino, welcome." Rin greeted the man with grayish hair as she pushed the metal object for space to come in.

"Ms. Tohsaka, the pleasure is mine." The man took of his hat revealing more of his grayish hair.

"Oh please call me Rin."

"Very well, Miss Rin."

The two entered the house side-by-side while Archer was looking at them from a far window.

After a few introductions and several chit chatting, the old man stood up and approached the nearest component to play some music that would match the dance they will do. He then moved toward Rin and offered a hand. "Shall we begin, Miss Rin?"

"Certainly." Rin took the man's hand and stood up.

"Let us begin with the proper posture and positions of the hands."

The palm of his left hand was entangled with Rin's right palm while he placed Rin's left hand on his shoulder and slid his right hand at Rin's back.

What a compromising posture, the servant, who was watching… or rather peeking at a tiny opening at the door, thought. So this is the type of dancing she'll do at the party.

The pair was dancing in the beat 123, with stress with the one, the basic movement of waltz. It consisted of a long stride followed by two little steps. After a few turns of the basic steps, they were doing variations including turns, dancing side by side and different hand movements.

Archer held his position and silently watched the movements of the two. I never thought Rin was good at something other than casting spells and cooking. After all, those were the only activities he had witnessed since being summoned by the magician.

Hours passed and noon came. The old man had to leave now as the lessons were only from 10am-12noon. He bid his goodbye at the young lady and headed off.

"You seem to have enjoyed yourself Archer. Liked what you saw?" Rin didn't need to see her servant to be able to ascertain his presence. She also knew he had been standing outside the door too long for his sake.

"I just didn't have anything better to do. Seeing you dancing also revealed something about you to me. I think that's good." Archer replied and now materialized a few steps from his master. "It's already noon, why don't we—" he was about to go out of the room when two hands tugged at his right arms. He looked back and stared in return to the pair of blue eyes.

Rin let go of his hand and stood still for a few moments before clutching the sides of her skirt and placed her right foot at her back to perform a bow. This is usually done by guys, but what the heck. "May I have the pleasure of having a dance with you?"

What the?! Had Archer not been instilled with a lot of restraints, he would have gasped and flung his mouth open with shock. However, being a sardonic person as he is, he crossed his arms and wrinkled his eyebrow, "why should I?"

Rin rose from her bow and crossed her arms to her dismay. "And I even asked you nicely at that. You're a bore sometimes."

"Sometimes?" Archer responded with a raised right eyebrow.

"You don't want 'sometimes'? Ok, ALWAYS. You're always a bore." She replied in a mocking tone.

The remark further annoyed Archer which was only able to let out a grunt.

"Come on." Rin grabbed the hand of her servant to commence with the dance but the latter kept on removing his hand from the position.

"Miss Rin, I-"

There was no use dematerializing now. Mr. Kino already saw him. I was too busy trying to remove Rin's prying hands I didn't notice him coming, damn it! Rin and he looked at the hat on the table. It was the probable cause of Mr. Kino's return. Unfortunately, Rin was able to lazily place Archer's hand on her shoulder, thus, making room for a comment from the dance instructor.

Mr. Kino stood in awe and finally commented. "Miss Rin, I didn't know you have a dance partner here."

"Yeah. Well, it's very hard to make him cooperate though." Rin glared at Archer who was petrified and still had his right arm on her shoulder. "This is my friend, Shuichi."

"P-" Before Archer could say something, Rin covered his mouth with her hand.

"Shuichi, meet Mr. Kino." She glowered at her servant.

She didn't even bat an eyelash when she said the name Shuichi, my master is really clever. Archer now recovered and immediately withdrew his hand from Rin's shoulder.

Mr. Kino approached Archer to shake his hand. "Pleased to meet you Shuichi, I am Takada Kino. I tutored Rin a while ago with regards to the dance waltz. It would be very nice if you would practice with her. You have a very nice frame."

Archer kept silent. My name now is Shuichi and I should dance with Rin. This is bullshit.

It was now up to Rin to break the silence. "You forgot your hat Mr. Kino?"

"Ah yes." He approached the table to retrieve his belonging. "However, I would like to see you dance first."

Archer was about to take a few steps backward to give way for the teacher and students but was halted.

"I meant you two." Mr. Kino pulled Archer towards Rin and placed their hands where he sees fit. "If you don't mind, I'll stay for several tips, Miss Rin."

Rin nodded at the suggestion of the old man.

This IS a very COMPROMISING position, he admitted to himself. His left hand was entwined with Rin's right hand and her left hand was on his bicep while his right hand was around Rin. It was supposed to be like the position Rin and her teacher earlier but because of Archer's larger form, their bodies had to be more intimate, closer to each other. The servant couldn't help but be flushed even for a bit.

Mr. Kino positioned himself at the nearest chair and was counting loudly for them to follow. "123, 123,…."

Rin grinned at her partner who had a very serious expression.

"What's so funny? And when did I become Shuichi?" his face was still stern.

"Well, that you actually graced me with this dance. In addition, it is better that way Shuichi, you shouldn't be complaining about it. It sounds nice." Rin tried to hold back her laughter but still managed to let out several small giggles.

"Hmph." Was the only reaction of the overpowered servant. I can't believe I'm losing myself a lot today.

After almost an hour of different combinations of waltz steps, the instructor finally called it a day. As soon as he bid his goodbyes to the couple, he set off again. This time, he checked if he had all his stuff intact, leaving a very much frustrated but flushed Archer and a very jovial Rin.

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