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By ChoppingBoard

Chapter 2 – Green-eyed monster Part 1

It was the second day of Rin's dance lesson. As usual, Rin and Archer were drinking their morning tea as they start their day.

"Rin, someone's at -"

Before Archer could even finish, Rin already had a reply. "Second day of dance lesson, Shuichi." She stuck out her tongue at her servant and grabbed his right arm to force him to go with her. "I told him to make his way in the house upon his arrival. We should be in the room now to greet him."

"What about the dishes?" came Archer's nervous reply. Not dancing again. Archer looked at his master and slightly blushed as he recalls their closeness the day before.

Ever since he was summoned, Archer also did household chores. He and Rin take turns in washing the dishes, cleaning and others. He was not really in the mood to dance today. But, it would take hours to convince his master. And it would certainly be not easy to talk his way out of dancing when he's got nothing better to do.

Rin looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Since when did you become very enthusiastic in doing chores?!" She looked at her servant intently. "Besides, that can wait" she said as she pointed at the used tea set.

"But how about preparing lunch?"

Rin was literally dragging Archer out of the room, seeing that it was the only way to make him go with her. Archer would've fought his stay for his sake had he not sensed that Mr. Kino was not alone when he entered the house.

He looked at his master who was very buoyant at that moment. Maybe she didn't notice. I might as well go with her to avoid danger.

They entered the room where they danced the day before. And Rin already went ahead to start playing the music.

Great. So much for keeping Rin from harm. He couldn't complain now that he was already there and gave in to what his master wanted. Also, he could sense that Mr. Kino and the stranger were walking at a slow pace and would not be arriving to where they were anytime soon.

Getting ahead of herself alright, Rin now approached her servant and almost embraced him when she placed their hands on the proper position.

Again. To hell with this position. But he was not really cursing it because he didn't want it. Rather, he felt odd having this tingling sensation when he gets close to Rin, even more when IT'S this darn close. He shook his head to avert his attention towards the intruder he was waiting for. He glanced at his master who just began the dancing and doesn't seem to notice the intrusion. Should I tell her?

Archer was fighting his inner self in deciding to tell her or not. Eventually making his mind up, he began "Rin, there's s-"

"No, you're not going anywhere."

Great. She's not even listening. Of all the time she chose not to listen to him, it had to be today, at this hour, at this instant. He could now feel Mr. Kino and the stranger several steps away.

"I'm not -"

"…Listening." Rin continued his statement. Rin shifted her gaze from Archer to a nearby window to emphasize her line of reasoning to not listen to his excuses. You're not going anywhere.

He could now feel that their guests were just outside the door. Considering that it was really urgent to tell his master, he grabbed her shoulders and forced her to look at him by seizing her jaw. "Look Rin -"

Just about time that Mr. Kino showed up at the door. "I'm terribly sorry for interrupting…" He couldn't say anything else as he saw how close their faces were as if they will kiss each other.

The two couldn't help but be flushed. They immediately pulled apart and secured a 3-step gap from each other.

"Oh no, Mr. Kino. We were just talking.." She forced a smile towards the old man and momentarily glanced at her servant and gave him a what-the-hell-were-you-thinking glare.

"Talking? Hmmm….Anyway, nice to see you Mister Shuichi."

The stranger was just outside the door. Why isn't he/she entering the room? Although they were just being accused of something he would have been ridiculously nervous about, Archer couldn't help but focus on the intruder. Mr. Kino might be a master whose servant is waiting to launch a surprise attack at us or the intruder is a master himself. Sensing that the intruder took his first step forward, he instantly raised his left hand in front of Rin and fixed an angry stare at the space at the door that Mr. Kino left when he entered.

"No need to panic Shuichi." The old man said. The stranger then entered the room and revealed a man with brown long hair. "This is Takeshi, I brought him along to be Rin's partner for today, but, seeing that you're here…"

Archer sighed as a sign of relief. And I thought he was a threat.

"Mr. Kino was right." Takeshi approached Rin and knelt before her. "You're very beautiful indeed Miss Tohsaka." He touched her hand and gently placed a kiss.

At once, Archer changed his calm expression to an infuriated one. The nerve of this person! What makes him think- Wait a minute, what am I getting worked up for?! Still sporting the frustrated look, he now glanced at Rin who seemed to be petrified.

Rin just stood there and was not even going to move anytime soon.

"Shuichi, if you don't mind, Takeshi would be Rin's partner for today." Mr. Kino said.

"I'm sure he wouldn't mind." Takeshi replied confidently and glanced at the infuriated servant.

Who the hell does this guy think he is?! Archer crossed his arms and smirked. "Let Rin decide." He was hoping for a favorable response from his master, but alas, Rin was in the mood to further irritate him…

"Yes, Shuichi wouldn't mind." She replied calmly.

Archer was about to protest but seeing the evil stare from his master, he would be led further to the pits.

"You were saying you had other things to do and dancing would be the last thing you wanted to do, right?" Rin continued.

Argh! What gave me the idea that she would favor me? "I'll just watch." The servant now seated himself comfortably and was now readying himself to watch Rin and Takeshi dance.

Right away, Rin and Takeshi began the waltz. They danced well, no, scratch that, VERY WELL. Too well that Mr. Kino was looking really pleased and further led Archer to the ruins.

The dance consisted now of the steps Rin was supposed to be doing at the party. This is to practice the exact steps and the right timing.

Archer can't help himself but stare in awe at the duo. He may be aggravated but can still differentiate between good and bad dancing. Why was he irritated then?

Finally, noon came and the two visitors would have to leave the house, much to the servant's delight. Or would they be leaving soon?

"It would really be nice if you could stay for lunch." Rin proposed.

"Oh. It would be my pleasure to stay. However, I have a luncheon meeting to attend to." Was Mr. Kino's reply.

"I guess I'll be the only one staying."

And how he's staying?! What the hell is going on here?! Archer obviously was not going to change his expression, more that Takeshi was staying. Knowing that he's known to be Rin's 'friend', he also exclaimed, "I'm also staying."

"Well then, I guess I have to make lunch for three people." Rin said.

"I should better get going Miss Rin, Mister Shuichi and Mister Takeshi." The old main slightly raised his hat and exited the door.

Three's a crowd alright. Upon Mr. Kino's departure, Archer was angrily fixated at Takeshi who was making himself comfortable at a chair and Rin was walking towards the component to turn off the music. She turned around to face the two guys. "Since I have to prepare the food, why don't you temporarily enjoy each other's company here and I'll just call when I'm finished, Ok?" She was about to leave the room when Takeshi clutched her hand.

"I'll help prepare the food." He said calmly.

Can this person be more irritating? Archer, not wanting to see more of Takeshi's ramblings and irksome antics, went out of the room bumping the other guy's shoulder and headed for the kitchen. "I'll also help." I take back that this guy is not the enemy. He shook his head because of his last statement. Why do I feel threatened with this guy?

At the kitchen, Rin wore a black apron and started to take out ingredients from the refrigerator. She also took out 2 similar aprons from the cupboards for Archer and Takeshi.

Both immediately wore their corresponding aprons and started taking knives with which to cut the ingredients.

Hmm.. In the end, I don't have anything to do. "Um… well, we'll be having braised beef. We just have to mix the ingredients and simmer since I've prepared the meat already. Would that be OK?"

"Yes." Archer and Takeshi replied in unison. Both of them were cutting the ingredients with contrasting facial expressions. Archer has yet to remove his annoyance with the other person while Takeshi was rather peaceful and even seemed to enjoy what he was doing.

After several minutes, the food was done and they ate it quietly. When they were done eating, the atmosphere was still quiet.

Takeshi was the first to speak. "You know Rin."



Archer now returned to his business of staring irately at HIS unwanted guest. Now, what's he going to say?

"Uh… nevermind." Takeshi said.

"Ok… you sure you don't want to say it?" Rin replied.

"Yeah.." He stood up and started piling up their plates.

"I'll wash the dishes." Archer was not ready to be defeated by this being at relieving Rin of her chores.

Takeshi glanced at his watch. "Oh look at the time, I should get going."

"Then I'll walk you to the door." Rin offered.

"You know, you're very lucky to have him."

"Shuichi? Well he's really helpful and all."

"That's great. How long have you been together?"

Rin couldn't help but blush at his comment. "No.. you've got it all wrong." She kept on shaking her head trying to deny the allegation. If you only knew….

"No? Well, you don't know what will happen in the future."

"What makes you think so?"

Takeshi was now halfway the walkway outside and the front lawn. He glanced back at the blushing girl and said, "First, you look good together and second, if I died at every glare he gave me the whole morning, I would've had my eternal slumber more than 50 times. If that is possible."

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