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By ChoppingBoard

Chapter 4 - Revelations

The week was relatively fast for Rin and Archer. That is, they didn't even notice that it was already Saturday, the day of the dance party. Rin and Archer arrived at the reception which seemed to be already packed with guests.

Rin wore a yellow sleeveless dress with intricate beadwork while Archer wore a tuxedo. Both looked ravishing and was attested by the numerous looks they were receiving from the other guests.

"Rin, Shuichi! Over here!"

They both looked at Yuki who was waving at them and was wearing a pink strapless dress.

"Thank you very much for coming." Yuki hugged her cousin and turned to Archer. "You look great Shuichi."

"Thanks." Archer replied. "You don't look bad either."

Yuki giggled and hugged the servant like a fangirl.

Rin just looked at the two and touched her forehead. This is going to be a long night.

"Why don't we get something to eat?" Yuki proposed.

"Sure." Rin replied.

Archer nodded.

After eating, the dancing began. It was commenced by the dance number which Rin practiced for the past weekend. Luckily, Rin was paired up with someone she knew, Yuki's brother, Shin.

Archer and Yuki just watched from their seats. As usual, Archer watched Rin like a hawk. And seeing this, Yuki just giggled.

"That's my brother Shin." Yuki told Archer.

"Pardon?" Archer looked perplexed at what Yuki said.

"The one Rin's dancing with is my brother. Don't get upset." Yuki grinned at the guy beside her.

Archer couldn't help but be flushed. However, he now smiled as he watched Rin and her partner while they danced.

People were now everywhere. Subsequent to the dance was the opening of the hall for those interested to dance. Everyone was scrambling around for dancing partners and Rin got stuck. She just sighed as she lost hope for finding her cousin or her servant.

Rin just decided to lean on a wall. Now I'm alone, what does this night has yet to offer?

"I didn't know you prefer to be a wallflower, that's a shame."

Rin looked from where the voice came from. She widened her eyes in disbelief "T….Takeshi?"

"Don't worry I'm not a ghost or anything. I'm really here in person."

She shook her head and regained her composure. "S..sorry about that..Why are you here?"

"I'll answer your question, if you honor me your first dance…" He held out his hand to her.

Rin took his hand and responded, "sure".

Archer, on the other hand, was also trying to find Yuki or Rin. He didn't care who because he was being swarmed by a group of girls trying to make him dance with them.

He kept on moving to different locations in the hallway but suddenly stopped when he saw Rin. But, his momentary delight of finding Rin turned into a frown when he saw who she was dancing with. "Takeshi." What in the world is he doing here?!

"So… why are you here?" Rin wanted to resume the conversation they had prior to their dance.

"Umm.. you see I'm related to Yuki." Takeshi responded.

"Are you a distant relative? So you're my relative too!"

Takeshi shook his head.

"Tell me" Rin looked intently at her partner.

"Kind of the same with your relationship with Shuichi." Takeshi grinned.

You're her servant? Rin laughed in her thoughts. If you only knew Takeshi. "Friends?"

"Are you still on the denial stage?" Takeshi wrinkled his eyebrows as he didn't expect still the naivete of the two. "You know doing a scheme to the two of you was really difficult for me and Yuki."

"You framed us? Is that why you were there on my 2nd day of practice?"

"Yes… I was about to tell you on the kitchen before I go but Yuki will never forgive me if I did and I wanted to see more action." He smiled at his partner.

Rin recalled the time when Takeshi was about to say something but opted not to. A/N: See chapter 1

"I see."

"Why don't you tell him that you love him? Although I'm also wondering why he hasn't told you yet."


"Still on the denial stage I see." Takeshi finished her statement. "I already told you that he is madly in love with you. Hasn't he confessed or anything?"

"No he's not. And he doesn't have to confess anything." Rin averted her gaze to other things at the hall. I wish he is. And I wish he'll tell me.

"Looking for him?"

"N..N-..No" Rin still kept her eyes away from Takeshi's face.

"You know you're not good at lying." He took hold of Rin's jaw to make them face each other.

"I'm just going to tell him about you and Yuki."

"If you say so."

From afar, Archer couldn't help but be irritated at the sight of the dancing couple. The nerve of this guy to dance with her here. He also saw Takeshi seizing her jaw, bringing their faces together which further inflamed his temper towards the guy.

"You look like you want to kill somebody."

I'm not in the mood for talking right now.

"You know this hall is made for dancing."

Archer still ignored the girl who can't seem to give up on asking him to dance.

"Come on."

He did not intend to give in to the girl's asking or even pay attention to her but because of the coming and going people behind them, the girl was off-balanced and was pushed to him. The servant had no choice to put his arms around her to steady her position.

Rin's dance with Takeshi ended shortly. He winked at the girl and waved his hand and walked away. Why don't you tell him? Again, Takeshi's words resounded in her mind. Incidentally, he saw Archer holding another girl. Why did you have to lie Takeshi? She felt tears forming in her eyes and strolled out of the hall.

"T..thank you." The girl's voice was faint.

" 're welcome." Archer put his hands away and the girl walked away in embarrassment.

"Yo Shuichi!"

The servant looked at the person who called him and instantly became enraged when he saw that it was Takeshi.

"Have you seen Rin?" Takeshi asked him coolly.

"I don't know. Wasn't he with you just now?" Sarcasm was evident in his words and further gave him an angry glare.

"Well, she was looking for you-"

Before even Takeshi could finish his sentence, he was cutoff when Archer grabbed his collar and was ready to punch him any second.

"Wait Shuichi! Don't hurt him!"

Yuki ran towards them and grabbed his arm. "Please don't…" she was in the verge of tears.

Archer immediately took his hands off Takeshi and looked away.

"I guess you haven't seen Rin. And we went overboard too sweetheart." He took Yuki's hand and put his arms around her.

"Yeah, I didn't know Shuichi would get that jealous honey." Yuki snuggled closer to Takeshi.

What the?! Archer couldn't help but be lost in thought.

Yuki pulled away and only took Takeshi's hand. She walked closer to Archer and said, "I'm sorry, let me introduce you two again. Shuichi, meet Takeshi, my boyfriend."

"He's your boyfriend? But.. he's trying to get Rin.." Archer looked confused and was shocked at the information.

"Hmm.. that was our scheme. I told Rin a while ago and she said she was going to tell you. That's why I asked where she was. I was also intending to tell you but didn't when I went to Rin's house." Takeshi explained.

"I wanted to check up on how Rin was doing and I sent him. And seeing that you were there, we decided to make a plan." Yuki grinned at the servant.

"Hmmm…." Archer was starting to grasp all of the information they were telling him.

"Like trying to get you jealous or something." Takeshi grinned. "which I think I was very good at."

Archer suddenly realized that he was the one at fault. "I'm sorry about what I did."

"Don't worry about it, that's just a normal reaction." Takeshi smiled at him.

Yuki embraced Takeshi. "They're really cute for each other honey."

"If you'll excuse me. I'm going to find Rin." The servant left the couple and started to look around for Rin.

Archer looked at every spot in the hall for Rin. When he saw a staircase, he already knew where she was.


The girl looked back to see who was calling her but turned around and frowned when she saw her servant.

"Is something wrong?" Archer walked closer to his master.

"Go away!" It was unmistakable that she was crying.

Not saying anything, he immediately embraced her.

"Don't touch me, go away!" Rin was trying to keep his hands off her to no avail.

"Why don't you tell me what's wrong?" He kept his hands around her and tried not to budge with her gestures.

"Why don't you just stay with the girl you were embracing a while ago?!"

Archer laughed. "Is that it?"

Rin's head was still buried on his chest but was still enraged by what she saw on the hall. "What do you mean that's it?! You jerk!"

"You're jealous"

Rin was silent for a while but still was able to muster an angry reply, "No, I..I-m not!"

"She kept on bugging me to dance with her. When she saw pushed by the people who were going around, she accidentally fell on me."

"As if I'm going to believe that." Rin still didn't want to look at him.

"Are you not listening to me again?" He stared at the full moon that illuminated the two of them.

Rin kept silent and still.

"Believe me Rin."

"I don't want to."

Archer pulled away and put his hands on her shoulders. "Trust me, please."

Rin turned away from his face and still did not want to talk.

This is awkward, but what the hell. "Then believe this. You're the only one I'm going to love." The servant touched her jaw to face him and seized her lips with his.

Rin just looked at her servant and kept still.

"Are you still not going to talk to me?"

Takeshi was right. She smiled at what he had told her. Still out of words, she just embraced the guy before her.

"Will you dance with me? Right here, right now?"


Archer took her right hand with his left and initiated the waltz.

"Don't we look ridiculous dancing under the moonlight without music?" Rin chuckled as she asked Archer.

"You know this is supposed to be romantic."

"Well, yeah." Rin started to hum Moon River.

"What's that song?"

"It's a secret."

"Come on. Tell me."

"Tell me you love me first."

"Do I have to?"

"Come on." Rin pouted.

"Ok.. I love you."

"I love you too."

Yuki and Takeshi stood nearby and enjoyed the sight of the lovebirds.

"Awww.. that's so sweet." Yuki was in the verge of crying.

"I knew they had it in them."


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