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Chapter One: Not a Pirate's life for me

Lydia Turner felt the dull pain searing through her calves and continue to climb up her legs. She was used to the pain, hours and hours of strain on the muscles in her body made her strong, quick, and flexible. It had been her passion her whole life and she was a professional. It had been a good substitute for those hours her mother was away and those years her father was at sea. He dream was to become the Prima Ballerina at the Paris Opera, and she was so close.

The melodic violin came to the final quivering note as Lydia finished her routine and her mother applauded her with great enthusiasm. Elizabeth Swan stood from her chair and walked over to her daughter. The similarities between them were outstanding yet her darker features belonged to her father. Lydia smiled at her mother but it began to fade as she saw the sadness in her eyes.

"It is ok mother, only two more years until you can see him again," she said trying to comfort the older woman. Forcing a smile Elizabeth turned and led her daughter out of the studio thanking the musician. It had been a very hard life to be apart from the man she loved. However thanks to a grateful sea goddess the ten years was not totally unbearable. Captain Will turner had been so efficient and compassionate in his ferrying of souls to the land of the dead that he had been given a gift; the gift of communication. Every year Will could write one letter to his wife and child and similarly they could respond. The letters were long and filled to the brim with love and emotion making the time a little less lonely.

Elizabeth had been blessed with Lydia the little girl who kept her company. However sometimes it wasn't enough. For weeks even months on end Elizabeth would roam the oceans hoping to run into the famed Flying Dutchman. She had been lucky a handful of times, seeing her husband for an afternoon or night before he had to tend those dying souls. She even took Lydia until she was old enough to protest.

"Must you sail so soon mother? Can you not wait until I have to leave? Who knows you may not be back yet," Lydia said as her mother led her to the tea table in the garden. It was a warm summers day in Port Royal. With the money she inherited (and that from her piracy) Elizabeth had a small property on the water the garden looked straight out over the ocean.

"My darling we have been through this your are more than welcome to come with me. And besides you are eighteen in a fortnight you don't need your mother watching your back for the rest of your life," Elizabeth said seeing the disappointment in her daughter brown eyes. She looked at her and all she could think of was Will, there was so much of him in her. Melancholy rose within, looking at her daughters dark hair pulled tight off her face and her sunned body bound in a tight tutu, feet strapped into her point shoes; crippling her feet. "I don't have forever, I have to take every opportunity that I can to see your father. I am getting old and when I die," she sighed heavily, "Not even then can I be with him,"

"But I might not see you again mother, I am moving to Paris and your are staying here. Do you not have love for me too?" Lydia questioned. It often upset her more than words could say when her mother pulled out all stops to find Will and would not think twice about leaving her daughter. Elizabeth knelt on the ground and cupped her daughter's hands.

"Come with me, you know everything there is to know about the sea we could sail together," Elizabeth said with a look of hope. She had asked Lydia many times to sail with her but the answer was always the same.

"No mother," Lydia said with down cast eyes, "That is your domain, you are a pirate, but the stage is mine, it is not a pirate's life for me." She said crushing her mother's hopes again. But her resolve was strong; she had to find her husband.

"Well then my baby girl, we best make these last few days count," she said as they embraced. Lydia felt the beat of her mother's heart against her own. They fell in time, one in the same. The smell of the ocean wafted over in the breeze. The giant expanse the brought people together and tore them a part. The winds could blow in your favour or against. The waves were to be tamed by the ships that sailed them or rebel and crush them. Pirates were the pawns of the ocean, Calypso the queen. It gave life, supported it and destroyed it. Captain William Turner and his crew upon the Flying Dutchman escorted the souls bound to it to the land of the immortals. The sea was life. And it had been a long time since a change in the wind had blown over the waves. Unaware to most that long awaited change brushed past the women.

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