Chapter 1, What's wrong with Chris?

"Chris, Can you help me with this heavy box. I want to bring it to my room. Chris, Chris, answer me. I know you are home. I just saw you came in. Chris?"

Melinda walked up the stairs to see where here brother was hiding. "Chris your so not funny". She walked toward the door of here brothers room. "Chris, can I please come in. I need some help. I can't get this box to my room it's to heavy. You can orb it there."

Still there was no answer."You know how I hate the fact that I can't orb, Chris"?

It started to worry Melinda. Because she had seen her brother come in 10 minutes ago. And sure he could orb everywhere, but normally he would answer here call. It was not like Chris to just ignore here.

In the year that had past she learned to know here brothers and trust them. She wasn't raised with them, because after demons kidnapped her when she was 4, here adoptive parents raised her. She never know she had powers until she met her brothers again.

And now her brother wasn't answering here call's. "Chris, I'm coming in now". Melinda opened the door and there he was, her brother was laying on the bed. There was a total silence in the room. Chris didn't move a muscle. Then she saw the wound he had. His stomach was bleeding. "Chris what happened?"

"Wyatt, I need help right now", Melinda screamed.

Wyatt appeared looking worried. "What's wrong Lin?"

"It's Chris, look at his stomach. He's not responding to anything". Melinda sat next to her wounded brother. Trying to get him to open his eyes, she was shaking his shoulders. Then she checked his pulse. "His heart is still beating, Wyatt. But you have to heel him fast. I don't think he's going to last very long."

Wyatt held his hand above the wound. Melinda and Wyatt shared a look filled with worries. Then suddenly the wound started to heal. Chris opened his eyes.

"Thank God you are alright," Wyatt tried to hug his brother. But Chris pushed him away. "Don't touch me Wyatt, stay away."

His face still was filled with pain. "Get away from me, and..." he looked at Melinda, "who are you?"

"Chris, are you kidding, this is not funny!"

"I'm not kidding, I don't know what you are up to, but it will not work,"Chris spoke slowly.

"What did you do to dad and Paige?"

"Uhh, dad is on a trip with mam and you mean aunt Paige?" Wyatt asked.

Chris got up from the bed and walked towards the door. "Dad is on a trip? Your lying, he was here, just seconds ago. He told me to hold on." Chris looked at Wyatt and Melinda, still holding his hand to his stomach..

"Hold on to what?", Melinda asked.

"Don't do that, don't try to change the subject, who ever you are, it's not going to work."

"Chris I'm Melinda, your sister". Melinda's eyes started to tear.

"My sister, I don't have a sister. I only have this crappy brother from hell, that's it".

"Brother from hell, well well is that what you think of me, baby brother," Wyatt lowered his voice.

"Wyatt, I think he has hit his head or he is under some kind of spell. This is not Chris talking".

"And what do you know about me?" Chris almost screamed to Melinda.

"OK, just calm down Chris".

"I'm not calming down. I need to know what you to did to my dad and Paige".

"We didn't do anything to them. Like Wyatt said, dad is on a trip with mam. And aunt Paige is probably busy with a charge".

"A charge, she doesn't have charges yet". Chris started to get irritated. But so did Wyatt and Melinda.

Then suddenly a man appeared in the room. Wyatt almost used his powers on him, but Chris pushed him away. "Clarence, are you here to take me?", he asked afraid.

"Whow, wait a minute. Who are you and why should he be taking you anywhere Chris?" Melinda asked.

"I'm Clarence, an angel of dead, and yes Chris I have to take you with me"

"O no you don't, Melinda said, you took away aunt Prue and you almost took away dad, you are not taking Chris with you."

Chris looked at the girl, who said to be his sister. He didn't understand anything of the things that where happening. His brother was looking differently. He talked different. He just didn't seem evil. This girl Melinda, looked nice. For God sake, she was called Melinda. He could remember the story his mom used to tell Wyatt and him about Wyatt being called Melinda, in the womb. They thought their first born would be a girl. But how could it be possible? He never had a sister, why was she telling him that she was? Mom sure would have liked to have a girl. She just couldn't be his sister, or could it? She sure was defending him now. And Wyatt seem to do the same.

"Chris, I need to take you with me," Clarence said. "But, you still have some time left. Like I already told you, you are special."

"What the hell is he talking about, Chris?" Wyatt asked.

Chris looked at his brother. Of course he doesn't know, that I've met Clarence before. How could he, he wasn't in the past with me.

Wyatt and Melinda where looking at their brother. They looked confused. "Yes, what is he talking about?" Melinda asked.

Just when Chris wanted to talk, his eyes filled with pain. He fell to the ground. His hands graped his stomach. "It's hurting like hell," he said.

Melinda sat next to him. "What, you didn't heal him completely?" Melinda asked Wyatt in terror.

"That issen't possible", Wyatt responded.

"Well, that is the problem," Clarence spoke. "You can't heal him, Wyatt. The athamé Gideon used was under the influence of a spell. That's the reason, I'm taking him with me, but like I said you still have some time left"

Melinda looked at Wyatt, "Gideon, who is Gideon?"