Chapter 185, Happy ending?

Chris just asked his sister and niece what had happened. But Peter interrupted. "Aunt Melinda, please drink your juice and Bridget do the same. It's good for you." Chris raised his eyebrows but didn't said a word. Melinda and Bridget did what they where asked. When they had finished drinking Melinda shivered and Bridget did the same. "What is it?" Wyatt asked. "Long story." Melinda answered. Chris sighed. "Again, what the hell just happened there. Ever since that girl passed us, you went nuts."

Melinda looked at her brother. "When that girl passed us we saw all kinds of things. We saw flashes. And the last was the most intense." She looked at Bridget. "Can you show them what we saw?"

"I can try." Bridget said. "And then you guys know why we shivered after drinking the juice," She looked at Peter and smiled. "You certainly know who you can trust." Peter looked shocked and blushed. Perry turned to his brother and raised his eyebrows."Peter shook his head. "I will explain later." He whispered.

Then Bridget stood up and pointed her finger at the wall. They saw what Melinda and Bridget had seen.

It started with little lights moving away from Briget and Melinda's bodies. Then they saw flashes of witches dying. They where screaming for help, but nobody reacted. After every dying witch you saw a happy family moment of one of the Halliwells. They didn't know what was happening. Then they saw a 10 year older Sue being hit by demons and Peter and Perry arriving to late. The images stopped. The family didn't say a word. Chris wrapped his arm around Sue. "Sorry, you shouldn't have seen this."

"Wait this isn't the end. When we shivered we saw a few other things." Bridget smiled.

She again pointed her finger at the wall and showed the other images: They saw Peter and Perry helping Sue. They stopped the demons. Then they saw them saying a spell and arriving outside the holiday house. They saw the older Peter standing in the kitchen talking to his younger version and putting in a potion into the juice. They heard Peter asking his older version: "Can I trust you?" "You have to, otherwise you will lose Sue in the future." Was the answer older Peter gave." Then the image vanished. Bridget smiled. "We have our powers and if I'm correct the future has changed.

Chris nodded. "I think so."He turned to Peter. "You have seen the older version of yourself and I have seen the older version of my daughter. The same as the one we saw in the premonition of Bridget. She was walking passed us. I think to make sure you two would know what was going to happen, so you would know to be carefull with your powers. If I'm right the only reason Sue died is because you didn't get a premonition of the attack."

Melinda looked shocked. "You blame us, for Sue dying in that other future?"

"Did I say that?" Chris looked at Wyatt.

"It sounded like that." Wyatt said.

"It's not what I ment. It's just, we need to be carefull with our powers. If we lose them we will be in danger. And Lin, I would never blame you for something like that. We all love our family and we do everything to keep them save."

The twins and Sue still where watching threw the window. Sue sighed. "That's true. We have a very special family, don't we." Peter and Perry nodded. Then slowly they started to vanish. "I think we did, what was need it." Perry whispered. They grabbed eachothers hands and then where completely gone.

In the room, Sue, Peter and Perry where the once shivering this time. Chris who still had is arm around his daughter felt the shiver. "What was that?" He asked. Sue looked at her father. "I had the feeling something went inside of me." Peter and Perry nodded. Piper looked at her family. "I think the other Peter, Perry and Sue have left this timeline and they don't had a timeline to go to, because, thank God, that doesn't excist anymore. Maybe you felt that." Peter nodded. "Maybe so, grandma." Piper looked at Chris. "We still are thankfull that you and future Chris have became one, but well, you where a special case, Clarence did say that." Chris nodded. Sue looked up at her dad. "Dad can you please tell us about that time that you and future Chris became one." Chris smiled. "you have heard that story over and over again." "I still want to hear it!" The rest of the children where nodding to. "OK, then, but first some tea and hot chocolate, to start with." Chris said with a smile.