Author's Note:

This is my first warriors fanfic, so please, no flames. I like helpfull advice though, and just plain reviews. So please, R&R!

All of the cats in FarmClan are cats that I have/had at one point in time. The main character, Wolf/Smokepaw is the best cat I have ever had. His real name was Pipsqueak. He had to leave to join the clans. tear

I know this kind of resembles Firestar's life, but I'll try to make it as different as... I want? Just read it. Please.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Warrior series and never will. But I do own all of the clans and cats in this story.



Leader: Clawstar - Huge black and white tom.

Deputy: Rollheart - Black and white tom. Son of Clawstar. Apprentice - Smokepaw

Medicine Cat: Autumnleaf - Scrawny, calico she-cat with a nasty temper. Apprentice - Mosspelt - Black and white she-cat. Daughter of Clawstar

Warriors: Shellpelt - Dark gray and white she-cat. Apprentice - Snowpaw

Patchpelt - Gray-striped she-cat. Apprentice - Leafpaw

Pepperfur - Gray-striped tom.

Tigerfoot - Light gray-striped tom. Apprentice - Jaypaw

Cinderfur - Black fluffy she-cat. Apprentice - Amberpaw

Blueheart - Blue-gray tom. Apprentice - Badgerpaw

Nightfur - Pure balck she-cat.

Diamondeyes - Black and white speckled she-cat.

Apprentices: Jaypaw - Well built fluffy gray and white tom.

Snowpaw - Black and wite speckle she-cat.

Amberpaw - Ginger she-cat with light white stripes. Has unusual, beautiful amber eyes.

Badgerpaw - White and light gray tom.

Leafpaw - White fuzzy tom with a mix between black and brown on his back.

Smokepaw - Handsome blue-gray tom.

Queens: Sparrowfeather - Fluffy tabby she-cat.

Elders: Crookedclaw - Old black and white tom with a twisted paw.

Ashface - Old whit and ash-black tom.


Leader: Lionstar - Huge orange tom.

Deputy: Birdfur - Blue gray she-cat.

Medicine Cat: Riverpelt - Light brown she-cat.

Warriors: Whitefoot - Black fuzzy tom with white paws.

Brokenclaw - Well built tabby tom with white paws. One is twisted. Apprentice - Rubypaw

Apprentices: Rubypaw - Black and white she-cat. Her eyes sparkle.

Queens: NONE

Elders: Fishfur - Old gray tom.


Leader: Lionstar - Huge orange tom.

Deputy: Barkfur - Black and white tom.

Medicine Cat: Willowpelt - Ancient calico she-cat.

Warriors: Flameheart - Ginger tom.

Dovefur - Big white fluffy she-cat with carmel color on her head. Apprentice - Berrypaw

Smudgepelt - Big black and white tom. Apprentice - Moonpaw

Apprentices: Moonpaw - Pure black she-cat with white tipped tail.

Berrypaw - Light tortiseshell she-cat with white legs and chest.

Queens: Starlight - Cream colored she-cat.

Elders: No-ear - Old battlescared tom with one ear.


Leader: Broadstar - Huge orange and white tom.

Deputy: Clawface - Battlescared tabby tom.

Medicine Cat: Spottedtail - White she-cat with a black spotted tail.

Warriors: Darkclaw - Dark colored she-cat. Apprentice - Dovepaw

Blackpelt - Pure balck tom.

Apprentices: Dovepaw - Beautiful pure white fluffy she-cat.

Queens: Moonlight - Black she-cat with white specks and paws.

Elders: NONE


Night - Pure black tom. A rogue.

Midnight - Pure black she-cat. Smokepaw's mother. Lives in twoleg barn.

Lichen - Old light brown she-cat. Lives in twoleg barn.

Tiger - Big, old, orange tom. Lives in twoleg barn.

Susie - Tabby she-cat. Lives in twoleg barn.

Nutmeg - Young light tabby she-cat. Friend of Smokepaw. Lives in twoleg barn.

Snaggles - Young tabby tom. Friend of Smokepaw. Lives in twoleg barn.

Pepper - Young tabby tom. Friend of Smokepaw. Lives in twoleg barn.

Misty - Young silver she-cat. Smokepaw's sister. Lives in twoleg barn.

Delila - A kitty pet that lives with the twolegs on the farm. White she-cat with some black and carmel on her head.